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Flip your meetings

Jay Cross

American business people attend 11,000,000 business meetings every day and half of it’s a waste of time. It adds up to years of meetings.

Is Your Corporate Culture The Root Cause Of Bad Meetings?

Dan Pontefract

Several moons ago, I was asked to participate in a meeting. After all, a report by Atlassian suggests employees attend 62 meetings per month.

How Social Networking Can Improve Work Meetings

Luis Suarez

Indeed, the issue is not the meetings I have with my immediate team colleagues, but the meetings provoked by everyone else. We all do.

Modern Professional Learning (MPL) meets Modern Workplace Learning (MWL)

Jane Hart

ELL is where MPL meets MWL. large part of it happens, of course, outside of their organisation – primarily on the Web. Social learning

Meet The UX Week 2015 Keynotes

Adaptive Path

We’re excited about these three keynotes we’ll be seeing at UX Week 2015 , and we think you’ll be too! Postal Service.

Yes, please meet the Chief Executive Customer

Doc Searls

was a larger version of the one on the left, with the headline “Meet the new Chief Executive Customer. ” She’s an individual.

Design Interrupted: Design-time Versus Meeting-time

Adaptive Path

An article I read a while back caused me to reflect on how we scheduled meetings at Adaptive Path and how that might affect my colleagues' ability to achieve quality design work. He says "when you use time that way, it's merely a practical problem to meet with someone. And everyone appreciates the meeting-free hour.

The One Secret To Better Virtual Meetings: Empathy

Beth Kanter

At the end of the meeting, you facilitate a brief reflection on what it was like – was it disruptive? Meetings

The Secret Sauce for Productive Nonprofit Meetings that No One Talks About

Beth Kanter

The Healthy Meeting Mindset. Your mindset influences your behavior and participation at meetings.   MeetingsThe choice is yours.

Six Power Tips for Great Meetings in Today’s Virtual World

Beth Kanter

Six Power Tips for Great Meetings in Today’s Virtual World by Beth Kanter and Andrea Kihlstedt. Good meetings don’t just happen.

UX Week 2014: Meet the Keynotes

Adaptive Path

That’s why we’re particularly excited to have Dwell editor-in-chief Amanda Dameron  as our opening keynote.

The Art of Facilitating Virtual Meetings with Sticky Notes

Beth Kanter

Designing A Participatory Hook for a Virtual Meeting. Walking Meetings and Video Platforms. My presentation was about walking meetings.

5 Tips for Nonprofits To Host Effective Walking Meetings

Beth Kanter

@kanter A walking meeting in progress. ended the post with a question, “Does your nonprofit do walking meetings?” Walking

Tips 49

The Art of Facilitating Meetings with Sticky Notes

Beth Kanter

The  Post-it Plus app helps you scan the notes, make some sense of them, and share them with your meeting’s participants. Facilitation

Meeting of the Minds with Gerd Leonhard: The implications of Big Data

Ross Dawson

The post Meeting of the Minds with Gerd Leonhard: The implications of Big Data appeared first on Trends in the Living Networks. Enterprise 2.0

Where data meets the people

Mind Hacks

In other words, the book looks at how clinical science is used socially and how social influences affect clinical science. Theory Togetherness

Open Meeting Protocol and the structure of emergent collaboration

Ross Dawson

Last week I had an early evening meeting set up with Indy Johar , the inspiring co-founder of Hub Westminster. In essence it is a structure for inviting people to join a meeting by paying them (nominally) £10, and thus participating in a value-creating structure. Another Hub Westminster member Pamela joined us. eco^external on Prezi.

Healthy and Productive Meetings: Free Guidestar Webinar on Feb. 12th

Beth Kanter

have gotten good at taking notes while I walk. I’ve also replaced networking requests for “coffee” for “walking meetings.”

The Virtues of Standing-Up: In Meetings and Elsewhere

Bob Sutton

Of course, there are times when sitting down is best: During long meetings, when you want to unwind, when relaxed contemplation is in order. 

Meeting of the Minds: Key future trends with Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard

Ross Dawson

For more conversations about the future see Meeting of the Minds. Companies will move from empires to networks.

Emotionally intelligent signage meets social media | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Dan Pink. Contact. Follow Dan on Twitter. About Dan. Speaking Engagements. Video. Articles. Office Hours. Drive. Whole New Mind. Johnny Bunko. Drive.

A learning system to meet the needs of a complex knowledge era

George Siemens

I had the opportunity to stop by edX last. gave a talk on the type(s) of learning system(s) that are needed to address complex knowledge needs. Much of the theorizing about universities would be better suited for society’s knowledge needs in the early 1900′s.

