Cynefin for strategy: new seminars

Dave Snowden

So I have changed the complexity seminar to focus on a walk through of a generic approach to strategy based on complexity thinking. The nice thing about complexity approaches is that they are a lot less "heavy" than traditional strategy approaches.

eLearning Conferences 2011

Tony Karrer

This list is focused mostly on the first half of the year: January to June 2011. link] December 9-10, 2010 What’s Hot, What’s Not in e-Learning , eLearning Guild Online Seminar. link] January 4-7, 2011 Hawaii International Conference on Education , 9 th annual, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

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Reflections from 2011 – Redefining Your Social Web Presence

Luis Suarez

This would apply mostly to my business travelling, whether to customer events, workshops, meetings, or conferences, seminars, summits, hotel rooms, etc. I do know and realise that plenty of them are far too complex to digest on a single read.

IBM's Centennial

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

It is using the opportunity to reach out to many of its constituents in business, government and academia and engage with them in a variety of celebratory events, such as seminars and conferences. In addition, IBM Chairman Sam Palmisano is inviting all members of its extended family - employees, partners, retirees, families and friends - to pledge at least eight hours of community service during 2011. IBM is turning 100 years old on June 16.

The resilient organisation: introduction

Dave Snowden

It was a casual posting in part intended to pull in a couple more participants for the Frankfurt seminar on the 1st April (my birthday by the way, see the sacrifices I make, sob) and Amsterdam the week after.

The prepared mind

Dave Snowden

One of the key points I have been making in the new seminar (and a few keynotes) over the last week is that resilience requires not just a prepared mind, but also a prepared organisation. It means network connections built and sustained in advance, the ability to delegate power when needed without complex process. It's also really good to be teaching this in a series of seminars on three continents with diverse backgrounds of participants.

The mantra of resilience

Dave Snowden

This is the switch from robustness to resilience which is the main theme of my strategy work (if you want to know more book on one of the seminars ). While SenseMaker® can handle inductive with ease it comes into its come in this domain, the full complexity of the Cynefin framework. We've been involved in an interesting project on social resilience and I have been working tonight on the presentation for tomorrow.

Scenarios: mapping the possible

Dave Snowden

We are working in a truly complex system which means that we face dangers of retrospective coherence and premature convergence; we need to hold open possibilities for as long as possible.

Business Problems, Trust and Values

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

For me this is particularly interesting, given that organizational culture is one of the topics I often discuss in my university seminars. Like any complex system, a well functioning capitalist economy requires the proper checks and balances between its various forces, - the fierce competition inherent in open, free markets, and the ethical behaviors necessary to safeguard the interests of society.

Bad is Stronger than Good: Why Eliminating the Negative is More.

Bob Sutton

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New book chapters

Dave Snowden

A world wide series of seminars around that will be announced on Monday. However this is probably (thanks to the brilliant editing work of Kathleen Mosier) short summary of both complexity and narrative research methods I have written.

Why Do Firms Exist?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

There are actual organizational advantages to firms, such as the ability to marshal a wide range of resources to address very complex problems. I used The Innovator’s Solution in courses and seminars and consider it one of the best management books I have come across. These capabilities enable large, global companies to succesfully manage complex projects that would be much more difficult to coordinate in an open, distributed marketplace.

Working Smarter Glossary

Jay Cross

Complexity. The cost of not doing something, e.g. the sales the rep didn’t make because she was away at a seminar. This is an excerpt from The Working Smarter Fieldbook 2011 Edition by Jay Cross, Harold Jarche, Jane Hart, Clark Quinn, and Charles Jennings.

Open Services Innovation

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Over the years, I have given quite a few seminars on the subject, including a graduate course in MIT in the Fall of 2010. Complex projects based on tacit knowledge require very close collaborations between suppliers and customers. Complex Systems Economic Issues Education and Talent Innovation Management and Leadership Services Innovation Technology and Strategy

Where innovation comes from

Jay Cross

This is Johnson’s best book since his must-read tour of complexity science, Emergence. To stay ahead in business, a firm must continually re-invent itself. In the twentieth century, firms could compete on execution. Winners were those who played the game well. No longer.

The IT-based Transformation of Services

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I have been personally involved in this effort since its inception, and have given a number of seminars on Technology and Innovation in the Service Economy , including a graduate course in MIT in the Fall of 2010. Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems, for example, enable engineers to design significantly more complex objects that they otherwise would have been able to.

