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LinkedIn Skills – Useful or Useless?

Dan Pontefract

LinkedIn Skills. ” So what to do? I don’t think the skills feature in LinkedIn is critical for success in your career.

Did I Just Spam My Entire LinkedIn Network?

Dan Pontefract

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 24, 2013 I sent a generic email to my entire LinkedIn network. click here to read it). truly did.

LinkedIn is not Facebook so Please Think Twice About Your Updates

Dan Pontefract

To those that are beginning to utilize LinkedIn like Facebook, my apologies in advance, but I’ve been removing you from my network list.

The continuing devaluation of LinkedIn connections

Ross Dawson

How many LinkedIn requests are you getting? LinkedIn reached 100 million users in March. As one of the first 10,000 users, I early on saw the potential of a purely professional social network. Until recently I looked at all of the LinkedIn invitations I received. It also makes the platform less valuable to all users.

Why I, Too, Killed My LinkedIn Account

Luis Suarez

Back in the day, when I was just getting started with my early days around social computing evangelism, I must confess that I used to think that people who didn’t have a social profile in all of the major social networking tools out there just didn’t get it. Is it time to think smarter about how we make use of these social networking tools?

Linkedin inviting people into my network without my permission?

Euen Semple

Linkedin has been acting very oddly recently. At one level this doesn''t matter, but if people who I don''t really know thought that I was spamming them through Linkedin, or even that I was desperately trying to increase my network, this could potentially reflect badly on me. hadn''t originated those invites.

network leadership = adapting to perpetual beta

Harold Jarche

similar approach can be developed for today’s networked organizations. Leadership is an emergent property of a network in balance.

Reflections on the early days of social networking as LinkedIn reaches 100 million users

Ross Dawson

Last week LinkedIn reached a significant milestone: 100 million users. On the occasion LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman sent out an email to the first 100,000 users thanking them for being early adopters. While I closely followed the social networking space at the time, I didn’t join many. Social media Social networks Web 2.0

LinkedIn removes reply before accepting invitations, accelerating the devaluation of connections

Ross Dawson

In 2011 I wrote about The continuing devaluation of LinkedIn connections. Business relationships Social media Social networks Uncategorized

The Life Time Magic of Tidying Up Your Professional Life and LinkedIn Connections

Beth Kanter

”    But your inner circle is not your entire professional network. Professional Networking Tips Tools and Tacticscc @bethkanter.

LinkedIn Connection Approach Rethought

Tony Karrer

If you read my blog much, you know that I use LinkedIn quite a bit to help me find experts and expertise. You can see how I do this in my posts/screencasts LinkedIn Searching for Experts and Expertise and LinkedIn Answers to Get Help. And, I sometimes wonder what I did before I had LinkedIn as a resource.

LinkedIn Guide for Knowledge Workers

Tony Karrer

I do a lot of presentations where one of the topics is how to use LinkedIn more effectively as part of your knowledge work. In most cases, I will ask for a show of hands: How many of you have a LinkedIn Account? How many of you actively use LinkedIn? can't remember how I could get things done without LinkedIn.

Need Answers: LinkedIn Has Them

Beth Kanter

Need Answers:  LinkedIn Has Them – guest post by Geri Stengel. Which is why LinkedIn discussions are important. Tips linkedin

How Your Nonprofit Can Make the Most of Its LinkedIn Profile

Beth Kanter

How Your Nonprofit Can Make the Most of Its LinkedIn Profile – Guest Post by Victoria Michelson. What has been your experience?

5 Ways to Make LinkedIn Board Connect Work for Your Nonprofit

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Last week, I wrote about the launch of LinkedIn’s Board Connect tool that helps nonprofit identify potential board candidates through searching the networks of their board members on LinkedIn.  In the comments , there was some thoughtful discussion about best practices for identifying, screening, and cultivating board members.

The Fallacy of Social Networking

Luis Suarez

Traditional Hierarchies inside Social Networks – Not So Much an Oxymoron Anymore  . Personally, I am doing just fine. At least, for now.

Smarter Nonprofit Networking: Building A Professional Network That Works for You

Beth Kanter

like to balance two different approaches to professional networking,   strategic and serendipitous. … Read More Professional Networking

Attention Data Nerds: Nonprofits Miss Out on the Power of LinkedIn: Learn How to Tap It

Beth Kanter

Once I recover from the journey, expect read reports about the Networked NGO in Rwanda and use of social media to support Women’s Rights organizations.   If you’re motivated to go deeper on LinkedIn after reading this summary,  you will want to check out my curated list of nonprofit and LinkedIn resources here.

