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100 Twitter accounts for Philomaths (Lovers of Learning)

Jane Hart

Listed in alphabetical order, you probably won’t want to follow them ALL – but if you do, here is my ForPhilomaths Twitter list.

Technology Integration in K-12

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I was asked, I''m curious as to what you think the three most important things for new teachers to know about technology integration in k-12? 1. The exact technology doesn''t matter much, and has evolved over the years, from the days of email mailing lists, to community bulletin boards, to social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. 2.

On my 3rd Twitter birthday: 7 reasons Twitter is central to my life

Ross Dawson

Earlier today I noticed it’s three years since my life on Twitter began. It now seems strange to me that I was such a late starter compared to many other connected folk, given that Twitter is now so central to my life. Yes Twitter can be time-consuming. Here are 7 reasons why Twitter has become central to my life. 1.

Some Puzzling Questions about Innovation in the Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But now, digital technologies are making up for our cognitive limitations, augmenting our ability to solve tough problem and make complex decisions. 

Twitter Is Where Conversations Go To Die

Luis Suarez

What Twitter did, to use companies like Seesmic to grow and now killing them with their new API rules, is evil. Nobody reads Twitter anymore.

How technology is transforming events

Ross Dawson

One of my speaking bureau just asked me to provide them with a few quick ideas on how technology is changing events, as one of their key clients is having an internal meeting to discuss their future use of technology in events. Questions and discussion during events. Twitter network analysis of events – what’s possible?

Quora: Questions & Opinions not Questions & Answers

Dan Pontefract

So far I’ve answered a few questions, with both short and somewhat long answers, and I’ve reviewed in and around 50 different topics or threads.

Curating our personal technology configurations

Nancy White

(Crossposted on Technology for Communities and Network Weaving CoP ). What is a Technology Configuration? For example, see [link] ).

Digital Technologies for 21st Century Democracy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The focus for this year’s conference was Digital Technologies for 21st Century Democracy.  The panel was moderated by Beth Noveck , Professor of Law at the New York Law School , who until recently served in the White House as Deputy Chief Technology Officer and leader of the White House Open Government Initiative. Leaders shape polls. 

How to find great talent: 4 questions for Bloomberg View's George.

Dan Pink

Follow Dan on Twitter. Technology (7). In 4 questions you got to the heart of the matter and the answers are worth GOLD. Dan Pink.

Nonprofit Technology Training: Book List

Beth Kanter

You will find answers to questions like, “Why are some learning tasks easier in the morning or afternoon?” By Dave Meier.

List 16

[liveblog] Data & Technology in Government

David Weinberger

Part of the importance of this is that students at the Kennedy School are agitating for a much strong technology component to their education on the grounds that these days policy makers need to be deeply cognizant of the possibilities technology offers, and of the culture of our new technology development environment. FitBit).

Why progress matters: 6 questions for Harvard's Teresa Amabile.

Dan Pink

Follow Dan on Twitter. Technology (7). Dan Pink. Contact. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Video. Articles. Office Hours. Drive. Drive.

Are You Being Left Behind as Technology Ushers In a Whole New Approach to Philanthropy? #CoFLA

Beth Kanter

Are You Being Left Behind as Technology Ushers In a Whole New Approach to Philanthropy? Stanford PACS’ monthly charrette on questions.

RightsCon: The Promise and Peril of New Communications Technology

Beth Kanter

WITNESS has coordinated a panel tomorrow on visual media technologies and their intersection with human rights. Guest post by Sam Gregory.

Enterprise Twitter

Jay Cross

Like most old farts, I was reluctant to get into Twitter. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, invest two and a half minutes of your time here: If that’s not enough, here’s Twitter founder Jack Dorsey explaining how people and organizations are using Twitter. Twitter operates in real time.

eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology

Tony Karrer

eLearning Technology Tony Karrers eLearning Blog on e-Learning Trends eLearning 2.0 Heres his brief description: The particular course in question is approximately 2 hours of classroom soft skills training that needs to be delivered in an eLearning format. His question is whether this price is reasonable, high or worth raising a stink.

Four lessons learned from 12 years of blogging

Ross Dawson

There is no question that my blog has been central to my visibility and in turn the success of my work over the years. The process of putting into words your views about industry developments, technology, the future, or anything else requires you to structure your thoughts. Future of media Social media Twitter Uncategorized Web 2.0

Looking for talented editors/ writers / project managers / social media on cool tech, media, and future topics

Ross Dawson

If you have questions before applying you can use our contact form. We run a series of content websites on topics related to technology, media, and the future, among many other activities. Running the site’s social media, including Twitter and Facebook, to build relationships and visibility. We hope to find some awesome people!

Does the Big Question Make Sense Anymore?

Tony Karrer

I’ve been facilitating the Big Question on ASTD’s Learning Circuit’s blog since sometime in 2006. Last month’s big question was Instruction in a Information Snacking Culture? I've also noticed a trend towards more twitter mentions of blog posts, but less deep commenting behavior much less thoughtful blog responses.

