How to deliver innovation overnight | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Invented by the folks at the Australian software company Atlassian , these one-day bursts of autonomy allow people to work on anything they want (as long as it’s not part of their regular job) — provided they show what they’ve created to their colleagues 24 hours later.

Is Your Corporate Culture The Root Cause Of Bad Meetings?

Dan Pontefract

After all, a report by Atlassian suggests employees attend 62 meetings per month. That is, meeting schedules, cancellations, attendance requirements and related mishaps have a lot to do with your organization’s culture, its hierarchy, leadership styles and/or a lack of being collaborative.

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meetings, bloody meetings

Harold Jarche

An interesting approach to meetings is put forward by Atlassian in a post on running effective meetings. Culture/Values meetings. My introduction to organizing meetings was in the military, where different types of meetings had standard structures.

So The LMS Is Dead: Collaboration-Talent Convergence is Next

Dan Pontefract

Collaboration tools, applications and systems are inherently better ways in which to drive a flatter and more connected culture within your organization. When I read recent news that Taleo had purchased , to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised.

‘Social Business’ is Past Retirement Age

Andy McAfee

Same thing if you’re advocating that leaders be more open and attuned to the cultures and conversations of their organizations and customers. It’s also why new companies like Jive, Socialtext, Spigit, Atlassian, Yammer, and many others exist, and why established enterprise software vendors including Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce, Novell, IBM, are making deep changes to their products (disclosures at end of post).

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Attribution: a lost art?

Martijn Linssen

Add in the 140 character limitation of Twitter, plus a first to post sub-culture and you get what you describe. Business or Pleasure? - why not both Home About Contact Wednesday, 14 July 2010 Attribution: a lost art? With thanks to Sameer Patel , on whose tweet I based this title.

The 2016 Look at the Future of Online Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

It will be interesting to see how translation services are able to approach direct translation without losing the cultural and metaphorical flavour behind it. The leaders in this space - Slack , say, or Atlassian - are based around the idea that groups are self-organizing, that each person defines their own contribution, and that the purpose of the software is to help with communication rather than coordination, to share rather than to direct.