2021 Top 10 Tools for Learning

Clark Quinn

So there’re my selections for 2021 top 10 tools for learning. So that’s my 2021 top 10 learning tools list. The post 2021 Top 10 Tools for Learning appeared first on Learnlets.

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Jay Cross Memorial Award 2021: Sahana Chattopadhyay

Clark Quinn

The Internet Time Alliance Jay Cross Memorial Award recipient for 2021 is Sahana Chattopadhyay. The post Jay Cross Memorial Award 2021: Sahana Chattopadhyay appeared first on Learnlets. Jay Cross was a deep thinker and a man of many talents, never resting on his past accomplishments.


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Business and Technology Predictions for 2021 and Beyond

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Earlier this year, I attended Predictions 21 , an online event organized by Forrester Research to help companies understand the key business and technology dynamics that will shape 2021 and beyond. The global public cloud infrastructure market will grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021.

ITA Jay Cross Award 2021

Harold Jarche

The Internet Time Alliance Jay Cross Memorial Award for 2021 is presented to Sahana Chattopadhyay.

MWL 2021: New roles and responsibilities

Jane Hart

In MWL 2021 Back to Basics we looked at the 3 key strands of work: (1) Promoting continuous self-learning, (2) Supporting continuous learning from the work, and (3) Modern Training.

good friday finds 2021

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. I call these Friday’s Finds. “The day life got better was the day I stopped arguing with people who don’t read.” ” — @MrErnestOwens. “COVID Haiku: Coffee in morning.

The Post-Pandemic Future of Work: An Optimistic Outlook

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Issues 269

The Three Types of AI: Artificial, Authentic, and Augmented Intelligence

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

“The history of work - particularly since the Industrial Revolution - is the history of people outsourcing their labor to machines,” notes a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, - AI Should Augment Human Intelligence, Not Replace It , - by National University of Singapore professor David De Cremer and chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov.

Types 275

What Musical Mindsets Can Teach Us About Business Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

On June 22, he was appointed Co-President of the Recording Academy effective August, 2021. In their recently published book, Two Beats Ahead: What Musical Minds Teach Us About Innovation , Panos Panay and R.

A new common tragedy?

Clark Quinn

Recently, my kids (heh, in their 20s) let me know that they don’t use Yelp. That actually surprised and puzzled me. Not specifically because of Yelp, but instead because there’s a societal benefit that’s possibly being undermined or abandoned.

Review 226

The Transformation of Logistics in the Retail Industry

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In the spring of 2018, MIT launched the Work of the Future Task Force to understand the impact of our increasingly intelligent machines on the future of work, and how to best harness these technological innovations for social benefit.

Representation Matters

Clark Quinn

There is a deep sense of where and how representation matters. Then there are less critical, but still important ways in which presentation counts. It includes talking about stereotypes, and calling out inappropriate labeling. Concepts matter, clarity matters, transparency matters.

????? ??? ??????, M????, ??????????: some thoughts around trying to translate Cynefin into Greek

Dave Snowden

Unless this is the first time you have stumbled across this blog by accident, you might have come across the idea of “the Wiki”.

Wiki 209

Car design trends

Doc Searls

For example, a loaded 2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid has TSS w/PD, HUD, DRCC, LDA w/SA, LTA, AHB, PCS, RCD, RSA, BSM. On Quora, here’s my answer to What are the worst design trends in modern cars?

Trends 208

Misaligned expectations

Clark Quinn

As part of the Learning Development Conference that’s going on for the next five weeks (not too late to join in!), there have already been events. Given that the focus is on evidence-based approaches, a group set up a separate discussion room for learning science.

How Nonprofits Can Benefit from an LMS System in 2021


A wide variety of organizations, including nonprofit associations, can benefit from an LMS system this year and beyond. Organizational leaders who are striving to grow their nonprofit or recover from financial damage caused by the recent economic recession will find a solution in an LMS system.

Pleaches, Liggers & the ‘C’ words

Dave Snowden

Two interesting sets of interactions on social media triggered today’s post. One was a distinction made between cutting down a tree and trimming a hedge. That one came from a tweet by Sonja in which she said “ I liked the analogy of hedge trimming vs tree felling.

Siphonophorae not hybrid (1 of 2)

Dave Snowden

I am indulging myself a little with the title to this post. For those who don’t know it describes a type marine entity which, while it appears to be a single organism is in fact a colony of different zooids that are different morphologically and are functionally specialised.

Natural science as counter-factual

Dave Snowden

I originally intended to publish this post way back in May and got all the notes together but a mixture of work pressure and ill health (a bad foot infection now resolved) have hit the backlog.

Sample 207

Too fast, too soon?

Dave Snowden

This post picks up on the idea of shallow monogamy in my post of a few days ago looking at some of the obstacles to the adoption of complexity thinking.

Concept Maps and Learning

Clark Quinn

Once again, someone notified me of something they wanted me to look at. In this case, a suite of concept maps, with a claim that this could be the future of education.

Module 139

The Urgent Need for Wide-Scale Upskilling

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Similar conclusions were reached by Upskilling for Share Prosperity , a report published in January, 2021 by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in collaboration with PwC. Few topics are as important as the future of work in our 21st century digital economy.

Skills 227

15 years on

Dave Snowden

So on this day, 15 years ago I wrote my first ever blog post. I was just settling into staff accommodation at Nanyang University (The banner picture I grabbed from Google Street View but I can’t remember exactly which one) for a three-month sabbatical.

