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ROI and Metrics in eLearning

Tony Karrer

I'm working on an article around the use of ROI and metrics in eLearning. I did a quick search for resources and here's what I found. This level of evaluation will increase the visibility of learning and development efforts, because successful implementation of Level 3 evaluation Internet Time Blog: ROI is toast. ROI is toast.

Not Your Father’s ROI

Jay Cross

Productivity in a Networked era: Not Your Father’s ROI. But like Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles, old-school ROI’s day in the sun is waning.

ROI 56

Relevance Trumps ROI

Jay Cross

Then generalize from talking to the sample of people to the whole organization.”. And if it’s not, they shouldn’t be doing it,” he said.

ROI 31

UX Metrics for Noobs and Skeptics: An Interview With Richard Dalton

Adaptive Path

And yet, without understanding the quantifiable effects, it’s very difficult to know or show what impact user experience is having in an organization. So I guess it’s time for me to learn more about UX metrics. MX: Managing Experience Management ROI/Business ValueAnd that’s important. Good numbers.

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Measure what’s important

Jay Cross

Because they’ve learned a narrow view of Return on Investment, namely ROI as seen through the eyes of a bank loan officer. Tom Stewart.

Jay’s new book on learning metrics

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

This takes more than jargon and metrics. If you can do that, convincing your organization shouldn’t be a problem. 189 pages, $19.99

High time for ROI

Jay Cross

Scouts live by metrics. Issue: What are the biggest mistakes in installing HR metrics? ROI is the answer. He asked how you measure the performance of the learning organization. The conversation in the room implied there was one best way to measure ROI. economy would be going down the toilet? Now it’s a science.


How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (4)

Jay Cross

Is your organization ready? Where does your organization fit on the progression from Hierarchical Organization to Collaborative Organization?

Playtime is Over: Reflecting on 2015’s Service Experience Conference

Adaptive Path

Some organizations recognize this and seek out service design as a way to create that vision, innovate, or disrupt. Service design has matured.

Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy

Beth Kanter

In fact, 80% of respondents said video is important to their organization today, 91% believe video will become more important in the next 3 years, and.

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What is stopping companies from measuring learning: Skillsets, datasets, toolsets or mindsets?

Dawn of Learning

In short, learning and development organizations and departments are suffering from an analytics crisis. And this is a high-stakes issue.

January 2014Nonprofit Blog Carnival: Measurement and Learning

Beth Kanter

The only way to do that is to benchmark against your organization’s performance or peer organizations. Pick Metrics. Mobile.

Dear C-Suite: We Don’t Do Training Anymore

Dan Pontefract

In 2012, Peter Aceto, the President and CEO of ING DIRECT – a Canadian bank with 1.78 Two points come to mind from that speech.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Community 2.0

John Hagel

This is especially a problem for large companies seeking to organize virtual communities. What are relevant operational metrics? ItR.

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Pushing back

Clark Quinn

You can help them here, doing some business consulting on ROI for them. This may be the path that starts getting your contribution to the organization to start being strategic. In a recent debate with my colleague on the Kirkpatrick model, our host/referee asked me whether I’d push back on a request for a course. design strateg

ROI 57

My top 10 favourite resources from February

Jane Hart

” 4 -  Relevance trumps ROI , Jay Cross, 15 February 2012. They happen below the surface. They are essentially the wrong measures.”

Data Nerd Alert: Donors Who Give Through Multiple Channels Give the Most

Beth Kanter

This illustrates that the ROI of online engagement should not solely be measured by giving online. Guest Post By Dennis McCarthy is Convio’s.

Data 27

Intangibles matter

Jay Cross

Cross then goes on to make the point about the way outcomes are measured; “First, the metrics that people have been using for the past 30 years— using accounting measures—are totally ridiculous. The ROI stuff is totally bogus and organizations shouldn’t waste their time on it. Tags: Metrics of organizational learning

Open Business – The Narrative vs. The Ruthless Measurement

Luis Suarez

Oh, metrics, what would we do without you in the business world, right? Social Analytics. Don’t you just love it? To quote: . Well, wrong.

Decisions, decisions. Business decisions.

Jay Cross

Jay Cross examines decision making on learning at work, and gives the lie to some myths about the use of business metrics. Knowledge Workers.

