Meta-Learning, 2001

Jay Cross

Everyone has the capacity to learn but most people can do a much better job of it. Learning is a skill one can improve. Learning how to learn is a key to its mastery. Learning is the primary determinant of personal and professional success in our ever-changing knowledge age.

Skills 131

Radio and the Web, 2001

Doc Searls

Since my old blog (still running, amazingly, on an old server somewhere within Verisign) will some day be Snow on the Water , and conversation about radio has commenced below that post, I decided to re-post March 21, 2001.

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The Invention We Had Hoped for in 2001

Nine Shift

Remember in 2001, the Internet/World Wide Web had just blown us away, the new century had just begun, and Dean Kamen said he would announce an invention of enormous impact. . Everyone speculated and speculated about the new Kamen invention, and everyone widely expected and hoped it would be a solar battery, giving power to villagers in Africa.

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Year of 2001

Euen Semple

The intensity of the relationships you establish when you first get into things are never really repeated. I get nostalgic for that first flush of enthusiasm for blogging - a bit like your first year at secondary school or at university. The friendships you make in those times tend to stick with you for life. Blogging is the same

Travel Backward in Time and Search Google circa 2001

Mark Oehlert

the Google 2001 Index Search page. and just as an extra, here is a link to the archive of e-Clippings when it lived as a newsletter

No Agile Gospel please, just give me Enlightenment

Martijn Linssen

why not both Home About Contact Monday, 28 June 2010 No Agile Gospel please, just give me Enlightenment For lack of a logo, heres the Snowbird resort where the Agile Manifesto was developed back in 2001 Agile Software Development presently is suffering from evangelisation, it seems.

When was the last time you received a love poem from your car.

Dan Pink

Back in 2001, McCarthy bought a green Honda Civic Ex from a local dealership. Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Video. Articles. Office Hours. Drive. A Whole New Mind. Johnny Bunko. Daniel H.

Harold Jarche » World Economic Forum – Networked Readiness Index

Harold Jarche

Happy Birthday Blog

Euen Semple

was born eight years ago in March 2001 The Obvious?

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Dissertation: The Effective Integration of Digital Games and Learning Content by M.P.J. Habgood

Mark Oehlert

"This thesis provides a theoretical and empirical exploration of game designs that follow a more integrated approach, broadly known as intrinsic integration (Kafai, 2001). e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Kindle.The Universal Textbook?

OLDaily Over the Years

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

You can also see a bump in 2001. Here''s the same blue line with a somewhat larger y-axis: Here again you can see my harvester experiments in 2001 (reaching a peak of 162 posts created on September 22, 2001). Still messing around with statistics.

A September 12 poem

David Weinberger

My friend Evelyn Walsh reminded me of a poem I wrote on September 12, 2001. 12, 2001. I had forgotten it entirely: They dug a hole in the ordinary yesterday, And already the waves are smoothing its edges. The earth’s weight. that pulls the tides. draws the bodies that fall. and holds fast the feet. that tomorrow will resume. wearing furrows into its brow. Yeah, it’s a little overwrought, but considering what I was feeling, it was underwrought.

The Great Decoupling of the US Economy

Andy McAfee

By the time of the 2001 recession, median income was lagging behind pretty badly. If we’re going to stick with Gallic labeling, the years between 1982 and 2001 were the vingt troublantes: By the end of 2011, things had become much worse in two ways.

beyond civil society, governments, and markets

Harold Jarche

Bush (2001). Binary thinking is an easy sell. It appeals to our emotions which we developed as children. Binary thinking blinds us. It’s not black and white, or right and wrong, or even Left and Right. Human society is many shades along various spectra.

My first blog post

Euen Semple

I knew I started blogging around this time of year in 2001 but thanks to a server crash in December 2001 I had no record of my first blog post. So my first ever blog posts are preserved here and I began on the 3rd of March 2001. I tried The Wayback Machine but couldn't remember the original url.

