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PAR Framework: Learning Analytics as a Service for Higher Ed

Ellen Wagner

The SSM X makes it possible to organize the wide variety of student supports – from orientation to mentoring to advising – into a systematic validated framework designed to quantify the impact of student success practices and determine the best support for students at the point of need.  higher education to inform practice and policy.

The #OEB14 Debate: Is Data Corrupting Education?

Ellen Wagner

Online Educa Berlin is a major international gathering of online/elearning/distance learning/mobilized/datified learning innovators. Absolutely.

Data 19

When I realized how easy is was to get started with learning analytics, I laughed out loud

Ellen Wagner

How much of a priority is solving the problem you identified going to be for others in your organization? Who I''ve always wanted to write a headline like that.  . If you are like me, any link suggesting that learning analytics can be easy is worth a quick look. Even if only to sneer at the temerity of whoever would say that. So, Here we go.

Big Data, Learner Analytics and Reflections on Student Success, Redux

Ellen Wagner

But at a more systemic level, the ability to leverage insights to anticipate opportunities for optimizing effectiveness will be one of the key attributes demonstrated by data-savvy organizations and enterprises. PAR’s definitions have been cited in  IMS Global’s Caliper specification ,  and in  Unizen’s  organizing documentation.

Competing in today's "ID-cathelon"

Ellen Wagner

Particularly during times when we are going to see a lot or organization change, where those who thrive will be those who are relevant for the demands of the day, and can flex to anticipate the needs for tomorrow. When organizations need to restructure, reorganize or resize, it is really important for contributors to demonstrate value.

The Great ID Debate

Ellen Wagner

How far outside the lines can you color in your organization before the line of business folks start reeling you in? Metatag your content so that everyone in your organization can find it. On March 12, Dr. Curt Bonk and I are going to be featured debaters at the eLearning Guild Annual Gathering's ID Zone in Orlando, Florida. IT skills?

IDs - It's time for some seriously tough love

Ellen Wagner

organized my thought enough so that I posted a blog about it. The best thing about this week's eLearning Guild's Annual Gathering (AG09) for me is that it brings practitioners together for the ultimate social networking experience. This was my "ID (Instructional Designer) Moment" year. He'd prepared a list. Manager of the LMS. Trainer. level. 


Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Quoted at length from Self-organization of complex, intelligent systems: an action ontology for transdisciplinary integration , Francis Heylighen , Integral Review : A mobilization system would combat this confused and unproductive way of acting by redirecting effort in the most efficient way at the most important issues.

The post-hierarchical organization

Harold Jarche

With an external environment that is highly connected, organizations have to get connected inside. Hierarchies are good for command and control.

self-organization is the future

Harold Jarche

It all hinges on individuals taking control of their learning, and organizations giving up control. ” – Isaac Asimov.

Lateral Organizations

Harold Jarche

Lateral organizations, or more egalitarian structures, have been the exception. He speculated that it was a fragile form. Wirearchy

Creating the AAA Organization

Harold Jarche

They need to both work in their hierarchy and in a self-organizing network simultaneously ! – Valdis Krebs, Orgnet. – Jon Husband.

Why Organizations Don’t Learn

Jay Cross

Where organic, bottom-up meets corporate top-down. The resemblance of their suggestions and the content of Real Learning is uncanny. India.

Networked individuals trump organizations

Harold Jarche

As hyperlinks subvert hierarchy , so does work fragmentation subvert organizations. Stowe Boyd. – Ross Dawson.

Organizing Talent

Harold Jarche

The opposite of ‘routine’ is ‘original’ Labour is routine. Talent is original. Labour is viewing humans as resources.

Reinventing Organizations – Review

Harold Jarche

What is a “Teal Organization”? Evolutionary purpose: let the organization adapt and grow, not be driven. That’s it.

Review 104

Calling Frederic Laloux Of Reinventing Organizations

Dan Pontefract

Dear Frederic, I read your book, Reinventing Organizations. 31 May, 2015. Regardless, there are parts of your book I rather enjoyed.