Online Facilitation, Twitter, Backchannel and Keynotes | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

So inspired by Cliff Atkinson’s book “ The Back Channel ,&# I decided to integrate a Twitter tool into the slides and thus into the body of the talk, consciously breaking in and out of the audience. The content you can view through the artifacts below, so I’ll reflect on the Twitter backchannel experiment.

What Are Good Things About Having A Lousy Boss? - Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton

Learning to listen to others and to ask smart questions is more important. 5. 14. "Am I a success or a failure?" is not a very useful question. Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP). Center for Work, Technology and Organization. Dorf & Byers: Technology Ventures. Interesting question. Bob Sutton.

We can all make TV. Now what?

Doc Searls

Or buys Twitter, just to get Periscope and do the same? Whatever else happens, the rights clearing question gets very personal. How will we create the digital equivalents of the privacy technologies we call clothing, shelter, buttons, zippers, doors, windows, shades, blinds and curtains? Look where Meerkat and Periscope point.

12 Themes for 2012: what we can expect in the year ahead

Ross Dawson

Now our anonymity is compromised further through extraordinary advances in facial recognition technology. INSTITUTIONS IN QUESTION.

2015 top 10 tools for learning

Clark Quinn

Twitter: I am pointed to many amazing and interesting things via Twitter. Skype: the Internet Time Alliance maintains a Skype channel where we regularly discuss issues, and ask and answer each other’s questions. Mail: Apple’s email program, and email is another way I can ask questions or get help.

Tools 74

Etiquette for sharing

Harold Jarche

Twitter is full of links to other websites. Now Twitter has its own URL shortener – – that converts every link that is shared.

In Honour of Ada Lovelace

Dan Pontefract

She not only learns from the writing process, she may get a comment or question or two that helps to reinforce the learning. Back to Claire. Twitter

Steven Berlin Johnson « Literary Style By The Numbers | Main | OpenSocial » Twitter Okay, I caved. Im twittering. The interface is much cleaner and Twitter's apps don't work that great with Vista. Interface Culture : How New Technology Transforms the Way We Create and Communicate My first.

My Twitter Weekly Links Digest for 2011-07-17

Jane Hart

Google Plus Sucks (And Here’s Why) ~ LockerGnome Social Media & Technology [link] <I’m tending to agree with this #. One Million Registered Twitter Apps [link] via @ twitter #. Twitter is the newest tool for self-published stories, from FastCompany [link] #. Ask a question and win a book. Tweet.

Twitter as Search Engine or Community Seed

Nancy White

Twitter as a search engine. The question always comes up “why would we be interested in something like Twitter. is right!

The Startup Version of the Wealth Gap

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Last month I read an article in Newsweek by technology author and columnist Kevin Maney , Tech Bubble? What’s going on? 

Earth to Mozilla: Come back home

Doc Searls

Google is nearly worthless when shopping for items that don’t involve technology. We need to find our soul and our spirit.” Stop it.

Jive 112

TV 3.0

Doc Searls

In  The TV in the Snake of Time , I examined that question at some length: Television is deeply embedded in pretty much all developed cultures by now.

It’s 2013. Why are we still in login hell?

Doc Searls

The only reason I attempted to use Twitter in this case was that AdAge appeared to remember me that way. infrastructure problems Technology

Are we addicted to the notification of notifications?

Dan Pontefract

You ask a question. He asks you to repeat the question because in his words he “ didn’t hear the point you were trying to make.”.

Models for Learning Questions

Tony Karrer

Questions There were some great questions during the session. So, I would agree that new technologies is less the issue. Yammer (internal twittering) is almost impossible to explain to someone who has no experience with any social networking (and probably not with anything more than email lists). Great question.

Will Content Blocking push Apple into advertising’s wheat business?

Doc Searls

Sources said that effort faltered, and Apple decided to partner with ad tech companies like AdRoll and The Rubicon Project to compete with mobile ad giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter. advertising marketing problems Research Technology VRM ad blocking adtech Apple content blocking iad tracking blockingPlain and simple.

How do you sign an e-book? | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Follow Dan on Twitter. Technology (7). You sign in — for free — with your Twitter account. Dan Pink. Contact. Video.

eBook 21

Twitter Brings Lower Quality Clicks

Tony Karrer

Richard Hoeg points out that for his blog Twitter = High Visits But Low Conversion. For Fred Wilson, he gets pretty huge twitter traffic.

How PR is as bad is it ever was

Doc Searls

In 2013 – Beginning Of The End For PR Boomers , David Bray actually says this… The media landscape is evolving rapidly, and baby boomers are about to be left behind because of their inability to keep up with technology and the changing times. Business Internet Journalism Personal problems TechnologyNo Peabody. No Heismann.