Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

Lots of discussion and debate around interesting questions for eLearning professionals. Grows - But Creating "eLearning 2.0 Tony Bates - eLearning Outlook for 2011 1. Learning Analytics 6. Analytics will be the buzzphrase of the year. Others are actually are fairly instructive about what the current trends are in eLearning. Here are my top 10 eLearning predictions for 2011. In the Fall of 2010, I did a series on Text-to-Speech in eLearning.

ROI and Metrics in eLearning

Tony Karrer

I'm working on an article around the use of ROI and metrics in eLearning. In this article, Clive Shepherd argues the case for return on investment (ROI) as a ROI from Workflow-Based E-Learning Business process management (BPM), workflow management, business activity monitoring (BAM), and workforce optimization software also are designed to reduce lag time. · ROI and Analytics · Internet Time Blog: ROI is toast. · Visual Analytics Inc.

ROI 110

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For those who are unfamiliar with an LMS, this system, at a minimum, allows for learner registration and the delivery of eLearning courses or instructor-led training, which is usually in a web-enabled format. Also, LMSs do not provide IDs with the deep analytics required to understand what content is working and what content is not. . The eLearning Guild says that informal learning forms up to 80% of all workplace learning. Workflow Management/Review Tool. . ?.



Workflow management/review tool. Formal Learning (Classroom, eLearning, Assessment). ?. ?. Workflow Management/Review Tool. ?. Analytics and xAPI. •. ?. LMS vs. LCMS: What is the difference and why does it matter? LMS vs. LCMS? While sometimes thought to be interchangeable terms, LMS (Learning Management System) and LCMS (Learning Content Management System) platforms share a few functionalities, but couldn’t be more different.

Learning Trends 2014


Unfortunately, most of what is available are tools that simply shrink desktop eLearning to a smartphone or tablet footprint. You need an integrated authoring, workflow and publishing environment, not simply a collection of tools or a framework that allows a developer to produce "HTML5" templates. You need an integrated content delivery, reporting and analytics environment, not simply a collection of TinCan databases or reporting in your LMS.

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Four Ways User-Generated Content (UGC) Can Make its Way into.


Make social media part of formal workflows: Allow social collaboration to be another step in the review process by publishing formal content to internal (or external) communities for peer review prior to its wide release. Capture this valuable user-generated feedback and route it into the formal review workflows. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.

Learning in 2024 #LRN2024

Clark Quinn

The eLearning Guild is celebrating it’s 10th year, and is using the opportunity to reflect on what learning will look like 10 years from now. I reckon the learner has seen a significant move to more elearning instead of an almost complete dependence on face-to-face events. I also expect that the elearning they’re seeing is not particularly good, nor improving, if not actually decreasing in quality. The ExperienceAPI coupled with analytics is a huge opportunity.

The Best of Times, The Worst of Times: opportunities and challenges for the L&D profession

Charles Jennings

ON THE SURFACE THERE IS GENERAL SATISFACTION WITH EXISTING LEARNING INTERVENTIONS The vast majority of people attending learning events or learning interventions (classroom training, eLearning modules, virtual sessions) reported that they were satisfied with the event or intervention (in the survey 84% declared they were satisfied or very satisfied).

Survey 181

Five Myths of Social Learning


Leading social media vendors like Jive Software are integrating with the top ECM platforms to provide unified search, workflow, and storage of enterprise and social content, proving a cohesive environment where formal content is supported by an ecosystem of users that contribute expertise and relevant information. Home About Podcasts Videos Xyleme Inc.