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What Client Must Look for While Choosing a Virtual Repository

Adaptive Path

That is how, virtual repositories eliminated the requirement to finish the whole transaction merely throughout face-to-face negotiations. Audit reports generated on a regular basis help to follow the activity in the virtual repository. Their main function is to provide safety to digital copies of documents. Required expenditures.

A Few Words on ePortfolios

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

A good example of such a system is the Desire2Learn ePortfolio system. Such a portfolio may come to resemble a student''s journal or sketchbook.

Advice for the UNESCO OER Mapping Project

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

If course, this discussion is centered around OER *repositories* and not only the resources themselves. Consequently, mappings will need to describe repository properties. I am thinking at this point that the OER initiative should be drawing from the experiences of OER repositories and repository indices that already exist.

What will universities monetize in the future?

George Siemens

If I was tasked with designing a course from scratch, I would start by searching repositories, rather than creating any new content.

Susan Hildreth on libraries in the digital age

David Weinberger

She is quite frank about the future of libraries as works gets digitized, suggesting that physical copies of books might be archived in regional offsite repositories. For someone with the embossed U.S. business card earned by going through a Senate confirmation process, she’s remarkably candid. (I

Inspiration for Working Out Loud

Harold Jarche

In fact, I’d go further: blogging has become my notebook and general repository of digital bits and bobs. Just follow the links.

Open Access soars

David Weinberger

of open access repositories: close to 2,000. Some facts and stats, compiled at PoeticEconomics : # of open access journals : over 6,000. Growth rate: 4 per day. # of freely available journals: over 28,000. Growth rate: 10 per day. # Growth rate: 1 per day. # of documents freely available: 25 million. Growth rate: 6,000 per day. #

GitHub launches service for open government

Ross Dawson

The Bundes-Git service is a version control repository of German laws, and all Dutch laws are now on GitHub.

Building a Culture of Continuous Learning

Charles Jennings

Most people get it. Classes, courses and curricula – structured learning events – don’t provide all the tools in the toolkit.

Beyond Free ? Open Learning in a Networked World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Only three were hosted by repositories that do not restrict any type of subsequent use. link] Confederation of Open Access Repositories.

Design Elements in a Personal Learning Environment

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

NRC''s track record in this sector includes the leadership role it played in the eduSource network of learning object repositories, the Sifter/Filter content recommender later commercialized as Racofi, sentiment analysis in learning, the Synergic3 collaborative workflow system, and more. Engagement is at the core of cMOOC learning.

Socialcast and social learning

Harold Jarche

Socialcast enables streams and micro-sharing and keeps multiple work teams in touch with each other without being burdened with too many rules.

knowledge is personal

Harold Jarche

Thinking about knowledge as nothing more than content for a repository is a mistake. Knowledge management, for me, is personal. My story.

Knowledge sharing paradox revisited

Harold Jarche

The knowledge sharing paradox is that enterprise social tools can constrain what they are supposed to enhance. – Dave Pollard (2005).

enough training

Harold Jarche

In a recent CBC News story, a railway conductor lost her job following a derailment. She claimed she was not adequately trained. Image: Pixabay.

Sustainability and MOOCs in Historical Perspective

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Over time, the concept of learning objects and learning object repositories lead to the idea of learning object repository networks. A repository is just a place where we keep a whole bunch of them. The idea is we create our learning object and we store it in the repository. That was our learning object repository.

Digital Identity - the Key to Privacy and Security in the Digital World

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

From time immemorial, our identity systems have been based on face-to-face interactions and on physical documents and processes. What is identity?

Working smarter, daily

Harold Jarche

It’s also a repository of thoughts and notes I use in my daily work. Filtering can be single or multiple terms.

The Top Ten Emerging Technologies of 2016

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

A few weeks ago, the WEF published its 2016 Top Ten list. The technologies on the list are not new. They’ve been worked on for many years.

Open Education Resources bill in Brazil

David Weinberger

It also deals with repositories for such OERs. Carolina Rossini passes along the following: Today, the Sao Paulo State Legislature Representative, Mr. Simao Pedro, assisted by his team, specially Lucia F. Soon the text of the bill will be available from the ALESP website [link]. Well done, Sao Paulo

my pkm story

Harold Jarche

It has been over 10 years that I have examined, practiced, and developed models for personal knowledge management/mastery. PKM shifts responsibility.

