nursing care performance analysis case study

Harold Jarche

Learn about the need to conduct a performance analysis prior to recommending any e-learning intervention. My initial role in the project was to conduct the performance analysis. I was able to get two days to conduct what we called — a conformation of the analysis. Task Analysis.

Analysis and Support of MOOCs

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

With respect to the analysis of the networked interactions, it's not clear to me that we should even be doing this, at least, not in the sense suggested by the question. My contributions to the Network Learning 'Hot Seat' addressing the question, "How do we analyse and support the networked interactions of thousands of people learning together?"


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An analysis of the value of the ways of learning at work: PART TWO

Jane Hart

In PART TWO of my analysis I take a look at each of the 12 ways of learning and compare the results of each of the different profiles (discussed in Part One) against the overall profile, and discuss some further implications for modern workplace learning.

An analysis of the value of the ways of learning at work

Jane Hart

The Learning in the Workplace survey (which asks respondents to rate 12 different ways of learning at work as Not Important (N), Quite Important (Q), Very Important (V) or Essential (E)) has been running since 2010 and now that it has had over 7,500 responses there is enough data to provide a more in-depth analysis of the ways […].

Wisconsin Recall Analysis

Nine Shift

Too early for a rationale analysis of the Wisconsin recall, but here's initial thoughts. Wisconsin the big loser, as the state continues its downward economic path. The brain drain will continue to cost the state its best young talent. -No No clear impact on other elections. Tea Party still strong. Unclear whether the loss is a victory or long term loss for the Tea Party. Unclear about the future fight left, and next strategy, for the advocates of the 21st Century.

The celebrity analysis that killed celebrity analysis

Mind Hacks

Most ‘psy’ professionals are banned by their codes of conduct from conducting ‘celebrity analysis’ and commenting on the mental state of specific individuals in the media. This is a sensible guideline but I didn’t realise it was triggered by a specific event. Publicly commenting on a celebrity’s psychological state is bad form.

Levels of analysis

Clark Quinn

From that beginning, I’ve been interested in useful mental models, and good analysis from appropriate levels of abstraction. When I was a grad student, a fellow student did an interesting study. In analogical reasoning, what helps is abstracting from the specifics to the more general (and folks are bad at generating good analogies, though okay at using them, according to my PhD and other research). Folks had made efforts at getting abstraction, and failed.

Wisconsin Elections Analysis

Nine Shift

August 9, night of the local recall. We lose big. GOP spends $30 million on just one rural senate district race. Yet the energy and spirit at the "losing" headquarters is so positive, you get the sense we won. August 10, day after the recalls of Republicans. Major depression. We took away two Republican Senate seats, but missed by one on reclaiming a Democratic majority to block Walker's extreme right wing/ Tea Party agenda. August 16, night of the recalls of Democrats. We win!

Wisconsin Protests: Election Analysis

Nine Shift

Just my personal analysis of yesterday's election non-results. In case you have not heard, as of this writing the Supreme Court race too close to call. Recounts likely. TOO BAD. I thought Kloppenburg would win, and win by a good margin. MORAL VICTORY. On the other hand, changing the minds of thousands of Wisconsin voters in just three months, a positive sign about the ongoing fight. GOOD NEWS. We were outspent by big rich guys by over one million dollars.

Traditional Data Analysis and Data Science

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Domain expertise is also needed to be able to draw the proper conclusions from their analysis, and to communicate their findings to business leaders in their own terms. . In addition to their multidisciplinary skills, data scientists bring increased breadth and depth to the analysis of these different sources of information compared to traditional analyst roles, as described in this short article in IBM’s website, So what does a data scientist do? : .

Data 137

Wisconsin Protests: Latest Analysis

Nine Shift

The Wisconsin protests are a wonderful symbolic as well as real battle between the last century and this century. The battle is more than union versus anti-union. It is high school graduates (most Wisconsin people) versus college graduates (60% of state workers). It is cars versus trains. It is, most of all, Gen Y versus old people- Baby Boomers. Here's some of my pictures from the big rally that made national and international news. Click on them to enlarge them

Using social network analysis to uncover authority and centrality

Ross Dawson

I have applied the tools and approaches of network analysis to a wide variety of domains, including organizational analysis , industry analysis , client relationship analysis , influence networks , sales and innovation networks , high-performance personal networks , and far more. However network analysis is an invaluable complement to that work, applying it as a tool to help improve performance. Read the article for full details on the analysis.

A brief analysis of the Top 200 Tools for Learning 2017

Jane Hart

Here is a brief analysis of what’s on the list and what it tells us about the current state of personal learning, workplace learning and education. I compiled the Top 200 Tools for Learning 2017 (the 11th Annual Survey) from the votes of 2,174 learning professionals from 52 countries worldwide. Here … Social learning

Power analysis of a typical psychology experiment

Mind Hacks

Since it is a common test, I’ve been doing a power analysis for a two-sample (two-sided) t-test, for small, medium and large effects (as conventionally defined ). What this means is that if you don’t have a large effect, studies with between groups analysis and an n of less than 60 aren’t worth running. You really should prefer within-sample analysis, whenever possible (power analysis of this left as an exercise).