The Art of Tidying of Your Online Professional Network Connections

Beth Kanter

These principles are still true today, but a lot of changed with the adoption of online professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn.

How Do I Make Sense of Social Networking Tools

Luis Suarez

Even if it were the last and only social networking tool out there I still wouldn’t come back to it. Slack does the trick. And very much so!

Tools 82

Techniques and Tools: How To Visualize Your Network

Beth Kanter

For example, the  Irvine New Leadership Network project that has used network mapping for two purposes: 1) evaluation 2) direct network engagement.

A Few Good Tools To Manage Your Online Professional Network Connections

Beth Kanter

Back when I first started working, my best professional networking tool was my Rolodex. Professional Networking

Finding the time for networked learning

Harold Jarche

Finding the right information faster can be addressed individually through frameworks like networked learning ( personal knowledge management ).

The Power of Our Collective Professional Networks and Transdisciplinarity Learning

Beth Kanter

Once we mapped the network on the wall before our eyes, we reflected on the following questions: * What are the points of connection?

Google Plus – One Social Networking Tool to Rule Them All

Luis Suarez

No longer would there be a need to keep up with multiple social networking environments, with multiple networks, with multiple levels of interactions.

Tools 107

Google+ may miss the big opportunity: spanning internal and external social networks

Ross Dawson

Individuals build social networks around their Profiles, and companies, brands, media etc. Social media Social networks Uncategorized Web 2.0

Beyond Assessment ? Recognizing Achievement in a Networked World

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The Achievement Standards Network is offering “open access to machine?readable Figure 4 : My LinkedIn Network Here''s me showing what I know. This is my LinkedIn network , and it shows a lot of connections. Automated Assessment But me showing what I know is me being on this network doing what I do, whatever I do.

Social Networking Gets Serious – #prayforjapan

Luis Suarez

that Social Networking can be serious. That, folks, is the real value of social networking. No business value. No value add at all.

The Smart Worker : relies on a trusted network of friends and colleagues

Jane Hart

Tweet. Of course, this is not really new; this is what people have always done in the workplace. For example -.

Reflections from 2011 – Focused and Purposeful Social Networking

Luis Suarez

So soon?!?! mean, we have only been having social software tools for merely 15 years and we are already starting to hate them, as end-users? Really?

Loyalty in Social Networks

Luis Suarez

that was not   triggered by you but by someone else in your social networks. cultivate and build informal trusted networks. ” [Emphasis mine].

From Social Networks to Communities

Kevin Wheeler

Home About Future of Talent Subscribe Over the Seas Thoughts on Recruiting, Learning and Other Things as I Ramble around the World From Social Networks to Communities by Kevin Wheeler on June 16, 2010 Social media and social networks are all the rage.  Here are some other characteristics of communities. Join us. Posting tweet.

Pre-network with LinkedIn

Tony Karrer

Generally, it's a commitment of 3-4 hours between driving, networking, program. Right now, I'm in a fairly selective mode. eLearning Technology.

Getting More Value from Your Social Media

Kevin Wheeler

Organizations are creating Facebook fan pages, LinkedIn groups and so on with little understanding of their goals for doing so.  Many organizations have a Twitter account, a Facebook fan page, a LinkedIn page and perhaps other social media vehicles as well. Number converted to hires. Join us. Posting tweet.

ROI 36

Balancing Personal and Organizational Brand: Networked Leadership

Beth Kanter

The workshop covers several topics including: Understanding the networked mindset. Leadership

Nonprofits and Content Strategy: The Wisdom of the Network

Beth Kanter

The first step is mapping your network so you understand the connections – hubs and influencers. So I’d like to dig in a bit more.”.

Using social media to track and drive organizational success metrics

Ross Dawson

real highlight of the conference was the Social Media: Risks and Rewards panel, which I chaired, with the participation of a fantastic cast of Peter Williams of Deloitte, Steve Barham of LinkedIn, Laurel Papworth of The Community Crew, and Sam Mutimer of ThinkTank Media. Future of work Social media Social networks Uncategorized Web 2.0

Making Business Sense of Social Media and Social Networking – Is Blogging Dead?

Luis Suarez

Have you moved all of your conversations to social networking sites? Is blogging dead for you folks as well? Blogging is not dead! Where else?

The Networked Professional: Principles of Effective Online Networking

Beth Kanter

Connect Thoughtfully: Friending policy for each online social network you use. CANs = Currently Active Network.


I Unfriended You On Facebook. Are We Still Friends?

Dan Pontefract

My social media journey, like many of you, included Facebook at a time when most of us had no idea where social networking was heading. Google+?