Building the network era organization

Harold Jarche

Part of the shift that organizations will have to make in the network era will be not only to add new dimensions, but to retrieve some old ones.

The Human-Centered Organization

Clark Quinn

While I want L&D to lead the way (as those are the folks I know), it’s really about leading the way to an organization that’s aligned with  us , with people. The point being, as we reorganize work to tap into the best of us, we’re creating organizations that are humane in a very specific, and hopefully deep, sense.

Organize for Complexity

Harold Jarche

” Well I think Niels has answered much of that question himself, in his recent book Organize for Complexity.

no organization is an island

Harold Jarche

Organizations are alive when people can exert their autonomy in ethical practice. The organization must be alive. No Man is an Island.

The Rise of the T-Shaped Organization

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The growing demand for T-shaped skills points to the rise of the  T-shaped organization.  Brown offers a very good answer to these questions. 

self-organization and self-reflection

Harold Jarche

That is when it dawned on us that here was the self-organizing plural sector in action. call these Friday’s Finds. So how do we do that?

The Coherent Organization

Jay Cross

This post continues an ongoing conversation about The Coherent Organization. The article describes The Coherent Organization , the Internet Time Alliance ‘s shorthand for a company where individuals are aligned with the organizational mission and information flows from outside in and back again in ways that accelerate work.

the keystone of the intelligent organization

Harold Jarche

The intelligent organization is based on a simple structure that has the flexibility to deal with complex situations.

organizations are people

Harold Jarche

” 8 Symptoms Of Organizations On The Cusp Of Change by @MarkRaheja. call these Friday’s Finds. That is entirely up to us. Friday's Finds

Perhaps the Purpose of an Organization?

Dan Pontefract

The yin-yang relationship between an engaged organization and an impeccable level of customer service just might be the new purpose of an organization.

Creating More Intelligent Organizations

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

organize these collaborations and enhance them with innovative IT-based. collaborating via the Internet, in order to understand how to best.

The Organization as a Cycling Peloton

Dan Pontefract

This got me thinking about one of my favourite personal passions (cycling) and our corporate organizations. What’s a peloton? Do You?

Organizing for diversity and complexity

Harold Jarche

It comes down to the fact that what we know and do inside our organizations is insufficient to address external complexity or to be innovative.

The new shape of organizations?

Clark Quinn

As I read more about how to create organizations that are resilient and adaptable, there’s an interesting emergent characteristic. While I haven’t had a chance to think about it at scale, like how it would manifest in a large organization, it certainly bears some strengths. What say you? itashare. social strategy

Leadership, Connectivity, Execution, Organization

Harold Jarche

Metaphors that provide the common mental frameworks for our organizations are also powerful tools. Focus is on Doing, not Goals.

Organizations, work, and learning

Harold Jarche

They cover the main themes of organizations, work, and learning, that I have been discussing on this blog since 2004. Management in networks.

A guide to complexity and organizations

Harold Jarche

Special Edition Paper – Organize for Complexity, part I+II from Niels Pflaeging. If you know nothing about complexity, read this.

From organizing and managing learning to supporting self-organized and self-managed learning

Jane Hart

How does your organization view the L&D role? Learning delivery in a constantly changing work environment is an outdated notion.

The learning organization: an often-described, but seldom-observed phenomenon

Harold Jarche

The real barrier to systemic change, such as becoming a learning organization, is command & control management. ” W. Image: E.

Learning in Organizations Community

Jay Cross

Last night I wrote the members: You’re one of 1,797 members of the Learning in Organizations Community on Google Plus. Why not? Maybe.

10 Insights to Create a Connected and Engaged Organization

Dan Pontefract

hope you can utilize it in the organization where you currently work. Big thanks to Moe Abdou and team.

How technology is enabling the humanity of organizations

Ross Dawson

But on a deeper level technology is becoming enmeshed in the humanity in the organization, which was never the case before.

Why People Leave Organizations

Kevin Wheeler

Professor David Finegold and Senior Research Scientist Susan Mohrman, at the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California presented a paper in the Spring of 2001 at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland entitled: What Do Employees Really Want? Rewards based, in part, on how well the organization performs.