Social (hiccup) CRM tools

Martijn Linssen

The Social Customer wants to play and be played Now lets have a look at the tools present for Social CRM: Jive , Lithium and Nimble. Nimble didnt make Gartners MQ but then again its not been released, although you can join the private beta Lithium Lithium is providing you with various applications for your customers to use. What does Lithium offer? Lithium does a bit of both. Business or Pleasure? -

Tools 157

What’s in your social media measurement tool box and why?

Beth Kanter

Measurement tools or perhaps more accurately, social analytics tools collect that data. If you are measuring reach, engagement or action, you’ll need an analytics tool. Analytics Tools: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Tools (Socialbro, Hootsuite,, Twitalyzer). These tools combine what’s needed into one application. They also say that a single MMM tool won’t solve all your needs and that Google Analytics is another must have.


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Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Would more Influence fix.

Martijn Linssen

Lithium was one of the Social CRM tools Ive taken a look at lately, and they had very flashy sentiment dashboards, showing product, blog or item sentiment across the Web. Michael Wu, Lithiums Principal Scientist of Analytics, has a really interesting 4-post series on Influence Analytics and thats sure worth a good read How to be influential ? Business or Pleasure? - why not both Home About Contact Friday, 13 August 2010 Would more Influence fix your self-esteem?

Tumultuous times during the Big Shift

Harold Jarche

Baseball analytics show that getting on base is among the most important ways to win the game. The Lithium polymer battery is made in China because battery development and manufacturing migrated to China along with the development and manufacture of consumer electronics and notebook computers. Tweet Here are some interesting finds that were shared on Twitter this past week.

Beyond Institutions Personal Learning in a Networked World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

We''re told there will be analytics and data-driven management. by Stephen Downes Introduction: What learners Need Sorry, I forgot to turn on the audio recording. That''s how you start a broadcast, with dead air. Thank you very much it''s a pleasure to be here. Quick mike check. Mike check, everything good? I always wanted to do a mike check at the London School of Economics. Thank you very much I really appreciate the invitation to be here.