Australia next stop(s)

Dave Snowden

In addition to the ACS evening lecture tour I'll be running the new one day Cynefin Seminar in a more limited set of venues. Melbourne has already sold out for the seminar programme and Brisbane will close shortly. I'm working at the moment on a possible pilot seminar on Complexity based approaches to AGILE/LEAN for those communities in Sydney and/or Brisbane. Cynefin Seminar Sydney. Research seminar at University followed by sinner.

KM Legal Europe

Dave Snowden

You will also find a one day seminar on KM in two parts, here and here from KM Asia. For those interesting in getting into a lot more detail, Cognitive Edge runs three day training courses around the world, details here and I will, as advertised be running a one day seminar on complexity for the ARK group, focused on legal later in the year.

Services, Production and Clouds

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Over the past several years I have given a number of seminars on technology and innovation in services. Cloud Computing Complex Systems Economic Issues Education and Talent Innovation Management and Leadership Services Innovation Smart Systems Society and Culture Technology and StrategyLast week I wrote about the workshop I recently attended in IBM’s Almaden Research Lab on The Co-Evolution of Future Technologies, Skills, Jobs, and Quality-of-Life.

195 posts about MOOCs

Jay Cross

AUGUST 8, 2011. Five Key Questions STEPHEN DOWNES: HALF AN HOUR | THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 2011. 50 Awesome Posts on Working Smarter, August 2011 INTERNET TIME ALLIANCE | SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2011. Slow Learning – #change11 CLARK QUINN | SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2011.

eLgg 76

Adler’s ashes rediscovered

Mind Hacks

Somewhat ironically for someone whose remains were forgotten almost immediately after his death, Adler’s most significant contribution to psychoanalysis was the concept of the inferioty complex.

The Modernization of the State

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

He later invited me to assist in these efforts by coming to Chile for meetings with Rafael Ariztia and the key groups woking on the initiative, as well as to give a seminar explaining cloud computing and its potential to Chilean government officials. The seminar took place on June 8 in La Moneda , Chile’s official presidential palace and the seat of several cabinet ministries. The future of the state is one of the most important and complex issues facing countries around the world.

Liminal Cynefin, stepping over the threshold

Dave Snowden

The motivation for the liminal version came from a desire to create a visual representation of the reality of complexity, namely that it is not one state. Still some refinement and we will hold a premium member seminar on it shortly so that might be a motivation to sign up!

Causality: prelude

Dave Snowden

Expect a few posts on this as the seminar opens up and I have the closing keynote on Friday. Now it may sound crazy, but physical presence is necessary for complex discussions with people from difference disciplines whose personalities and thoughts you don't know.

I'm back (and links to the IRAHS slides)

Dave Snowden

It contains videos on the Gaussian/Pareto material, the Cynefin framework mentioned by several delegates and the Children's Party Story metaphor for complexity. An academic seminar on abductive research and use of fitness landscapes can be found here. Time to get back on the blog again.

Smart Homes - Building for America's Bravest

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In his excellent class seminar , Chris explained the difference between trying to establish a brand through mindless jingles or paternalistic assertions that no one believes, versus engaging your audience in a conversation about the future.

Class 84

Origins & acknowledgements

Dave Snowden

It was satisfying to find my name on Brian Castellani’s updated map of the Complexity Sciences. Now while Cynefin is known as a complexity framework it didn’t start off that way.

eLearning Conferences 2013

Tony Karrer

Past years eLearning Conferences 2012 , eLearning Conferences 2011 , eLearning Conferences 2010 , eLearning Conferences 2009. Note also that some events will be cancelled at a later date, such as those in Tunisia and Egypt in early 2011. Clayton R.

eLearning Conferences 2010

Tony Karrer

A conference will not be held in 2009 , but it is expected that there will be a conference in 2011. link] January 3-19, 2010 Islam and Middle Eastern Culture Seminar , sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges, Amman, Jordan.

Reflecting on Learning Analytics and SoLAR

George Siemens

By the end of June, I had seen the light of Dragan’s wisdom and agreed to move the conference to 2011. We finally received confirmation that they would publish on July 17, 2011. We had spent time in late 2011 discussing a journal, but didn’t get much traction on this until 2012. Academics are complex people. Our doctoral seminars , for example, are funded and supported by these subscriptions.