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Yammer and why activity streams are a key foundation for integrated applications and organizations

Ross Dawson

I caught up with some of the Yammer team this morning, including Chief Customer Officer David Obrand, while they are in town for the Yammer on Tour series. . I was particularly interested in talking with them about Yammer’s shift to activity streams. Collaboration Enterprise 2.0

Using social media to track and drive organizational success metrics

Ross Dawson

Deloitte’s success with enterprise micro-blog Yammer led to Yammer asking Deloitte if they could create a case study. In that process Deloitte correlated Yammer usage with staff information. One discovery was that staff turnover of active Yammer users was 2%, substantially below the company average. Enterprise 2.0

Why microblogging has moved to the heart of enterprise social initiatives

Ross Dawson

Enterprise 2.0 Future of work Social media Social networks Twitter Uncategorized Web 2.0The rise of microblogging.

Research: The acceleration of Australian banks’ use of social media

Ross Dawson

Suncorp is using Yammer internally. Australia Enterprise 2.0 Vindaya Senadheera, Prof. Get serious! See the full paper for more details.

Insights into effective social media policies

Ross Dawson

Staff are encouraged to use Yammer to say if they’re not happy with company products or practices. Enterprise 2.0 Social media Web 2.0

Finally a great E20 tool - and people play the social card!

Martijn Linssen

tibbr is the poster child for Enterprise 2.0, as it was originally defined by Professor Andrew McAfee. tibbr is literally about applying Web 2.0

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

Tony Karrer

Grows - But Creating "eLearning 2.0 Twitter, Yammer), wikis, blogs, discussion groups, etc. We would welcome lots of discussion.

Monitter - Keyword Tracking of twitter

Mark Oehlert

Could we get Monitter for Yammer So Monitter looks pretty slick. Nicely done.I

Social Learning Tools Should Not be Separate from Enterprise 2.0

Tony Karrer

This could be: SharePoint, Yammer, Confluence, etc. It’s finding content that can fill the empty drums of enterprise 2.0 Web 2.0

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

Jay Cross

THE WEB    87. Andrew McAfee’s Characteristics of Enterprise 2.0    248. Instructional Design 2.0. eBook , $12. Paper, $24.

eBook 39

Working Smarter, March 2012

Jay Cross

Kew Gardens adopts Web principles for real-world wayfinding -  David Weinberger , March 26, 2012. March 1, 2012 to March 30, 2012. Here’s how.

KMaus09: Day two practitioner Leanne Fry

Dave Snowden

Argues that the reason for this is command and control, using web 2.0 The first of the day's practitioner case studies up now.

The Enterprise 2.0 Recovery Plan

Andy McAfee

Photo of Andrew McAfee Home Blog About RSS Andrew McAfees Blog The Business Impact of IT Tweet The Enterprise 2.0 In other words, Enterprise 2.0 To put the other principles into practice, I’d insist that: The tools be trivially easy to use , primarily by copying the look, feel, and user interface of the most popular Web 2.0