Analysis of a folksonomic protest

David Weinberger

Eugenio Tisselli Vélez has posted an analysis of a tag used in Germany to protest a restriction Flickr placed on photos tagged as unsafe. Among its conclusions: The analysis of the data shows that protestors most likely disseminated the use of strategic tagging among their contacts, rather than within a particular specific-interest group.

Analysis of the Top Tools for Learning 2020

Jane Hart

The survey took place at an unprecedented time following a period of lockdown where remote working and remote education was the norm, so the list(s) provide a unique look into how learning is being enabled and supported in these times. Here are my observations on this year’s list(s) together with some infographics that visualise the […]. Modern Workplace Learning

Twitter network analysis of events - what's possible?

Trends in the Living Networks

Among other interesting entrepreneurial activities Daniel is playing with a new venture that does analysis of Twitter activity around events. To show me Daniel created a visual network analysis of the Twitter activity around Future of Crowdsourcing Summit (#foc10) that we ran a few weeks ago in Sydney and San Francisco. There are many, many ways that effective Twitter analysis could be highly valuable for events.

Reality check: intelligence agencies have been using social network analysis since the 1990s

Trends in the Living Networks

I fail to understand why this is big news, since US intelligence agencies have been using social network analysis (SNA) for domestic purposes since the 1990s, and likely even before that. Certainly recent revelations suggest the NSA appears to have data surveillance capabilities that exceed those of US domestic intelligence agencies, but there is no good reason to imagine the CIA, among others, doesn’t have access to equally good data to seed its social network and other analysis.

Pew Research Center: great surveys, clueless analysis

Nine Shift

Unfortunately, the Pew folks are fairly clueless about the analysis of their own great surveys. In yesterday's blog entry, we talked about a great new study on the Generation Gap as reported by the Pew Research Center. For example, with regard to the Generation Gap survey results, Paul Taylor, director of the demographic trends project, said that the "generation gap in 2009 seems to be more tepid in nature than it was in the 1960s, when younger people built a defiant counterculture."

From character analysis to orgasm batteries

Mind Hacks

The point of contention was that Reich favoured analysing the personality as a whole, rather than individual symptoms, using a system he developed call ‘character analysis’ His system had a massive impact on psychoanalysis but as time went on he became more and more radical to the point of seeming to have lost his marbles.

The New Unit of Analysis: Networks

Beth Kanter

The organization is still relevant but no longer the only unit of analysis. Click Through To Twitter Summary of Plenary. Guest post from Barbara Kibbe. The new reality of organizations as parts of networks requires another lens and different perspective. Both organizations and networks can be means to ends. One reason to engage in networks is to enhance individual goals.They may or may not have programmatic goals. But it can’t only be about process.

[berkman] Culturomics: Quantitatve analysis of culture using millions of digitized books

David Weinberger

Erez Lieberman Aiden and Jean-Baptiste Michel (both of Harvard, currently visiting faculty at Google) are giving a Berkman lunchtime talk about “ culturomics “: the quantitative analysis of culture, in this case using the Google Books corpus of text. “Cultoromics is the application of high throughput data collection and analysis to the study of culture.&#

Harold Jarche » Analysis for Informal Learning

Harold Jarche

Cheap and Cheerful Audience Analysis for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

Even more importantly, what motivates them. So, was delighted when Darren Barefoot asked if he share a guest post about how to do audience analysis. Cheap and Cheerful Audience Analysis for NGOS by Darren Barefoot. But not all kinds of audience analysis are evil. Flickr Photo by Matthew Field. Note from Beth: One of the most common questions I get at workshops or webinars is, “Should our organization be on XYZ social or mobile platform?”

DARPA offers $42 million for ‘revolutionary’ research on social media analysis

Trends in the Living Networks

Among the tools the successful seeker of government funding might choose to employ: linguistic cues, patterns of information flow, topic trend analysis, sentiment detection and opinion mining. I have been following how intelligence agencies have been using network analysis from the mid-1990s, including writing an article on the topic in The Bulletin in July 1997, and in 2005 I wrote about Social networks, intelligence, and homeland security , covering some of the players in the space.

Analysis: US, Australia social network usage flat, New Zealand now the world’s biggest user of social networks?

Trends in the Living Networks

The post Analysis: US, Australia social network usage flat, New Zealand now the world’s biggest user of social networks? On February 13 I will speak at Air New Zealand’s Social Media Breakfast in Auckland, together with Teddy Goff, Obama’s Digital Director , with an expected audience of close to 1,000.