Overworked IDs

Clark Quinn

I was asked a somewhat challenging question the other day, and it led me to reflect. As usual, I’m sharing that with you. The question was “How can IDs keep up with everything, feel competent and confident in our work?” It’s not a trivial question! So I’ll share my response to overworked IDs.

My ‘Man on the Moon’ Project

Clark Quinn

There have been a variety of proposals for the next ‘man on the moon’ project since JFK first inspired us. This includes going to Mars, infrastructure revitalization, and more. And I’m sympathetic to them. I’d like us to commit to manufacturing and installing solar panels over all parking lots, both to stimulate jobs and the economy, and transform our energy infrastructure, for instance.

There's No One Thing Called Ethics

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I wrote this in OLDaily today: There's a lesson here anyone interested in the ethics of AI or education or whatever should heed. There are no simple solutions, because there will never be unanimous agreement on highly contested issues.

Five trends for 2021

Clark Quinn

Here’s a video that provides the qualifications, and five trends for 2021 that I’d expect, or like, to see. This may be farther out than 2021, but with all the buzz about AI, I think we might see some more awareness of limitations.

Trends 161

leadership in a distributed workplace

Harold Jarche

Distributed, remote, and even hybrid work have one similar quality — they expose cracks in the system that could be covered over in face-to-face settings. They make dysfunctional workplaces transparently obvious. Distributed work, like online teaching, has to be much more explicit.

Andragogy vs Pedagogy

Clark Quinn

Asked about why I used the word pedagogy instead of andragogy, I think it’s worth elaborating (since I already had in my reply ;) and sharing. In short, I think it’s a false dichotomy. So here’s my analysis of andragogy vs pedagogy. Looking at Knowles’ andragogy, I think it’s misconstrued.

A word or two about words …

Dave Snowden

In some ways this post is a follow up to a point I made yesterday about the dangers of creating a coat of rhinestones on something rotten at the heart and by way or warning it is polemical in nature.

Change 240

battling elves and building civilizations

Harold Jarche

Why do we follow others? Because we trust them for their knowledge, advice, support, vision, etc. “We follow others for various reasons, some because of their knowledge, some because of their vision, some because of their inspiration, and all for the confidence we place in them.

Spotting anomalies

Dave Snowden

From time to time I get very frustrated at the ability of consultants and academics to correctly diagnose reasons for failure or success with the benefit of hindsight but fail to realise why the diagnosis of itself is not enough to make a difference the next time round.

Webinar: 3 Ways Your Content is Holding You Back


In this LTDX 2021 session, Xyleme COO Leslie Farinella explores how optimizing content creation and delivery processes can empower your organization and enable you to scale your content for growth without creating a maintenance burden for your content teams.

A message to CxOs 2: about org learning myths

Clark Quinn

When I wrote my last post on a message to CxOs about L&D myths, I got some pushback. Which, for the record, is a good thing; one of us will learn something. As a counter to my claim that L&D often was it’s own worst enemy, there was a counter.

Coherence and ‘truth’

Dave Snowden

So I’m back at the desk in my study, driven home from two weeks walking and cycling in the Lake District by Atlantic storms a day early. I’ve found a perfect self-catering location that is reasonably priced and within 90 minutes of the bulk of the walks.

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Management Musings: Episode 6 – 4D Self Management Model

Dan Pontefract

In Episode 6 of “Management Musings,” I’m letting you in on a model I’ve been using for years, the 4D Self Management Model. I find… The post Management Musings: Episode 6 – 4D Self Management Model appeared first on Pontefract Group.

Groups 204

How to be an elearning expert

Clark Quinn

I was asked (and have been a time or two before): “What’s the one most important thing you’d like to tell to be successful Ed Tech industry leader?” Of course there wasn’t just one ;).

How To 197

Management Musings: Episode 4 – Two Alarming Workplace Trends

Dan Pontefract

In Episode 4 of “Management Musings,” I’m highlighting two alarming trends happening in the workplace as a result of the pandemic. First, there is a… The post Management Musings: Episode 4 – Two Alarming Workplace Trends appeared first on Pontefract Group.

Trends 220


Harold Jarche

In 2013 I wrote that work is already a game. Adding badges or other extrinsic motivators to professional learning only detracts from the real game. Gamification also creates incentives that, when removed, may result in going back to previous behaviours.

post-production society

Harold Jarche

Technology at Work v6.0 — The Coming of the Post-Production Society , is the latest research report from Citi Global Perspectives & Solutions, published in June 2021 [Disclosure: Citi is a client].

The Increasing Economic Value of Digital Capital

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A firm’s financial statement comprises two distinct types of assets. Tangible assets are mostly physical in nature, and include vehicles, land, plants, equipment, and furniture, as well as financial assets like stocks, bonds, account receivables, and cash which have a concrete contractual value.

Will AI Ever Be Smarter Than a Baby?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I recently listened to a fascinating podcast where NY Times columnist Ezra Klein interviewed Berkeley psychologist Aliston Gopney. Professor Gopney is best known for her research in cognitive science , particularly the study of children’s learning and development.

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Recommendations for Good Practice Using AI in Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Image: Forbes General Design for Humans The application of AI should be based on a human-centered approach. This means that the design should be based on actual human use, and not an idealized model.

Data 277