PKM 121

David Weinberger - Untitled Article

David Weinberger

The second and third together has resulted in an enormous and public repository of questions, answers, examples, and explanations. Search engines are so damn good that we can find our way through that gigantic, unplanned repository. Remember what it was like to be dumb? No, kids, you probably don’t.

Personalization for Knowledge Workers


The objective is to help the employee cut through the corporate knowledge repository and match the content with the unique needs of each employee.

The Storytelling Animal

Harold Jarche

Perhaps we should focus less on instructional design or knowledge repositories. It boils down to a simple formula, says Gottschall.

Internet Time Blog » Living the Cluetrain Manifesto

Jay Cross

Defibrillating Knowledge Management

Martijn Linssen

Efforts to improve an organization’s KM were thus focused on repositories, with entreaties to “share your knowledge.”

How the Nonprofit Sector Can Share What We Learn and Why We Should

Beth Kanter

The use of open licenses (like creative commons) and open repositories (like IssueLab ) are two such shifts. Sharing is in the air right now.

Part 3 of 3: Personalized Learning


These granular objects were uploaded into a centrally accessible repository. This is the 3rd in a series of 3 pertaining to how personalized learning can be applied to education and training. In the first I explored the application of personalization in K12, and in the second how personalization can be applied to high-skill knowledge workers.

Can the web be taught?

Euen Semple

They may use Facebook at home and share their documents in a "knowledge repository" at work but have little experience or understanding of the transformative power of the tool that is literally at their finger tips. Should we be teaching the ethics of the web, the sociology of the web, the history and politics of the web? And then.

Setting up PyDev on Eclipse for 64 bit Vista and 64 bit Java

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

It provides outlines and templates, helps you navigate complex file trees, and connects with code repositories. The SVN repository screen will show up. Click on the little green plus to add a remote SVN code repository. Right-click on the repository URL and select 'check out'. First, install Python. Then, install Eclipse.

Aaron Swartz was not a hacker. He was a builder.

David Weinberger

As Alex Stamos makes clear , there were no technical, legal, or contractual barriers preventing Aaron from downloading as many articles in the JSTOR repository as he wanted, other than the possibility that Aaron was trespassing, and even that is questionable. But that’s not what the media mean when they call him a hacker. source ].

The future of libraries?

Clark Quinn

One role, of course, is to be the repository of research skills, about digital literacy (which is where this conversation had started). I had lunch recently with Paul Signorelli , who’s active in helping libraries with digital literacy, and during the conversation he talked about his vision of the future of the library.

International Perspective: The MOOC and Campus-Based Learning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Summary of a presentation by Phillip D. Australia’s Chief Scientist Robin Batterham. The impact of technology is one of diasaggregation.

Through the Workscape Looking Glass

Jay Cross

Knowledge repository. Your Workscape is everything in your organization except the training department. It’s the organization as organism.

FAQ 122

Social systems

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via Twitter this past week. Ross Ashby ” via @cyetain. things do.”

LibraryLab funded project librapalooza

David Weinberger

Makes it easy to create slideshows out of images from image repositories. It initially is using the VIA repository. This tool eases the process of adding open access material to open access repositories, including Harvard DASH. This is an issue because not all repositories have the same APIs or metadata definitions.

The Power of Reflection in an Ever-Changing World

Charles Jennings

Initially started as a weekly email for new hires, the program is now firm-wide and provides a key repository of reflective stories and experiences.

Towards a Trusted Framework for Identity and Data Sharing

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I recently participated in a Treasury Identity Forum organized by the US Treasury Department in Washington, DC. Universal Access. The U.S.

Data 42

iTunesU Could Be So Much More (Part 1 of 2)

Dan Pontefract

Truth be told, I never was a big fan of Apple products. Maybe it was Clarisworks. Most likely it was the Microsoft machine. portal.

Assessing online assessments

Clark Quinn

I recall hearing of, but haven’t yet seen, a seriously threatening repository of such. Yes, there are learning object repositories, but they’re not yet populated with a rich suite of contextualized practice. As we start seeing user-generated online c, publishers and online schools are feeling the pressure.