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Barriers to Knowledge Work

Harold Jarche

Sharing is necessary in almost all work contexts today and it is through sharing that we can inspire and be inspired. project plans].

What matters in knowledge work

Harold Jarche

This Venn diagram by Oscar Berg says a lot about the nature of work and management today. ConnectedEnterprise Work

Angry Birds and productivity at work: why distractions can help

Ross Dawson

billion of worker productivity is lost to playing Angry Birds. today that workers already do a number of things that are not considered productive – like going to the bathroom or talking to colleagues without any actual loss in productivity. Let’s work on getting better productivity.

Personal Learning Knowledge Work Environment

Tony Karrer

world that included a post by Bill Ives - Managing Personal Knowledge: Setting a Foundation for Transformation? adoption is getting folks to manage their personal knowledge and adopt practices like blogging for personal knowledge management (PKM) and personal learning. In it, he points out that a stepping stone to Enterprise 2.0

Why Do We Keep Insisting On Killing Productivity?

Luis Suarez

decided to kill my own productivity? That, right there, is already 8 hours of lost productivity! They just keep working! the way.

Workplace Productivity

Tony Karrer

One of the favorite quotes I used to use during presentations was Drucker - The most important contribution of management in the 21st century will be to increase knowledge-worker productivity. This is a big reason that I started Work Literacy. If anything this tool has detracted from productivity, not increased it.

State of the Net 2012 – People Tweet Tacit Knowledge – Part Two

Luis Suarez

As a starting point, Dave gets to talk about tacit knowledge , about the differences between knowing and knowledge and where we should be focusing on.

Productivity advice from the sage

Jay Cross

Peter Drucker’s six factors for knowledge worker productivity are core principles for designing learnscapes. Knowledge worker productivity demands that we ask the question: “What is the task?&#. It demands that we impose the responsibility for productivity on the individual knowledge workers themselves.

Addressing Social Networking Gripes with Shared Value

Luis Suarez

Therefore, we need to work harder, smarter , on it. No doubt! Just think of it, what’s your social media pet peeve? Ready? Spot on!

Social Business Forum Highlights – Highlights from Breakout Sessions and Final Keynote

Luis Suarez

which are mostly labour based, from the quantum orgs, which are mostly knowledge work based. event of events. Event , a.k.a. e2conf.

the bridge from education to experience

Harold Jarche

Given the dominance of knowledge work in the modern workplace, the cognitive apprenticeship model may provide some insight. Coaching.

cooperation makes us human

Harold Jarche

Automation of procedural  work is accelerating. We should not try to work more like machines in order to compete with them. As Steven B.

It’s about value creation

Harold Jarche

Not only do these activities take time, they are highly social, as success often depends on who we work with. Innovation Work

Social learning is for human work

Harold Jarche

This past week I came across the theme of the changing nature of work several times. This includes knowledge work. Ross Dawson.

Wirearchies are smarter than the sum of their parts

Harold Jarche

Work in the network era needs to be cooperative and collaborative, and organizations have to support both. – Jon Husband. Wirearchy

Staying Healthy – 11 Ergonomic Tips for Avoiding RSI

Luis Suarez

They have worked wonders with me so far! Yes, indeed, I can vouch that one works, too! world as much as we possibly can. Yes, I know!

Tips 12

Talent vs Labour

Harold Jarche

Through the 1970s, owners moved jobs to Sun Belt right-to-work states. They automated, outsourced and worked to diminish the power of unions.

Will offices still exist in the future?

Ross Dawson

In my keynote I talk about the driving forces of change in work and organizations, the changing nature of the workspace, and the leadership required to create the next phase of work. Until recently there were two major workspaces for knowledge work: offices and field work.

An artistic mindset

Harold Jarche

As industrial and even some knowledge work gets automated and outsourced, adapting to an economic life in perpetual Beta may soon become the norm.

The Continuing, Transformative Impact of IT

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Local companies and global businesses will develop products and services specifically aimed at these newly enfranchised consumers.

Data 134

Man, Machine, and Work

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The June, 2015 issue of the Harvard Business Review includes a spotlight on Man and Machine: Knowledge Work in the Age of the Algorithm. 

Data 83

Connecting Companies and Markets

Harold Jarche

The duty of being transparent in our work and sharing our knowledge rests with all workers, including management. hierarchy-to-the-rear.

Working Socially

Harold Jarche

With ubiquitous connectivity, more of our work is at a distance, either in space or time. Distributed work is becoming the norm.

PKM: the basic unit of social business

Harold Jarche

The basic unit of social business technology is personal knowledge management, not collaborative workspaces. Nardi, S. Whittaker and H.

PKM 121

United by networked and social learning

Harold Jarche

Work Teams need to get things done. An These are necessary to not only do the work but to prepare for the work to be done: emergent practices.

Virtual Trust

Harold Jarche

Virtual work also changes the organizational dynamic. Virtual learning has similar effects. Every one of those statements is wrong.

Knowledge sharing paradox revisited

Harold Jarche

The knowledge sharing paradox is that enterprise social tools can constrain what they are supposed to enhance. – Dave Pollard (2005).

Learning to Work with Our Increasingly Smart Machines

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Many knowledge work tasks are at risk of being automated, warned Davenport.  And neither is it seen as a problem by most customers.

Price 36

An Irish Wake for the PC

Andy McAfee

Many sharp observers realized at the time that this was a big deal. It was a great run. So the PC has had a rich, full, accomplished life.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: What's Google's biggest.

Steve Denning

There was a time when three people at Google could build a world-class product and deliver it, and it is gone. Quick! Facebook? Wrong! Twitter?

50 suggestions for implementing 70-20-10

Jay Cross

Convergence of work and learning. Work and learning have merged. Twenty-first century employees do complex, unpredictable work.

Work is already a game

Harold Jarche

However, adding a game layer to our work does nothing more than take us away from our work. Learning Work

Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Knowledge Workers

Andy McAfee

Computers can now do many things (like drive a car ) that we used to need people for; they can also facilitate human knowledge workers, making them much more productive and so requiring fewer of them to accomplish the work of the organization. The outsourcing and offshoring of knowledge work depend, of course, on technology.

Build trust, embrace networks, manage complexity

Harold Jarche

Hierarchies. A new model for work is required. They work well when information flows mostly in one direction: down. Knowledge-sharing.

The chaotic world of work

Harold Jarche

JenniferSertl – “ Your competitive advantage is not where you work or what you do. They do not have offices and no set working time.

The TED of all Leadership Management Conferences – A Review of the Drucker Forum 2013

Dan Pontefract

” It’s this siloed nature of working and operating that is causing the complexity in the first place. hopeful change. needed change.

Review 150

Understanding behaviour

Harold Jarche

The keys to motivation at work are for each person to have a sense of  Autonomy, Mastery  and  Purpose , as shown in this video. With

Is Social Business Ready to Face Internet Traffic Jams?

Luis Suarez

How does a remote knowledge Web worker keep up then? And that is a very sad thing for a remote knowledge Web worker, don’t you think?

A litmus test for 21st Century leadership: what am I tracking?

Steve Denning

Moreover as all work is increasingly knowledge work, efforts to control those doing the work become counter-productive.

[2b2k][mesh] Setting the record straight: Overall, the networking of knowledge is awesome

David Weinberger

These were great sessions by leaders in their fields, people who are full-time working on keeping the Internet free and open. One of the bad things we get from networked knowledge is it’s easier than ever to be stupid because you can find other people who can reinforce your beliefs,” the U.S. They are fighting for us and our Internet.