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

Jay Cross

The accelerating rate of change in business forces everyone in every organization to make a choice: learn while you work or become obsolete.

eBook 45

My Conversation With Eric Ries on the benefits of Lean Start Up Principles for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

Funders that ask for ROI to soon create a bad dynamic for innovation.  Venture capitalists fund start up businesses.  Here’s the method.  

Interview with Margret Schmidt, VP of User Experience Design and Research at TiVo (Part 3)

Adaptive Path

Once the redesign was complete, we immediately jumped into the metrics to figure out what needed to be tweaked, and then launched further updates to the home page, “What is TiVo?&# , and “Shop&# based on what what was working, and what wasn’t. Do you have any metrics for which you must deliver? million to 3.5 million.


Social Media Planning and Evaluation for NGOs

Nancy White

Organizations working with limited bandwidth want to block applications to prioritize internet use. Dutch perspective on ROI.

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Convert ILT to eLearning - Estimating

Tony Karrer

How will the finished product be implemented within the organization? Does the organization use a learning management system (LMS)? I received an inquiry from a reader and I'm hoping that people can chime in on their thoughts. It relates to my post about eLearning Costs , which bases cost estimates on seat time of the eLearning course.

Social Media Planning and Evaluation for NGOs | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

Organizations working with limited bandwidth want to block applications to prioritize internet use. What about the new ?) Amen to that!

CLO Symposium

Jay Cross

“Nobody cares about internal metrics.” “Finance destroys organizations. What was Columbus’s ROI?”

ROI 15

What Are the Chances of Pragmatic Pathways for Social Business?

Luis Suarez

However, these social technologies can’t just be simply inserted in today’s organizations. To quote her: . Of course it is! Indeed!


Harold Jarche

Or, more likely, it accrues to other organizations or networks who HAVE figured out how to trust each other. I’ve referred several times to articles at the Trusted Advisor because trust is such an important factor in knowledge work as knowledge and innovation cannot be effectively coerced from workers. But business eats it up.


Why Your Nonprofit Should Be A Big Listener

Beth Kanter

Their team also leads attention campaigns, informed by data and inspired by online conversations. Listening beyond a brand, a program or a campaign.

Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Wasting Talent

John Hagel

Besides, I like the symmetry with the new measures of ROA and ROI mentioned earlier.) So metrics need to give a view of the full portfolio.

Businesses must assess the quality of learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

On the organization’s income statement, however, the good, the bad, and the ugly learning experiences all look the same: they are costs.


Edge Perspectives with John Hagel: Mastering New Marketing Practices

John Hagel

Redefine marketing strategy These shifts have broad implications in terms of marketing strategy, branding and marketing performance metrics.

Financial Investment

Tony Karrer

Should learning organizations make a financial investment in new forms of learning? ROI and Metrics in eLearning eLearning Technology.


[from gminks] Social Learning Measurement : eLearning Technology

Tony Karrer

like what Kevin Jones talked about in Objection #13: How Do You Measure ROI? Rachel Happe suggested some measurements of ROI. A lot of them are for environments that face the customer, but some are for internal. always like to work on project where there are clear metrics that are the focus at the end of day (see Data Driven ).

State of Assessment by E-Learning Developers

Tony Karrer

11% said they did NO evaluation 26% said they did Level 1 smile sheets 48% said they measured Level 2 learning 15% said they measured Level 3 on-the-job performance 0% said they measured Level 4 business results (or ROI) His discussion further points out that doing Level 2 assessment immediately at the end of training (i.e., Among them.

Connectivism & Connected Knowledge

Jay Cross

People self-organized in their prefered spaces. Did we change the world? Not yet. All in all. Thanks to both of them for furthering the cause!


Quotes from 2010

Harold Jarche

Organizations & Management. Metrics. Organizations not engaged in real-time sensemaking are going to find themselves getting Dumb and Dumber” by Jeff Jonas (& others). charlesjennings “ROI on social learning? Tweet I found many quotes this past year, especially via Twitter. NetworkLearning. JaneBozarth. skap5.

Time Is Money

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

The sooner workers are productive, the larger their contribution to the organization. The time-to-performance metric takes this into account.

Let's just call it what it's a brand name.not learning

Mark Oehlert

Well describe the ROI of learning. Maybe the folks have learned how to mimic someone doing the job right - that''s learning but not a metric related to whatever product you deployed. . mLearning. sLearning. The venerable and ancient eLearning. think the one that comes closest is social learning and that is most helpful in a Web 2.0