The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list is revealed

Jane Hart

I suppose the difference between educational and enterprise workplace learning tools is inevitable - although it has not been so obvious in previous years – since education is about teaching cohorts of learners whilst corporate learning is still focused on creating self-paced online courses.

List 286

Interlocutor: The Word of 2012

Dan Pontefract

If 2011 was about quid-pro-quo … or reciprocity as I deemed it, it’s my wish for the year 2012 to be about the interlocutor. There is of course the ‘ mother of all MOOC’s ‘ put forward by George, Stephen and Dave too. The goal for 2012?

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What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

Jane Hart

On 1 October I released the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list , and in my introductory analysis I said. People often need to work collaboratively. But there are now many standalone wiki tools available as well wiki functionality within collaboration plaftorms. Top Tools 2012

Tools 277

5 Ways to Become Less Collaborative at Work

Dan Pontefract

I spend so much time yammering – the word, not the product – about collaboration and how to become more collaborative as a leader (and team member) that over the years I’ve neglected those of you that are looking to become less collaborative.

Pick of the month: October 2012

Jane Hart

1 - Defining social learning – Marcia Conner, 4 October 2012. ” 2 - Can Learnist hold the key to enterprise learning - Paul, 5 October 2012. ” 3 - Everything you know will eventually be wrong – Daniel Engber, Truth Decay, 5 October 2012.

ROI 246

JAC 2012 – Joint Alumni Conference Event Highlights

Luis Suarez

Yes, indeed, that has been the main ah-ha moment and massive wake-up call that I have been having while attending and presenting at JAC 2012. That single one entity that each and everyone of us, humans, continue to build, nurture and cultivate over the course of time.

Most popular posts about Working Smarter for July 2012

Jay Cross

July, 2012. JULY 25, 2012. We can officially declare massive open online courses (MOOCs) as the higher education buzzword for 2012. JULY 8, 2012. JULY 16, 2012. Collaborative and distributed work is becoming the norm. JULY 5, 2012.

Pick of the Month: August 2012

Jane Hart

Helping learners see where the organization fits in means, of course, that the organization understands how it fits in, which will require new thinking and throwing out old approaches. 4 – Social Collaboration . ” There was, of course, a caveat.

PKM 225

Making collaborative work work

Harold Jarche

Tweet Everyone talks about collaboration in the workplace today but what does it really mean? Of course, I mean personal or professional blogs, not writing articles just to attract eyeballs and increase advertising revenue.

Pick of the Month: July 2012

Jane Hart

“Which universities will survive the age of Massive Open Online Courses?” ” On 21 July, Mark Edmundson, wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times, The trouble with online education : “A truly memorable college class, even a large one, is a collaboration between teacher and students. You can get knowledge from an Internet course if you’re highly motivated to learn. A real course creates intellectual joy, at least in some.

ROI 194

Creating the Connectivist Course

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

One was the beginning of open online courses. We had both seen them in operation in the past, and had most recently been influenced by Alec Couros’s online graduate course and David Wiley’s wiki-based course. What made these courses important was that they invoked the idea of including outsiders into university courses in some way. The course was no longer bounded by the institution. But beyond that, the course was non-traditional.

Course 152

Facilitating collaborative learning: a recipe for success

Jane Hart

During 2012 Harold Jarche and I have been running a series of online workshops at the Social Learning Centre; these have proved to be very popular.

State of the Net 2012 – People Tweet Tacit Knowledge – Part Two

Luis Suarez

Again it took place at the State of the Net 2012 event, the same one where Euan was also one of the keynote speakers. Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0

From Social Learning to Workforce Collaboration

Jane Hart

Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that I’ve changed this blog’s title from “Learning in the Social Workplace” to “Workforce Collaboration” Why? Of course, I think training has a role to play in the workplace, but I just think that helping people learn with and from one another, in the workflow, as they do their jobs is much more relevant nowadays. Collaboration Social learning

12 features of supporting social collaboration in the workplace

Jane Hart

I am often asked how to support social collaboration in the workplace. As I showed in my recent blog post , there are some big differences between learning in an e-business and learning in a social/collaborative business.

Supporting workplace learning in the network era is more than delivering courses through a LMS

Jane Hart

“It takes much more than courses delivered through a learning management system to support workplace learning in the network era.” Harold Jarche, in his recent post, Supporting workplace learning , uses a great little diagram to show that -.

Course 260

Social Collaboration Services: the missing piece in the L&D jigsaw

Jane Hart

Social Collaboration Services focus on supporting collaborative working and the building of internal networks, communities and collaboration spaces. Social Collaboration. So social collaboration then is both about working and learning.

Collaboration and community skills are the new workplace skills

Jane Hart

OK, these skills are not actually “new” – they’ve always been present – but perhaps they have not always been as visible as they should have been, as Oscar Berg explains in The collaboration pyramid (or iceberg).

Skills 260

How to Replace Top-down Training with Collaborative Learning (2)

Jay Cross

HR and training departments overlooked experienced employees because they learn experientially, from stretch assignments and mentors rather than from courses and workshops. A wise Collaborative organization focuses its efforts where they’ll have the most impact. Second post in a series.

IBM Lotusphere and CONNECT 2012 – Here We Go Again! #ls12 #IBMConnect

Luis Suarez

And like every year, it is time for that yearly pilgrimage to what, to me, is *the* main IBM event of events on the topics of Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Social Business and, specially, this time around more than ever. Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0

Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2012 Highlights – Back to Basics of Conferences! #ls12 #ibmconnect

Luis Suarez

As more and more blog posts are starting to come along sharing further insights on some of the major highlights from the recent IBM Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2012 events held last week in Orlando, Florida, I guess it’s now time for me to start sharing my two cents on what both events were like, what I learned, what I thought were some pretty interesting developments and happenings, as well as a bunch of other tidbits that I think would prove useful to share over here in this blog.

