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Informal Learning Research Report

Jane Hart

The main informal learning activities […]. Social learning

Unlock your potential with Towards Maturity’s 2016-17 Learning Benchmark Report

Jane Hart

This report helps break down the vision for truly integrating learning and work into practical steps. ” Social learning

The Horizon Report 2011

Jane Hart

The Horizon Report 2011 (PDF The areas of emerging technology cited for 2011 are: Time to adoption: One Year or Less. Electronic Books. Mobiles.

Report: The Future of Digital Australia in 2025 and what Australians think

Ross Dawson

Click on the report cover image left to download the report. would love to hear your thoughts on the report.

Evidence for benefits: Towards Maturity Report

Clark Quinn

An organization that I cited in the Revolution book, Towards Maturity , has recently released their 2015-2016 Industry Benchmark Report , and it’s of interest to individuals and organizations looking for real data on what’s working, and not, in L&D. Included are some top level pointers for executives and L&D. strategy

Two Must Read Reports on Nonprofit Capacity Building

Beth Kanter

This post summarizes gems from both reports. The report offers a useful section called “Lenses to Focus and Inform Grantmaking.”

Report: Digital Storytelling for Social Impact

Beth Kanter

We saw a larger number of reports and publications out there on the topic, but most felt stale and too isolated to the nonprofit sector.

Everything You Need to Know About Social Business and Enterprise 2.0 in Three Short Reports

Andy McAfee

But the reports are still quite good. Reports of our findings have just been released under the heading “ When Social Meets Business Real Work Gets Done.” ” The three reports are short, but dense with useful facts, conclusions, and recommendations. That headline is, of course, a pathetic lie. The use of E2.0

2011 Social Media for Learning Report

Jane Hart

” This report is free for all paid members of The eLearning Guild. You can download it here

Reporting Social To Stakeholders

Beth Kanter

Reporting Social To Stakeholders: Guest Post by Meg Biallis. Report regularly and you will be rewarded. Carlman: “Report on learning.

Dr. Watson, Please Report to the Health Care System

Andy McAfee

And since Watson is constantly trolling the Web, he would perhaps bring to my attention a case report published the previous night in a Swedish journal describing a new interaction between two of the drugs my patient is taking. champion supercomputer , to the task of medical diagnosis. For the Jeopardy! Dr. Watson would then go to work.

Media reports its reaction as news…again

David Weinberger

And with headlines like the one in USAToday, the circle is complete: the media reporting on the media’s coverage as if they were actually reporting an event. Secret Service scandal eclipses Obama trip. That’s the headline in USAToday. The eclipse has only to do with how the media have chosen to cover the trip. Sheesh

ICTs in Higher Education Systems of Arab States: Promises and Effective Practices - A Summary Report

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Please take note that this is not the official UNESCO report of the forum, but only my personal report as invited international expert.

The social Web before social networks: a report from 2003

David Weinberger

The Web was social before it had social networking software. It just hadn’t yet evolved a pervasive layer of software specifically designed to help us be social. In 2003 it was becoming clear that we needed?—?and and were getting?—?a new class of application, unsurprisingly called “social software.” But what sort of sociality were we looking for?

Data Nerd Alert: Social Networking Benchmark Report 2012

Beth Kanter

Blackbaud, NTEN and Common Knowledge just released the fourth annual  2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report. Tweet It!]. Tweet It!].

Berlin cognitive science safari: report

Mind Hacks

So I’m back from my time in Berlin at the BMW Guggenheim Lab. Fortunately we have a heap of dedicated brain machinery to do this for us.

Indie reports on surprising structure of artists’ brains

Mind Hacks


Nonprofits Collect Lots of Data, But Most Don’t Use It Says NTEN/Idealware Report

Beth Kanter

These barriers that keep nonprofits from collecting data and identified in the report include:  data collection, expertise, time, and money.

2012 Philanthropy and Social Investment Industry Report Now Available

Beth Kanter

Every year, Lucy complies an annual list of Philanthropy buzz words and these are included in the report.   My favorite? for public good.

New Horizon Report: Alan Levine – Mindmap

Clark Quinn

This evening I had the delight to hear Alan Levine present the New Media Consortium’s New Horizon Report for 2011 to the ASTD Mt.

eBook 28

eLearning Guild Mobile Learning Research Report now available

Clark Quinn

The report is free for all paid members of the eLearning Guild, with plenty of other benefits. Check it out. mobile

Impressive startups! Report from PushStart Australian accelerator Demo Day

Ross Dawson

Incubators and accelerators are blossoming all over the world, with in Australia the seed accelerator space represented most prominently by StartMate , PushStart , and Melbourne-based AngelCube. wrote about the Australian accelerator scene  when PushStart was launched. expect to see more from this impressive crop of incubators.

