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Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Another blog-summary from the IMS conference. Along with the sopecification design has been the development of code. So I've been writing code for a year and a half. But writing code helps me understand what the problems are. demo - 8 line common cartridge with LTI Basic LTI + CC - sample code - all available [link] (awesome) demo - a bunch of CC - LTI stuff from the tool.

Tools 109

Share Best Practices - Patterns

Tony Karrer

So, the first thing I did was to quickly search my blog for any mention of "best practice" – whew, I don't use the term much. Sample Code: An illustration of how the pattern can be used in a programming language Known Uses: Examples of real usages of the pattern. Interesting post by Jane Bozarth - The Myth of "Best Practices" A "best practice" is best only in the precise, specific context in which it exists.


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Czech Course Followup Questions

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

In my paper ' Educational Blogging ' I point out that the first step to successful blogging is to read blogs. In my paper ' How to Be Heard ' I recommend that people use other blogs and articles as starting points for their own creative activities. Given a teaching resource - perhaps some sample code with instructions - it will take me maybe half an hour to learn the procedure.

Course 137

Questions from students at Vancouver Island University

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Responsible Internet Use Andrew and Behn ask, " How do we ensure that when we give students the ability to blog/post that they will do so in a mature and focused manner, most importantly the younger students? " The word 'responsible' is one of those code-words that hides a whole range of preferred behaviours, from respecting copyright to keeping the language clean to refraining from bullying and hurtful behaviour to staying on topic, sitting up, and paying attention.