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eLearning Process Survey results!

Clark Quinn

So, a few weeks ago I ran a survey asking about elearning processes*, and it’s time to look at the results (I’ve closed it).

Learning in the Workplace Survey 2014

Jane Hart

This is our 3rd Annual Learning in the Workplace Survey. The survey results from 2012 and 2013 have been widely reported.)

The Quinnovation eLearning Process Survey

Clark Quinn

So I’ve created a quick survey of seven questions (thanks, SurveyMonkey) I’d love for you to fill out. Create your own user feedback survey. In the interests of understanding where the market is, I’m looking to benchmark where organizations are. So here we are. . I welcome your comments or questions as well. Thanks!

Alarming Trends in CIPD Employee Outlook Survey

Dan Pontefract

The survey is important because it provides insight into several facets of career and talent development as well as employee engagement.

Social Tools in the Workplace: a Microsoft survey

Jane Hart

Social Tools in the Workplace is a recent Microsoft survey that reveals how information workers around the world view social tools. ¦ [.].

Survey 106

67% find company training/e-learning of little or no value – according to the Learning in the Workplace 2013 survey results.

Jane Hart

The Learning in the Workplace Survey has now been taken by over 600 people, and although it is still open if you want to cast your vote, I am going to release some interim findings here today as the pattern of results has been pretty stable for some time now.â?¦ ¦ [.]. Strategy

Survey 110

Take the Learning in the Workplace 2013 survey; the results might surprise you

Jane Hart

Last year I ran an anonymous survey asking people how they preferred to learn at work – and the results were widely reported. ¦ [.].

State of L&D Survey

Clark Quinn

Please take the survey and encourage others to as well. What is the current state of L&D, and where is it working (and not)? Some are saying that things are largely okay, while others are suggesting that things must improve. Where are we at? Are we on track? I have previously written that the industry has to change. Thanks!

Survey shows people take training as infrequently as they go to a conference; but they learn continuously in other ways

Jane Hart

So to make it easier to read the data, I took a snapshot of the results once 100 responses had been received. Note: KUPTD = Keeping up-to-date). Total.

Take the 2016 Nonprofits, Leadership and Race Survey

Beth Kanter

The Building Movement Project is conducting a national survey on Nonprofits, Leadership and Race. BMPRaceSurvey. BMPRaceSurvey. Data Leadershi

Data 17

Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012: 6th Annual Survey

Jane Hart

The Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 list has now had over 100,000 views on the C4LPT website and over 500,000 views on Slideshare. I am currently compiling the 6th Annual, Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 list based on the contributions of learning professionals worldwide – and invite you to share your own Top 10 Tools for Learning.

Talent Management Survey

Kevin Wheeler

Over at the Future of Talent Institute , we are collecting responses to a short survey on current talent management thinking and practices. If you are in an HR role, or know someone who is, could you either take our short survey or pass it on? Here’s the link: TALENT MANAGEMENT SURVEY. Send to Facebook.

#LearningFlow Saturday Survey No 6

Jane Hart

Take the Survey below. A recent artilce shared by The Learning Flow this week was an article by Bill Brandon that suggested Seven Things eLearning Professionals Must Do Now Which do you do already? In a recent Learning Solutions article Bill Brandon suggested 7 things that L&D should do now. Which do you do? [.]. Social learning

Digital Differences – a Pew survey

David Weinberger

Highlighted results from a new Pew Internet poll (taken directly from their pr email): One in five American adults does not use the internet. Among adults who do not use the internet, almost half have told us that the main reason they don’t go online is because they don’t think the internet is relevant to them. More from Pew’s Lee Rainie here.

#LearningFlow Saturday Survey No 3

Jane Hart

During this week on The Learning Flow’s Twitter and Facebook feeds, there has been some discussion around curation tools and skills, so this week’s #learningflow survey is about preferred content curation tools. Which tool do you prefer to use to curate the stuff you find online? Social learning

#LearningFlow Saturday Survey No 4

Jane Hart

Have you taken a MOOC? If so what providers have you used? Social learning

State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Survey by Chess Media Group

Luis Suarez

Then once the survey is complete they will be working on the results and publish them accordingly with us all. It’s worth it. Not yet?

Sex survey a let down in bed

Mind Hacks

A ‘saucy sex survey’ has been doing the rounds in the media that claims to be one of the largest studies on the sex lives of UK citizens.

