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Twitter for Learning: The Past, Present and Future

Jane Hart

Twitter turned 9 on 21 March. I’ve been on Twitter since March 2008. Social learning

Ancient present

Doc Searls

Reality 2.0 was my original blog: a pile of stuff I wrote before there were blogs. All of it is old now, but some of it still rings new, connects to what has happened since then, or is going on now. Since Reality 2.0 is deep in the basement, I’ve decided to surface some old pieces that might be interesting, for whatever reason.

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International MOOCs Past and Present

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour , a venture born out of the University of New South Wales ( UNSW ) in Sydney, Australia. Starting this week, you can begin taking two of their courses ( Observing and Analysing Performance in Sport & Services Marketing – The Next Level ). University of Western Australia. SpanishMooc ? Germany. Run by DW Akademie.

2011 Top 100 Tools List and Presentation finalised

Jane Hart

The final list and presentation is available… Read the rest. Yesterday, I finalised the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 list. In the last few days of voting there was a surge of contributions (both online and by email) that brought the number of contributions to 531. Social learning

List 117

A few recent presentations

George Siemens

Haugesund. Canadian School of Public Service


Presentations: MOOC Research Initiative

George Siemens

This past week, in preparation for our upcoming MOOC research conference ( early bird registration ends Oct 31 ), I held two online presentations on a) MOOC Research Initiative (a review of literature, research themes) and b) Lessons MOOCs can learn from online education. Slides and recordings are below. MOOC Research Initiative.

The ideal Christmas present for your staff …

Jane Hart

Are you are looking for a Christmas present for one of your staff? Then why not give them a gift voucher that can be redeemed for a place of their choice on one of the pubic online workshops facilitated by Harold Jarche or me at The Connected Workplace Consultancy in 2014. Here is the schedule [.]. Social learning

Payment Technologies: Past, Present and Future

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

I was reminded of this dictum when recently attending a very interesting workshop, Payment Technologies: Past Present and Future.

Keynote at TheNextWeb: The future is motion graphic presentations

Ross Dawson

For many years I have wanted to create an entirely moving graphic presentation. Please let me know in the comments if you’ve seen one.

Video 81

Presentations I’ve recently enjoyed watching

George Siemens

The number of lectures and presentations freely available online provide great opportunities for professional development.

Managing the situated present

Dave Snowden

Key to it is the idea of managing the situated present. That simple phrase packs a lot of meaning and potential. As such you have more freedom.

Improving Your Presentation Skills – Part Deux

Luis Suarez

Delivering captivating presentations is a gift, and a skill that needs constant fine tuning, nurturing, learning and maturing over time. It is.

Open presentations on MOOCs and MOOC Research Initiative

George Siemens

Several presentations this next week that might be of interest to readers: 1. Daily presentations starting Oct 21 on MOOCs, OERs, open access, libraries, and more. This presentation will provide a timeline of the development of the MOOC Research Initiative, its goals, the review and selection process, and lessons learned.

The Business Value of Serendipity: Improving Your Presentation Skills

Luis Suarez

Yes, of course, I am talking about learning plenty more about killer presentation skills. View more presentations from

7 Ways to Kill Your Presentation and How to Fix Them

Luis Suarez

Seven ways to kill your presentation from Jeanne Trojan. Presentation tips from the pros from Jeanne Trojan. What can you do then? .

Productivity Tips on Presentations: Inform, Inspire and Motivate

Luis Suarez

Whatever happened to all of those meetings, events, presentations, seminars, workshops, etc. Seriously. That’s a huge problem. No slides.

Social & Collaborative Learning in the Workplace: the presentation #socolearn

Jane Hart

Today I gave a webinar presentation on Social & Collaborative Learning. Below is the slideset I made available on Slideshare, but if you would like to read the slide notes and get the links to further resources, you will find them here: Social & Collaborative Learning in the Workplace. Social learning

Internet Time Alliance Insights: the presentation

Jane Hart

ITA Insights 2012. When Mark Britz tweeted about this slideset, he said. mark britz (@britz) January 25, 2012. Social learning

[VIDEO] The world’s first full motion-graphics presentation

Ross Dawson

I have for many years intended to develop a full motion graphics presentation. Below is a video of the keynote’s visual presentation.

Video 28

Narrowing Gap between Face-to-Face and Online Presentations

Tony Karrer

It seems that face-to-face and online presenting are becoming more similar. Some aspects: Wireless access is becoming more common in places where presentations occur. A larger percentage of the audience these days brings a laptop to presentations and it seems that the factor of Laptop Distraction is quieting down.

