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Jay Cross

Yammer is like a private Twitter. Instead of Twitter’s question, “What are you doing?&# , Yammer asks “What are you working on?&#. Yammer also serves as a company directory in which every employee has a profile and as a knowledge base where past conversations can be easily accessed and referenced.

Twitter for Learning – 55 Great Articles

Tony Karrer

In a recent conversation, I was asked what I thought about twitter as a learning tool. But I also think that there’s a lot more help now around how to make effective use of Twitter as a learning tool. subQuark , June 14, 2009 Twitter Collaboration Stories eLearning Technology. Now What?

Enterprise microblogging: measuring true value "is relative"

Martijn Linssen

Yammer, why dont you beat the rest by offering real competitive value and give us stats like these? Business or Pleasure? - Same there. Wrong.

Twitter Digest for 2011-05-18

Jane Hart

Top stories today via @ bbc_magazine @briandusablon @ yammer @gautamghosh #. RT @ TweetSmarter : Twitter just registered its 300 millionth account yesterday! Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterTweet. Teaching methods: An alternative vote | The Economist [link] #. Come and join us [link] #. link] ? link] #.

Social tools or tools that are social?

Harold Jarche

But even Microsoft is offering a separate collaboration platform, Yammer, in support of Office365. The logic of business simply dictates it.

Tools 139

Research: The acceleration of Australian banks’ use of social media

Ross Dawson

Twitter: * CBA, NAB, and Westpac are very active on Twitter. These are often used to give access to videos on Facebook or Twitter.

Enterprise microblogging should be pay-per-use

Martijn Linssen

Perception-wise, much more than half of it Yammers a cloud application. Business or Pleasure? - Thats not a very homogeneous group, is it?

Price 11

Twitter Digest for 2011-05-24

Jane Hart

Yammer keyboard shortcuts [link] #. Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterTweet. 100 people already signed up for “30 ways to use social media to work & learn smarter&# starts 30 May [link] # lrnchat #astd2011 #. The C4LPT Daily is out! link] ?

Jane’s Top 10 Tools for Learning 2016

Jane Hart

I use YAMMER to host the online workshops I run – as it is all about the social experience. Here’s Clark Quinn’s choice.

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My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-08-14

Jane Hart

Turn Up Engagement With A Yammer Treasure Hunt! link] via @ Yammer #. Powered by Twitter Tools. Twitter twitterEducation at its very best – Brighton rocks! link] #. Those hard soft-skills [link] by@hjarche #. Google Plus vs Facebook infographic [link] #. It’s about networks [link] by @ hjarche #. link] #.

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-07-17

Jane Hart

One Million Registered Twitter Apps [link] via @ twitter #. Twitter is the newest tool for self-published stories, from FastCompany [link] #. Running a Successful Yammer Event [link] via @ Yammer #. Why I Still Prefer Twitter Over Google+ (Way More) | [link] <I agree, simplicity is the key #.

Compulsory viewing: A CEO perspective on the business value of internal social networks

Ross Dawson

Half of their 5,000 staff are on Yammer, with 150 conversations a day. He posted about it on Yammer at the end of the day.

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-08-07

Jane Hart

Google Plus and Twitter – how they work for me hand-in hand [link] by @ elsua #. pgsimoes, @ Yammer & @ themaria thnx for bringing me my top news! lrnchat Q0) I learn so much everyday – in places like Twitter – too many things to mention #. How many Twitter users started later than you did? link] #.

iSchool Networked Learning PKM Resources

Harold Jarche

We discussed Twitter for professional development and I suggested two weekly chats that might be of interest: #lrnchat & #KMers. Join now.

PKM 67

Using social media for onboarding

Harold Jarche

Any initial mistakes were corrected and now these FAQ are on a Yammer page for easy access. Start the process as early as possible. Tweet.

FAQ 77

Micro-Blogging is Good for Leadership, Good for Your Culture

Dan Pontefract

On Twitter, (obviously an external example) I follow the CTO of Cisco ( Padmasree Warrior ) and CIO of BT ( JP Rangswami ). Are there any risks?

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list is revealed

Jane Hart

Once again the list is dominated by free online social tools. But now for the complete 2012 Top 100 Tools list. Enjoy! Top Tools 2012

List 151

Insights into effective social media policies

Ross Dawson

Peter Williams of Deloitte will only hire people who have strong Twitter profiles. Here are some of the key points made during our discussion.