Advanced Manufacturing Goes Urban, Not Rural

Nine Shift

Since 2001, 60% of all manufacturing GDP growth has occurred in just 10 cities, the smallest of which is about 2.2 One of the reasons I think our community college friends are big on advanced manufacturing is that they think small cities and even rural areas are, or could, benefit. Not so. 1.Advanced manufacturing growth in big cities. Nearly seven times the manufacturing GDP growth in urban American than rural America since 2000.

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Let’s get Agile

Jay Cross

“On February 11-13, 2001, at The Lodge at Snowbird ski resort in the Wasatch mountains of Utah, seventeen people met to talk, ski, relax, and try to find common ground and of course, to eat.

More Evidence Gloria Steinem is Wrong

Nine Shift

Prenatal Diagnosis, 2001, 21:116-120. Betty Friedan was right. Gloria Steinem was wrong. My brilliant co-author Julie Coates keeps finding more research literature that confirms the neurological origin of gender behavior.

Study 141

Remembering Freddy Herrick

Doc Searls

I met Freddy in 2001, when I first arrived in Santa Barbara, and he was installing something at the house we had just bought. The picture of Freddy Herrick I carry everywhere is in my wallet, on the back of my membership card for a retail store.

Issues 162

The Myth of the Myth of Technological Unemployment

Andy McAfee

Since the end of the 2001 recession real GDP has increased by just about 20%. Over at Slate, Matt Yglesias has a post titled ‘ The Myth of Technological Unemployment ‘ accompanied by a graph showing that hours worked in the US have been rising and falling in lockstep with output.

What You Experienced the last 20 Years

Nine Shift

Remember when this huge new invention was going to be released in 2001 and we all were so excited with anticipation. So, in thinking about Spengler's idea of a singular epoch or time frame in history, here are the three big things I think you and I have uniquely experienced over the past 20 years. 1.Eye opening discoveries. I remember the first time I did a live two-way video presentation for students and faculty at Moscow State University in Russia.

Tips 100 then and now

David Weinberger

He also points to the version right after Bush’s 2001 election , which is hilariously bellbottomsy in aspect. I recently in passing lamented the lack of links from the new to George Bush’s version. Matthew Battles has pointed me to the archive of it.


Is the Link Now Broken Between Innovation, Jobs and a Higher Standard of Living?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

By 2001, median income was lagging GDP and productivity pretty badly. . “By Between 1981 and 2001 the economy generated plenty of low-paying jobs. Last week I wrote about innovation in the digital economy and some of the puzzling questions we are now wrestling with.

The World is Facing a Period of Digital Disorder

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Over 50% of the world’s population, almost 4 billion people, had Internet access by 2018 , a nearly fourfold increase since 2001. “Geopolitical competition and government regulations are poised to remake the digital economy,” notes the global consulting firm A.T

AI and our Social Interactions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Science fiction has long portrayed the biggest threats of AI to humans as computers gone beserk, like the Hal 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey ; or homicidal cyborgs , like The Terminator.

Issues 196

Extreme Times

Clark Quinn

At the time, our commentary was largely reacting to the crash of the internet bubble circa 2001. This was originally intended to be one of my Learning Solutions Mag columns (Quinnsights). Sadly, that platform is no longer an option. Guess this is part of the extreme times!

My Scariest Graph

Andy McAfee

And then things started to change; the employment recovery following the 1990 recession took almost twice as long as any previous one, and the 2001 time lag was over twice as long again. Everyone has their own candidate for ‘scariest graph of recent economic news.’

News 279

Has the Economic Meltdown & 9/11 Impacted our Definition of Teams?

Dan Pontefract

The chart below shows commercial airline traffic in terms of the number of passenger ‘enplanements’ between June, 2001 and June, 2011. There are three key trends or periods that I’d like to highlight: Phase 1 : September, 2001 through June, 2004.

An emotional timeline of 9/11

Mind Hacks

The graph below records levels of sadness, anxiety and anger, in words taken from US pager messages, sent as the day of September 11th 2001 unfolded.