Presentation to UNCTAD's Advisory Group on "Developing skills, knowledge and capacities through innovation: E-Learning, M-Learning, cloud-Learning"

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Web course tools, then became mechanisms for collecting, packaging, and presenting these. And there is a lot of talk about the need of the instructor to be present, with the interaction between the student and instructor, or a student and a team of teaching assistants, or whatever. Learning. Learning. Indeed, e?learning year program.

2011: My year in blog posts, presentations and other resources

Jane Hart

Today, I take a look at some the key moments of my own year in terms of resources, blog posts and presentations I have produced. January.

Noodling on my fOSSa presentation

Nancy White

What is fOSSa? The third edition will address in an open-minded style about. what tech people are actually doing and innovating? ” Yum.

Some Thoughts About Remote Presentations: Mekong ICT Camp

Beth Kanter

I was invited to present a key note at the Mekong ICT Camp in Thailand about nonprofits, social media, and measurement. Photo by Be Chandra.

Remote Sex: the perfect Valentine’s Day present

Ross Dawson

Our online magazine explores this fascinating aspect of the intersection of technology and society. The rise of our connected world has implications that reach into almost every aspect of our lives. Here is our press release: Remote sex – how distant lovers can still be intimate this Valentine’s Day. link]. link]. Interviews.

Call for Presenters: Conference on Volunteering and Service

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Whether you are planning to present at a conference or deliver a one-day workshop, the secret to success is in good design.

Unstartling presentation

David Weinberger

I fell for an ad today because it promised to tell me four startling things that happen to you before you get a heart attack. The video , which has no pause or fast forward button, is a grating infomercial, with a heavy emphasis on the “mercial.” The discomfort can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness, or pain.

Internet Time Blog » Upcoming presentations

Jay Cross

From “Command & Control” to Encourage & Engage”: the presentation

Jane Hart

Here’s the presentation Today, I am speaking a LearningLive in Birmingham. The topic of my session is “From managing and controlling learning, to enabling and supporting learning&#. I am going to be talking about the ideas in my last two posting: Social learning doesn’t mean what you think it means – Part 1 and Part 2.

Presentation from iPad Strategy Workshop at Newspaper Publishers Association

Ross Dawson

Here are the slides from opening presentation, as promised: iPad Strategy Workshop at Newspaper Publishers Association Future Forum View more presentations from rossdawson. The iPad Strategy Workshop at Newspaper Publishers Association Future Forum was a big success.

Protected: Conference Board Presentation

Jay Cross

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: Working Smarter Workscaping

Future Mobile Learning

Nancy White

Changing Technology from 1996 View more presentations from Judy Brown. What did I miss? Please add other projects in the comments.

NineShift 2016 Presentation Packs the Hall

Nine Shift

"I wanted to congratulate you on an excellent NineShift presentation. The annual all-new NineShift presentation, this year in New Orleans, drew a packed room for our latest new prediction about The Coming Building Boom. O'Brien, who sat in the front row for maybe his last NineShift presentation before retiring.

The future of events: technology to make presentations interactive and social

Ross Dawson

However many conferences still sport essentially the same format as ever, a series of people presenting on a stage in front of a passive audience. Technology eenables us to re-conceive what a presentation is and can be. A very few speakers and presentations merit 45 minutes. It needn’t be this way.

Conversation, not presentation

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

I intend to propose conversations in lieu of presentations whenever the opportunity presents itself. In time, others joined in.

eRealities Online Presentation – Magic Moments

Nancy White

I was able to be really present. View more presentations from Nancy White. View more presentations from Nancy White. To listen.

No Agile Gospel please, just give me Enlightenment

Martijn Linssen

Presentation and content hardly ever go along 2010-2020: The Great Divide Twitter, just show us the algorithm - please? Business or Pleasure? -

Nonlinear presentation tool

Dave Gray

I just discovered this very interesting presentation tool which is being developed in Budapest.

Upcoming presentations

Jay Cross

Fall 2008 CLO Symposium. Measuring Success: Learning’s Positive Impact on Business. September 24-26, 2008, Del Coronado, San Diego. I plan to talk about the ROI of informal learning. Future of Talent. October 12-14, 2008. All professional events should feel like this! This will be my fourth year as faculty. Hero Camp. October 23-27, 2008. Houston.


Phoenix conference - opening presentation

Dave Snowden

First day session at Phoenix and I did a basic presentation. Slides here and no major new things for people familiar with this blog. Slide 3 has some new summary material which covers the following: The importance of the See-Attend-Act model of sense-making. Complexity is all about obliquity, dealing with problems indirectly.