Apple subscriptions vs Google One Pass subscriptions – comparison and analysis for publishers

Trends in the Living Networks

Discussion and analysis. I will update that analysis soon. The lovely pace of change in the media world isn’t slowing down any…. One day after Apple launched its long-expected subscription service, Google announced its One Pass content payment system. Here is a quick comparison. What they are. They are both payment and delivery platforms for content sales and subscriptions. Delivery platforms.

Harold Jarche » Workplace Performance Analysis Job Aid

Harold Jarche

An Example of Analysis

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

This is a response to an email query, and I offer it here as an analysis of how I would look at, read, and respond to a typical email exchange. There's a lot of analysis in my response. 99% of the time I don't say anything, but for everything I read, this is the sort of thought process that runs through my mind. Just so you know. :) - Hello Mr. Downes, Really enjoy your website on fallacies.

Performance - Collaboration - Social Network Analysis - eLearning Hot List

Tony Karrer

June 4, 2009 From E-Learning to Social Learning , June 10, 2009 Investigating the Application of Social Software to Support Networked Learning , June 4, 2009 Top Keywords Social Learning (34) Social Network Analysis (4) Collaboration (43) Mobile Learning (18) Performance (46) Learning Management System (11) eLearning Technology. eLearning Learning Hot List June 1, 2009 to June 12, 2009 Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals.

Harold Jarche » Value Network Analysis Resources

Harold Jarche

Social Network Analysis - Twitter - Social Media - Best Stuff from Last Week

Tony Karrer

Here is the best stuff from last week via eLearning Learning. Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals.

Does Rigorous Data Analysis Thwart Effective Storytelling by Non-Profits?

Beth Kanter

Her most controversial point was: “Rigorous data gathering and analysis can get in the way of effective storytelling by non-profits.”. ” Deborah is concerned that the permission to “relax” will encourage sloppiness in data research methods, although we all did agree that nonprofits do not need to do the kind of quantitative analysis that is has to pass peer reviews in order to be accepted by an academic journal.

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Why customer service can't.

Martijn Linssen

a simple SWOT analysis Enterprise 2.0: Business or Pleasure? - why not both Home About Contact Wednesday, 26 January 2011 Why customer service cant be outsourced After briefly participating in last nights #custserv chat , I found myself dissatisfied with chats like these via a medium like that. I like to get definitions straightened out and agreed upon when they get "volatile" so to say.

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: It's a mobile revolution.

Martijn Linssen

a simple SWOT analysis Enterprise 2.0: Business or Pleasure? - why not both Home About Contact Saturday, 29 January 2011 Its a mobile revolution - not a social media one Following the dialogue between Malcolm Gladwell and Clay Shirky concerning the events in Tunesia and Egypt, among others, I noticed that both missed a valid point.

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: The social threshold - why.

Martijn Linssen

a simple SWOT analysis Enterprise 2.0: Business or Pleasure? - why not both Home About Contact Tuesday, 23 November 2010 The social threshold - why cross it? I live in a small town, just a few hundred households. With the dense population overhere, its less than a square mile altogether, half of which being pastries, ditches, and other greenish stuff. I chose to live here on purpose.We

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Advertising - paying for our.

Martijn Linssen

a simple SWOT analysis Enterprise 2.0: Business or Pleasure? - why not both Home About Contact Friday, 28 January 2011 Advertising - paying for our free(mium) world for how long? Ads - no wiki definition needed this time I think I recommended TweetCaster to Thijs Muis the other day, for Android, and the first thing he said after installing it was: @ MartijnLinssen has ads! Not my app so far, but @ tweetdeck isnt the best either I dont see ads anymore.

A Concise and Brilliant Peer-Reviewed Article on Writer's Block.

Bob Sutton

It was published by Dennis Upper in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis in 1974, and is funny, true, and inspired -- and a great demonstration that "brevity is the soul of wit." Bob Sutton. About Subscribe to this blogs feed Email Me Follow Me @ work_matters. Book Me For A Speech. Brightsight Group. Search. 17 Things I Believe. Sometimes the best management is no management at all -- first do no harm! Indifference is as important as passion.

Internet Time Blog » Connectivism & Connected Knowledge

Jay Cross

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Offshoring and Healthcare

John Hagel

The organizational approaches also provide much more rigorous performance feedback to physicians and analysis of complications that may arise during the procedures. This is bad enough, especially given Michael Mandel’s recent analysis of the role of the healthcare sector in job creation over the past five years, both in a cover story on "Whats Really Propping Up the Economy?" The technique is value network analysis.

Learnlets » Blended Doing

Clark Quinn

Informal Learning Blog » The cobbler’s children

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Steven Berlin Johnson « Staten Island, Land Of Wonder | Main | » Justin Blantons account of getting results back from the National Geographic Genographic Project is a fun read, and I was practically sending my $100 in for my own genetic analysis after the third paragraph, but I wonder if his account has actually spoiled the results for me.