Love at The Commission

Euen Semple

I was rather sceptical when somebody told me about using Facebook, Twitter and so on. Two days later, after coming back from the mission, the first thing I saw on my PC’s screen was the message: Yammer at the Commission! The results of this Yammer meeting you can see today. Love’ at the Commission By Maria (DG EAC).

Emerging Asynchronous Conversation Models

Tony Karrer

We also see it in twitter (see Twitter for Learning ). Particularly we focused on the implications of TalkWheel, Quora and Namesake.

Yammer 123

Making social media happen in government: case study of NSW Department of Education

Ross Dawson

DET CEO Michael Coutts-Trotter embraced social media, including using Twitter and creating a number of YouTube videos. . DET launched Yammer internally, and soon grew to 13,311 users, with the most active time Sunday evenings. Here are a few live notes from the event. . There are many groups, including on teaching topics such as maths.

Open Jobs, Open Net

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via Twitter this past week. QOTW: “eating your own dogfood: good.

2010 - year in review

Martijn Linssen

I only use Twitter to publish my blog posts, and had 250 followers at the beginning of 2010, and almost 1,000 at the end. What is wisdom?"

My Top 10 Tools for Learning 2011

Jane Hart

The other 6 are: 5 – Twitter - this is probably my most indispensable tool again this year. WordPress. Skype. Google Docs.

Tools 93

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Capgemini's comma-splice.

Martijn Linssen

There is a lot of discussion around this ongoing on Yammer, as you probably can guess. Business or Pleasure? - People matter, and results count?

Social Media Policy?

Clark Quinn

Twitter, of course, is where I follow folks of interest professionally, personally, or even politically. Other social media tools I use for specific things include Yammer, Skype, and of course dedicated tools like Google Docs of various sorts, Doodle, and more. So what’s your social media policy? Let’s do this by platform.

Monitter - Keyword Tracking of twitter

Mark Oehlert

You enter three keywords and then Monitter tracks those words in twitter and pushes the results into three columns. Nicely done.I

What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

Jane Hart

1 - Twitter. Yammer (on the 2010 list at #20) might be a possibility. To claim a network, user fees do apply. 2 - YouTube.

Tools 66

Instant private micro-sharing

Harold Jarche

Twitter) is probably the best place to start. The usual answer is to use Yammer , which limits access to people with the same e-mail address.

Two simple backchannel options

Harold Jarche

It should not be open to the general public (thus eliminating Twitter). Using the P2 theme , available with a free account, you can set up a private community activity stream that looks much like Yammer. Benefits include customization, the addition of explanatory pages and several widgets, including Twitter feeds.

The Smart Worker : relies on a trusted network of friends and colleagues

Jane Hart

Twitter: “I learn something new several times a day and stay connected with people that form my most valuable network.&# Tweet.

Working Smarter, one day at a time

Harold Jarche

Yammer & ). We all enjoyed the hour long session and participants will be sent the link to the recording by Citrix. HPT and ISD.

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

Many companies rely on Facebook, Twitter, and other consumer applications to connect their people. Where do I post my profile? The Evolllution.

Social Learning, Complexity and the Enterprise

Harold Jarche

Zapposdirectly engages with its customers on Twitter, fostering higher levels of two-way trust. Jay Cross. Social learning. Value Networks.

Vote for your favorite learning tool

Jay Cross

My ten, in no particular order, are: Twitter. Discussion groups (Yammer, Socialcast, Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, Skype chats, etc.).

Narrowing Gap between Face-to-Face and Online Presentations

Tony Karrer

If your audience is already on a laptop and connected wirelessly, then you can use techniques such as Twitter Conference Ideas with twitter as a back-channel or twitter to post links to the audience. Some percentage of that audience was taking notes and chatting on Yammer. Are people noticing this? and paying attention.

A truckload of Twitter tools and some peachy keen visualizations.

Mark Oehlert

My netvibes page is rapidly falling into disuse thanks to Twitter. I understand that there is a masked asymmetry involved in Twitter but it just feels like a great rolling conversation in the hallway of this awesome conference where everybody interesting just happens to be chatting it up. Found it through Twitter of course.

Changing the mechanistic mindset

Harold Jarche

This could be an open platform like Twitter or a cloud service like Yammer or Chatter or an in-house tool like call centres).

Finally a great E20 tool - and people play the social card!

Martijn Linssen

Twitter, Facebook, social interactions: people speaking to people, not a machine to be seen. Business or Pleasure? - Social is about humans.

Business or Pleasure? - why not both: Cloud Field. The social way.

Martijn Linssen

Quora: a gossiper's wet dream Twitter punctuation manners Ask not what your company can do for you,? Business or Pleasure? - Coffin. Klout.