Using an Open Source Platform to Meet Online Learning Goals

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Summary of a presentation from Amy Collier (Stanford) and Jane Manning (Stanford) Eventifier tweets: [link] (Jane) If you haven’t seen it already, EdX has announced it will be releasing its entire platform on GPL on June 1, and Stanford announced it will be collaborating with them on this. Let me tell you a story about David Glance.

Old meets new world: enterprise UX

Martijn Linssen

Old meets new world: enterprise UX The real cause of Global Warming: the Vatican Integration: your place or mine? Coffin. Who cares? Klout.

Meet Gen Z Philanthropist Sejal Makheja, Founder Elevator Project

Beth Kanter

That’s where I first read about  Sejal Makheja, 16, a sophomore who lives in McLean, Va. Fundraising

Meet me in Berlin

Mind Hacks

On July 11th I’ll be running a workshop as part of the BMW Guggenheim Lab in Berlin. Here’s the blurb for my talk. Lens and filters: the mind and the city. The city trains you to both see and unsee. We can use illusions, tricks and curiosities to focus back on the psychological processes which generate our experience of the city.

Senator Colbert? Meet Beppe Grillo

David Weinberger

Those of us who are not-so-secretly hoping that Stephen Colbert might actually run for Senate should take a look at Beppe Grillo ‘s career in Italy. In October, it led the voting in Sicily. Now the Five Star Movement is holding an online vote to choose which candidates to support. There are certainly skeptics.

Meet me in St Louis – or somewhere near by!

Jane Hart

In February 2015 I am going to be in the US to speak at, and run workshops for a couple of different events – but am available for additional dates and venues. Here is my schedule so far: 12 – 13 February  I will be in Minneapolis, MN to run a workshop and speak at a […]. Social learning

Meetings and Bosshole Behavior: A Classic Case - Bob Sutton

Bob Sutton

IBM Reshapes Its Sales Meetings - BusinessWeek. BusinessWeek: How to Make Meetings Matter. « A Great Pixar Story: Alvy Ray Smith and Ed Catmull Serve as Human Shields | Main. | My First Time Attending the World Economic Forum at Davos » Meetings and Bosshole Behavior: A Classic Case. Told boss and left meeting.

My Notes from Next Generation Evaluation Meeting

Beth Kanter

”  I was lucky enough to meet and interview Patton in 2009. There deep dive sessions for each method. Here are my notes.

Meet Your New CEO – Your Kid

Luis Suarez

Summer time is usually  one of the busiest times of the year for me in terms of extra curricular work related activities. you may be wondering, right?

How To Make Meetings Work for Your Nonprofit (whether you are sitting,standing, or walking!)

Beth Kanter

spoke about standing and   walking meetings.   Productive Meetings. Thinking about it, who doesn’t want to have better meetings?

Visual Meeting Facilitation Workshop with David Sibbet

Beth Kanter

David Sibbet gave an overview of visual meetings and why it is so compelling now.   He used PREZI, a non-linear presentation program.

Emotionally intelligent signage meets fast food meets eco-sustainability

Dan Pink

Now Burger King restaurants are working on an answer with emotionally intelligent messages printed directly on the napkins themselves.

Are meetings a force for good?: Some questions for the authors of The Org

Dan Pink

And all those endless meetings. There’s lots to dislike about the modern workplace. Dunderheaded managers. Snarls of bureaucracy.

Are meetings a force for good?: Some questions for the authors of The Org

Dan Pink

And all those endless meetings. There’s lots to dislike about the modern workplace. Dunderheaded managers. Snarls of bureaucracy.

HubSpot and RentJuice: When New Technologies Meet Old Ways of Working

Andy McAfee

One of the themes I keep harping on here, over at , and elsewhere is that digitization is pervasive —  it’s affecting every part of the business world. More and more, I struggle to find any industry, company, process, task, or function that’s not being affected these days by technology. So what’s left?

Blog Post: Zoom Meetings

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen I am experimenting with a potential Virtual Knowledge Cafe platform - Zoom Meetings. Zoom is a relatively new (January 2013) cloud-based video meeting system. don't know of any other video meeting system that meets all these criteria. Download Zoom and connect with me if you wish to play with it.).

Meet the class of 2015

Jane Hart

Knowing who they are and how they use technology and social media is critical to your brand’s success. So, using

Meet Dr. James A. Levine: The 1st “You can walk and work!”Evangelist

Beth Kanter

On my 12 hour plane ride back from Ukraine, I read Dr. James A. The challenge is integrate another 2.25 hours of activity into our work day.

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