Bread, Freedom, Social Justice: A report from Egypt

David Weinberger

Here is an email Nagla Rizk sent to the Berkman mailing list. I’m posting it with her permission. When we stormed the streets last January, we chanted “Aish, Horreya, Adala Egtema’eya” (“Bread, Freedom, Social Justice”). We knew exactly what we wanted: a better livelihood for all. Equally serious was the iron grip on freedom of expression.

Tech for Peace report

David Weinberger

You can download it here

New Mobile Report Out

Clark Quinn

I’m happy to report that the eLearning Guild has just released this year’s mobile learning research  report I authored for them (after doing the same last year).  It’s free if you’re already a paid member of the Guild, which has other benefits (e.g. mobile strategy

MOOC Research Initiative: Reports Released

George Siemens

I’m pleased to announce that the reports from the MOOC Research Initiative (MRI) are now available. In the spirit of useful science , each grantee was asked to provide a one sentence overview of their research findings. enjoyed working on this grant. The traditional method of exploring a knowledge domain takes years.

Report writing

Euen Semple

A friend recently had to produce a report at work. tight deadline caused significant stress, and an important topic meant that it felt like it mattered. So I dug out an old document I had been sent, copied the structure, and began attempting to fill it in with content as relevant to my topic as I could manage. Much of it was padding.

Attention #NPdataNerds: Report back from the first-ever Do Good Data Conference

Beth Kanter

Report back from the first-ever Do Good Data Conference by Julia Smith. loved that.”. right here. Data Guest Post

Rescuing The Reporters ? Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky

Speculative Post on the Idea of Algorithmic Authority » Rescuing The Reporters. During the talk, I ran through various strategies for funding local reporting, including an idea I first saw articulated by Steve Coll that reporters should become employees of non-profit entities. Locally reported news? Clay Shirky.

Report: Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency

Beth Kanter

Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency is a new  GrantCraft guide released  in collaboration with Glasspockets from the Foundation Center.

Reporting back for service

Dave Snowden

I'm in danger of having a whole month without blog posts, so just as August draws to a close I thought I had better get my act together!

Workshop report

Dave Snowden

An all day workshop today as a build in to the ARK KM conference here. good turn out, many people I know well plus some new people.

Report: The Future of Back-to-School

Ross Dawson

I am currently in Toronto to launch a report commissioned by Visa Canada on The Future of Back-to-School.

Circumvention Report

David Weinberger

Hal Roberts, Ethan Zuckerman, and John Palfrey have released a careful report they wrote in 2007 about the tools and techniques for circumventing filtering of sites. Responses from developers of the tools in question are included in the report.

[berkman] Zeynep Tufecki on the boom-and-bust cycle of social-media-fueled protests (with live reporting)

David Weinberger

Zeynep Tufecki [twitter: zeynep ] is giving a Berkman Tuesday Lunch talk titled “Gezi Park Protests & the Boom-Bust Cycle of Social Media Fueled Protest.” She is today presenting issues she is still working through. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Over-emphasizing small matters.

Why We Need the New News Environment to be Chaotic ? Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky

Pew recently reported that advertising revenue rebounded in 2010 for all forms of media, except newspapers. The intuition common to such proposals is that advertising revenues can no longer be relied on to fund serious reporting. When a paper fires reporters or closes outright, it further weakens that fabric. * * *. Clay Shirky.

News 47

Egypt: Cairo, tens of thousands of people protesting

Martijn Linssen

Traditional media are very quiet about it, not to say silent. Coffin. Who cares? Capgeminis comma-splice: results over people? Klout. Coffin.

[shorenstein] Farnaz Fassihi on Reporting from the Middle East

David Weinberger

I’m at a Shorenstein lunchtime talk where Farnaz Fassihi is giving a talk titled “Reporting from the Middle East.” As Pres.

A client report

Dave Snowden

This is a growing area of work for us with a lot of organisations frustrated by complex reports with lots of figures but no context. One of the things I like about this report is the mix of inductive and abductive results. It is familiar enough not to scare of the traditionalists while novel enough to show potential.

Google: "A place where it simply isn't efficient to act like an asshole.

Bob Sutton

Management maxims in need of a makeover - US News and World Report. just got off the phone with a reporter who was asking about Google, which topped Fortune's best place to work list for the third time.  Stanford Reports: The Acceptance Speech. Bob Sutton. Book Me For A Speech. Brightsight Group. Search. Again? Sutton.