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Social Customer Service - proving you failed?

Martijn Linssen

StuartLynn Isnt retention only a workaround to a perceived problem of attrition, and the solution within a change of company culture? And on second thoughts, of course your product can break down and people complain about it, but if it ROIs to dig out an entirely new channel to approach them, arent your existing ones lacking beyond recognition? Subscribe Top Posts Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt Enterprise 2.0: Business or Pleasure? -

Guest Post: Adejare Amoo on an Industrialist’s Role in eLearning in Africa

Nancy White

Above all, the higher education institutions in Africa should adopt and adapt “open innovation policy” which has helped the industry to grow, just as it has helped most of the higher education institutions in the developed nations to use e-learning pedagogy for quality mass education production which has positively impacted their environments’ development.&# Promotion of socio-cultural activities engages the industrialist.


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Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

Existing Adoption At the very start I asked the audience for examples of where they were currently using these tools as part of learning solutions. I discussed the fact that there was a common Adoption Pattern that went from personal adoption to work groups to organization. So while the session focused on organizational adoption, it likely was the case that you should look for targeted adoption opportunities.

Social Media Planning and Evaluation for NGOs | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Whenever considering adopting a solution consider asking the following three questions. (1) 3) What new problems are likely to arise by adopting it? Qualitative Evaluation There is more than quantitative metrics for evaluating your social media ROI. I think the larger and more bureaucratic the organization, the slower it is able to adapt, adopt and change. Whenever considering adopting a solution consider asking the following three questions. (1)


Dave Snowden

Key dates: 1966 first experiments, 1970 patents granted 1982 MCI adopt, but AT&T breakup in 1984 allows emergence as they hold back development. Now creating a security invariant. Should we evolve towards new market economics (short term profit, ROi and sustainability. Lunch : Ravioli della casa, Vitello tonnato, Verdure al vapore, Insulta & Frutta. So onto day two, with a lot to live up to after the richness of yesterday.

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