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Social Bookmarks

Clark Quinn

for Learning Professionals Course is starting and the topic is Social Bookmarks. also saw that several people have posted slideshare presentations embedded into the forums. It's fun to have a group that is partly experience and partly new with social learning going on. The second week of our Web 2.0 Great stuff.

Corporate Social Bookmarking Tools

Tony Karrer

I was just asked on twitter about use social bookmarking tools that work behind the firewall. thought I had blogged about this before, but I'm not finding the post. Good comparisons of these? originally included: Jive Software - because I thought they had it, but it appears they don't

Introduction to Wikis, Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and RSS

Tony Karrer

As background for an upcoming presentation, I wanted to create a page that provides background resources that explain various eLearning 2.0

1,000+ Learning & Performance Tools

Jane Hart

Presentation Tools. SOCIAL TOOLS. Social & Collaboration Spaces. Public Social Networks. Curation & Social Bookmarking Tools. Social learningLooking for some new ideas for tools to support your work? Want to add or amend a tool’s details? You can do so  here. Please share your own.

Tools 109

Thoughts on my ASTD TK07 Sessions - Social Bookmarking and Blogging

Tony Karrer

He took a picture of me while I was presenting one of my sessions without me knowing (on the left). think people really saw the potential.

PKM as pre-curation

Harold Jarche

Content curation is NOT the same as social sharing, reposting/retweeting, liking or favoring a specific content item. for a specific audience.

PKM 102

Why PKM?

Harold Jarche

Have you ever had to write a briefing note, white paper, or give a presentation to your colleagues? think of it as a short-term memory helper.

PKM 76

Ask what value you can add

Harold Jarche

There is a similar phenomenon with social media. shared this tag when the occasion arose. I did not post every time I created a new bookmark.

My Top Tools 2014

Harold Jarche

SENSE. 6 (new): MorgueFile: is a great source for copyright free photos to use in presentations. Voting closes on 21 September.

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Top 10 Tools for Learning

Harold Jarche

Jane Hart is asking for submissions to her annual Top 100 Tools for Learning. Please vote, in the next 10 days, before it closes for another year.

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my pkm story

Harold Jarche

In addition, I played with several feed readers (currently Feedly) and a series of social bookmark platforms (Furl; Magnolia; Delicious; Diigo).

PKM 116


Jay Cross

In his keynote presentation at Online Educa Berlin last week, Howard Rheingold emphasized co-learning. Peeragogy walks its talk. Others are not.

FAQ 88

Network Learning: Working Smarter

Harold Jarche

Social learning is about getting things done in networks. Sensing: Validating, Synthesizing, Presenting, and Customizing. EverNote).


Harold Jarche

Presentation (making information understandable through visualization or logical presentation). Management – getting things done.

2.0 is a philosophy, not a technology

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Social                  SharePoint 2010, eRoom/Documentum. Social                  Mentoring/ coaching. Social                  Websites? Social                  Books? Social                  Collaborative projects. Social                  Wikis. Social                  Blogs (written/ video).

IBM’s Lotusphere 2011 Highlights – People-Centric vs. Content-Centric by Louis Richardson

Luis Suarez

rather interesting and insightful read that would help you understand further where his  #ls11 presentation is coming from. Look no further.

What tools should we learn?

Harold Jarche

Social Bookmarks. Perhaps the simplest way to start sharing organisational knowledge is with social bookmarks. Blogs.

Open Business – From Document-Centric to People-Centric Collaboration

Luis Suarez

Lately, I have been thinking quite a bit around the topic of Social / Open Business Transformation. To quote: . People become unnecessary.

Active sense-making

Harold Jarche

could have saved interesting tweets to my social bookmarks but instead I decided to do a weekly review of what I had found.

Lessons from an early MOOC

Harold Jarche

In September 2008, Michele Martin , Tony Karrer and I hosted a 6-week open professional development program on social media. Social Bookmarks.

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Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking – Twitter For Business

Luis Suarez

Will Social Software follow the same trend? Welcome to Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking! … No?

#OEB14 Rheingold, Lewin, Stevenson

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

These are summary notes of the presentations at Online Educa Berlin, 2014. If the text uses the first person, it is the presenter speaking, not me. Social learning is what makes us human. It''s also more social - learning has been more and more peer-to-peer and not just listening to the teacher. billion in 2018. But wait.

Social Business Begins by Unleashing Your Business Talent

Luis Suarez

the huge amount of hidden talent of your workforce by empowering them to make best use of social software tools! That’s right!