Breaking news! Proof young people are driving less

Nine Shift

  By 2001 that percentage had dropped slightly to 18.3    The data comes from a new Department of Transportation study released last month on driving in 2009, a study which was also done for 2001 and 1995. Nine Shift has done it again! We have discovered new government data proving that young people are driving less.

News 122

Non-Research Citations in the Siemens Research Study

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

2001). 2001). 2001). Defending himself against my criticism of his recently released research study on distance and online learning, George Siemens tweets: Au contraire mon frère. There are many non-research articles cites, with a particular preference toward foundations, consultants, a few blogs and news and magazine articles. The non-research citations are as selective and ill-informed as the formal citations.

AI and the Evolution of History

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Science fiction is full of scenarios of AI turning on its creators, e.g., Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Data 184

My 25 Years of Ed Tech

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I had been posting my articles since 1998 and my email newsletter since 2001. Creative Commons was founded in 2001. From her original pioneering work in 2001 and more more than a decade on, Barrett was at the core of the development and popularization of e-Portfolios.

Twelvetide 19:07 The Opera House

Dave Snowden

NowThatopera is a sacred experience possible best summarised in this 2001 post where we had the good, the bad and the ugly.


Clark Quinn

We actually got it up and running, and while it evaporated in 2001 (as did the organization we worked for), it’s legacy served me in several other projects. I was talking with my lass, and reminiscing about a few things. And, it occurs to me, that I may not have mentioned them all.

System 146

The Rebound that Stayed Flat

Andy McAfee

After the recession of 2001 ended profits came roaring back and equipment investment eventually started ramping up sharply, but the employment ratio increased only between September of ’03 and December of ’06, the most frenzied time for both the construction and financial industries.

Trends 249

A theoretical model for PKM

Harold Jarche

He based the research model and questions on a framework of skills for undergraduates, developed by Susan Avery, “Personal Knowledge Management: Framework for Integration and Partnerships “, presented in 2001.

PKM 248

Breaking news! Proof young people are driving less (Part I)

Nine Shift

  By 2001 that percentage had dropped slightly to 18.3      The data comes from a new Department of Transportation study released last month on driving in 2009, a study which was also done for 2001 and 1995. Nine Shift has done it again! We have discovered new government data proving that young people are driving less.

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Is Impulsivity a Bad Thing?

Eide Neurolearning

1995; Perry & Carroll, 2008; Petry, 2001), the present set of results lends credence to the notion that impulsivity is not a purely maladaptive trait but one whose consequences hinge on the structure of the decision-making environment. Answer - it depends.

Sample 200

Activate your knowledge

Harold Jarche

The lower sector represents the domain of relations , since effective knowledge development is enabled by trust and shared understanding between the people involved (Cross, Parker, Prusak & Borgatti, 2001). PKM is much more than processing information.

Adaptive Path at SXSW 2011 – Please support our sessions!

Adaptive Path

March 2011 will mark our 10th anniversary, and our first public appearance as Adaptive Path was at SXSW 2001. A few of us have submitted sessions for SXSW Interactive 2011, and it would be great if you showed your support by voting for them in the panel picker. Leslie submitted Behavior Design: Stop Being Neutral, Start Influencing Decisions , about how design can be used to encourage positive social change. Alexa, now CEO of Foodspotting, offers up The UX Driven Startup.

Design 140

Ya, I Cry at Work. Do You?

Dan Pontefract

2001 – I had to let someone go while working at BCIT. Last Friday night, I sat down at home with the family to watch a film. Group consensus found us selecting “ We Bought a Zoo ”, a brilliant 2011 film by Pearl Jam fan Cameron Crowe based on a true story.

Class 192

What Should We Think of Machines that Think?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Clarke’s , - author of 2001: A Space Odyssey , - most memorable quotes. Enough already with the science fiction and the movies, Star Maker , Blade Runner , 2001 , Her , The Matrix , The Borg. ” .

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