SURVEY RESULTS: A live storytelling event in the Spring in DC

Steve Denning

Many thanks to the 72 people who participated in the survey, when the survey closed today at noon. Your comment has not yet been posted.

Survey: Are you ready, willing and able to support learning in the new social workplace?

Jane Hart

So here’s another of my short surveys. Just click on the “Take Our Survey” link below to launch it in a popup window. Take Our Survey! In the diagram on the right I show 5 key types of activity across the Social Workplace Learning Continuum that I think that will need to be supported.). Social learning

#LearningFlow Saturday Survey No 2

Jane Hart

Here is the 2nd Saturday Survey from @TheLearningFlow. Follow this Twitter account for a daily social micro-learning activity based on learning-related news from the Web. //. Social learning

Media addicted to self-fulfilling porn survey shock

Mind Hacks

Dr Petra has an excellent breakdown of a recent UK survey that ran with the finding that a quarter of men are worried about their online porn use.

News 22

#LearningFlow Saturday Survey No 5

Jane Hart

What skill have you learned – from scratch – completely online? Social learning

closing the learning-knowledge loop

Harold Jarche

The latest report surveyed 311 people from 27 countries, representing a variety of global companies from 18 market sectors. I would like to.

Top Tools for Learning: My Personal Top 10 for 2014

Jane Hart

There have now been over 900 contributions to the survey, so I’d like to say a big […]. Social learning

Tools 120

Old meets new world: enterprise UX

Martijn Linssen

The survey gives a nice and elaborate description of 10 user interface methods, some of which I didnt know, and I wonder who knows them all.

Why you need to take a Google Analytics approach to measuring learning


Did you know that, according to Bersin, less than half of the L&D organizations they survey feel they are perceived by their stakeholder leadership as a strategic business partner? Post Type: Blog post. read more. Learning & Development

15 Bloggers choose their Top 10 Tools for Learning

Jane Hart

Voting is continuing in the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015 survey. Social learning

Tools 128

Informal Learning Research Report

Jane Hart

The main informal learning activities […]. Social learning

Here are the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015

Jane Hart

Over 2,000 learning professionals from around the world from both education and enterprises contributed to the 9th Annual Survey of Learning Tools. Very many thanks to all those who took the time to complete the online form, write a blog post, send me an email or tweet me their selection. I have now compiled the Top […].

Tools 120

Survey on Extreme or Informal Learning

Jay Cross

The 45-question survey is here. Curt’s survey will forced me to reflect on those things. Dr. Bonk. I suggest you take it.

It’s time to vote for Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015

Jane Hart

Voting for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015 – the 9th Annual Survey – is open for learning professionals around the world – from both education and workplace training. All you need to do is submit your favourite 10 Tools for Learning. Social learning

Survey 117

Harold Jarche » Informal Learning Survey

Harold Jarche

5 characteristics of how Knowledge Workers like to learn at work

Jane Hart

¦ [.]. Collaboration Social learning

Survey 155

Broadband interview: Surveying users

David Weinberger

At I’ve posted an interview with John Horrigan , the director of consumer research. He’s responsible for finding out why people adopt broadband and why they don’t

Voting for Top Tools for Learning 2016 closing soon

Jane Hart

Voting for the 2016 Top Tools for Learning – the 10th Annual Survey – closes. mid-day on Friday 23 September. Monday 3 October.

“Is L&D out of touch with reality?”

Jane Hart

In the workshop I showed the results of my Learning in the Workplace survey which asked how individuals preferred to learn in the workplace, and which has now been taken by over 2,000 worldwide. This was a question that I had from a group of people in a recent workshop I ran on Moving Beyond E-Learning. You […]. Social learning

Survey 100

Surveys in eLearning

Tony Karrer

Through two recent experiences I've come to realize that many people in eLearning are not using Survey tools nearly as much as I would have thought. Class , I used a SurveyMonkey survey to ask the class members about their background, interests and availability. You can see the survey results on the Course Wiki.

Surveys Are Not Connective Knowledge

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The fruit of collective intelligence, which I (and others) have described as an emergent phenomenon, results from the linkages and connections between individuals, and not a counting of properties (such as survey results) of those individuals. That's like determining the colour of grass by counting pebbles on the beach.

Results of OLDaily Reader Survey

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I have a total of 199 results from the survey. You can view the results here (the tables simply won't display in Blogger - some weird default or script, I know not what). I received many text comments as well, the vast majority of which said things to the effect: don't change anything