Working online is different

Harold Jarche

give more presentations online than I do in-person and I must say that online presenting has some real advantages – backchannels; ability to send links; engaged participants who can help others; etc. With volcanic ash grounding most flights in northern Europe, I’ve been thinking about web conferencing and distributed work.

SharePoint Social Learning Experience

Tony Karrer

for Marketing – Social Learning Experience The concept is probably easiest to understand by considering what HP did around their course on Web 2.0

Social Software Adoption

Tony Karrer

Not surprising, the terms most closely associated with Adoption are Adoption of Social Software and Adoption of Enterprise 2.0. and eLearning 2.0

Social Media Workshop Notes

Harold Jarche

As promised, here are the follow-up notes & links from yesterday’s social media workshops in Miramichi. PKM social bookmarks. Presentation slides (this is one large file of slides from both presentations). Social Media Marketing. The Social Media Business Plan. Personal Knowledge Management.

A personal learning journey

Harold Jarche

forecast ( 2009 ) that PKM would be an essential part of workplace learning by 2019, but it now seems that will happen much earlier in many sectors with the cheap abundance of social learning tools. Work and learning will continue to blend while stand-up training will be challenged by the ever-present back channel.

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

Last week I presented a session at ASTD TechKnowledge entitled eLearning 2.0 - Applications and Implications. Question 1 - What are the most likely ways / places your organization might or does use Blogs, Wikis, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking or Collaboration Tools? It could just as easily have been called Web 2.0

Social media workshops

Harold Jarche

I will be presenting two 1/2 day workshops on Thursday, 25 March in Miramichi, NB. Please pass this on to people in the area who might need an introduction to social media, without any hype or sales pitch. Workshop #1: Social media for training & education (9:00 AM to noon). There is a $10 fee to cover refreshments.

Social Learning Examples

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

At DevLearn, many people lamented the difficulty of explaining the benefits of social media to their managers and peers. learning applications.

Top 100 eLearning Items

Tony Karrer

Introducing The Conversation Prism eLearning Trends 2007 and 2008 TechCrunch White Label Social Networking Platforms Chart How to Insert YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentations LinkedIn Tips and Tweaks: Do More with your LinkedIn Account Introduction to Wikis, Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and RSS Corporate Policies on Web 2.0


Curator Editor Research Opportunities on eLearning Learning

Tony Karrer

Everyone and Social Signals The second very important group is Everyone. I've discussed some details of this in Social Filtering.

ASTD TechKnowledge 2007 - Opening Sessions

Tony Karrer

I'll soon be doing a session on Blogging and Social Bookmarking for Personal and Group Learning. What a great setup for my presentation. I'm at the opening session at ASTD TechKnowledge ( [link] ). Tony Bingham, President of ASTD, is doing his introduction, and his content is: Web 2.0, Thanks Tony. Thorton May is now up.

Work Literacy Launch

Tony Karrer

This venture comes partly from my experiences doing presentations, workshops, blogging around eLearning 2.0. When discussing new(ish) tools like blogs and social bookmarking, and discussing things like advanced search techniques, there's a gap in knowledge work skills. In fact, we all have blind spots. Why is that?

eLearning 2.0 Random Thoughts based on Chat

Tony Karrer

Going back through the back chat / back channel during my presentation was really interesting to me. Since I couldn't read it at the same time I was presenting, it was amazing how much conversation was going on among the participants. presentation were much more sophisticated that audiences at ASTD, ISPI and even the eLearningGuild.

Social Media Planning and Evaluation for NGOs | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Social Media Strategy Planning & Measurement – What’s Working? Social media, however, is like a river you swim in.

Social tools for networks

Harold Jarche

For example: Social bookmarks let me tag and search a wide array of bookmarks and by making them public they are shared with others, but through no extra effort on my part. The major obstacle to social learning (and working) today is the IT department and it’s time that management takes back control of information sharing.

Revolution in Workplace Learning

Tony Karrer

The workshop description is: A Revolution in Workplace Learning Tools such as blogs, wikis, social networks, social bookmarking, and RSS readers are revolutionizing formal and informal workplace learning. expert on using technology to improve human performance, he is a sought-after presenter on eLearning 2.0 and his Ph.D.

I Know It When I See It

Andy McAfee

Established vendors of collaboration software are modifying their offerings and repositioning them as social software platforms that have all the features and functions necessary to support the new modes of interacting and getting work done. Social Media provides the bridge to cross that chasm. product?&# So who’s right?  McAfee.