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solving problems together

Harold Jarche

Exceptions require cooperation and collaboration to solve. The challenge for organizational design is to make it easy to move new problems into the knowable space. We can see the the narration of work in small bits that over time become a flow and later patterns emerge.

learning in complexity and chaos

Harold Jarche

Most of our current work structures are designed to address complicated situations, such as constructing a building, launching a campaign, or designing a piece of equipment. In complexity, cooperation trumps collaboration. Work teams are collaborative.

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from enlightenment to entanglement

Harold Jarche

Our existing education and training systems are not designed for this task. The open-source sharing of energy will give rise to collaborative energy spaces, not unlike the collaborative social spaces on the Internet.

Survey 152

Shaping (As Opposed to Stumbling Into It!) – The Future of Online Learning and Training

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

when 5G rolls out - Collaborative Learning o Eg. Shaping (As Opposed to Stumbling Into It!) – The Future of Online Learning and Training Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer Contact North | Contact Nord These are summary notes of the talk, taken by me, “I’m here because I’m old….

AI for Nonprofits and Social Good: Link Roundup

Beth Kanter

AI can do this faster than humans to identify patterns. The platform is described as a “Slack-first” HR platform designed to help managers proactively combat abuse by fostering collaboration, teamwork, and inclusion.

Workplace Learning Professionals Next Job - Management Consultant

Tony Karrer

The primary function of learning professionals within this new work model is connecting and communicating, based on three core processes: * Facilitating collaborative work and learning amongst workers, especially as peers. Sensing patterns and helping to develop emergent work and learning practices. In 2019: A workplace learning odyssey Performance support will be built into the workflow and take the form of online tools, networks and coaching.