Pick of the Month: April 2012

Jane Hart

Note, for easy reference, all the resources in my daily Picks are collated monthly on my 2012 Reading List. It could be a neat way to make sense of all the knowledge out there, by keeping the best learning bytes on a collaborative learning playlist.

PKM 245

Meaning Conference Highlights – A Collaborative Future #lawwe

Luis Suarez

Of course, I am talking about the Meaning 2012 conference event that took place in Brighton, UK, on October 1st and that three months later I am still remembering it as it were just yesterday. Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0

The future of higher education and other imponderables

George Siemens

We will be running an open online course from Oct 8-Nov 16 , 2012, addressing some of the concepts in this post. The Rockefeller Institute released a report in 2012 (.pdf) CCK08 was a fully online course. On to the open online course.

trainingwreck is no more … introducing ‘brave new org’

Dan Pontefract

This dream occurred on Jan 1st, 2012 and ever since, I’ve been reskinning this site to reflect ‘brave new org’ including what I think is a more vibrant look and feel. Of course, this could be an insane waste of time if you stop visiting, reading, reacting, and contributing.

Boost Your Voice with LightBox Collaborative’s 2012 Editorial Calendar

Beth Kanter

I was honored when Holly agreed to do this post about the 2012 Editorial Calendar. Over the course of the past year we have continued to test this format with our clients and refine it. And, now, we are excited to present the new and improved editorial calendar for 2012.

Why Do I Share My Knowledge?

Luis Suarez

and Social Business thought leaders and blogger extraordinaire, Oscar Berg , put together a rather inspiring article that I thought would be worth while reflecting on, specially, since it is at the heart of not just social software, but also collaboration and knowledge management in general.

The 5 elements that enable expertise networks to flourish

Ross Dawson

The relationship team of course needs to be aware that those capabilities exist. Even with these other elements in place, professionals will not reach out unless they believe the people they are bringing in will be good, collaborative players in the team, and be a pleasure to work with.

February’s Top 50 Posts on Working Smarter

Jay Cross

February 1-29, 2012. Working smarter draws upon ideas from design thinking, network optimization, brain science, user experience design, learning theory, organizational development, social business, technology, collaboration, web 2.0 Social Learning: what actually is it? - Jane Hart , February 1, 2012. Design Interrupted: Design-time Versus Meeting-time - Adaptive Path , February 23, 2012. Edging toward the fully licensed world - Doc Searls , February 29, 2012.

Twitter Is Where Conversations Go To Die

Luis Suarez

Martin Varsavsky (@martinvars) August 18, 2012. . Because over the course of the last few months I have started to notice something that I never thought I would find possible, at least, not this soon. Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

Social Business – Where Bosses and Managers Become Servant Leaders

Luis Suarez

Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

Whose Your Brian Reid?

Dan Pontefract

Over the course of the 12 months, students in a cohort of 30 would immerse themselves in the running of a fictitious business. collaboration communication interlocutor leadership personal

Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary

Luis Suarez

All in a single place so that you can take a look into how things developed further during the course of 2010. Over the course of the last few months we have witnessed how something is happening with email. It surely has been a blast and I am so looking forward to plenty more in 2012!

Why Training Needs to go Agile (Part 1 – The Basics)


Much of what is currently rolled up monolithic, one-size-fits-all courses must give way to small but relevant content updated and delivered continuously to learners based on their individual profiles or needs.

Workforce Development Services: A new framework of training and learning support

Jane Hart

In my last blog post, From Social Learning to Workforce Collaboration , I talked about how I have been helping organisations support workforce collaboration. I’ll also be writing more about Workforce Collaboration Services in blog posts in the future.

Social Business Is People to People Business – The Iberia Story

Luis Suarez

Indeed, like I was saying, earlier on today, I was supposed to take a plane from Madrid to Zurich arriving about early afternoon to then get everything ready for tomorrow’s presentation at JAC 2012. Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0

Redefine the Workplace of the Future with Social Learning

Luis Suarez

it’s been a long while since last time that I participated on a Blog Carnival, specially around the topic of Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Learning. That’s probably as good as it gets… Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

How Mobility Empowers Work as a State of Mind in the Era of Social Business

Luis Suarez

Along, of course, with that lovely VPN connection to the IBM network, my company’s Intranet. It’s changing the way we work, connect, collaborate, share our knowledge, be in the know, innovate together, you name it. Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

Want to Trust Your Employees? Give Them All Unlimited Vacation Days

Luis Suarez

Of course, it does! Beth Laking (@bethlaking1) January 6, 2012. . . Paul Gillin (@pgillin) January 10, 2012. Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

Social Business – *The* Ecosystem

Luis Suarez

Embracing that limitation on how we share our knowledge across and collaborate would probably help us even get much more out of those social interactions in the first place. “ Partnering, of course, introduces new kinds of risk. Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0

Once Upon a Time … the Power of Storytelling for Business

Luis Suarez

Till May 2012. . Collaboration Communities Conference Events Enterprise2.0

2012?s Top articles on Working Smarter

Jay Cross

Working Smarter Daily points to ideas from design thinking, network optimization, brain science, user experience design, learning theory, organizational development, social business, technology, collaboration, web 2.0 JULY 16, 2012. JULY 25, 2012. OCTOBER 1, 2012.

ROI 192

Four Principles for the Open World by Don Tapscott #hippie2.0

Luis Suarez

As a network, or as a community, interacting and collaborating with one another. So why neglect it or ignore it any longer when we are all starting to understand how the most powerful component of collaboration is that concept of co-creation? Collaboration Communities Enterprise2.0