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Harold Jarche

PKMastery is an essential discipline, especially for knowledge artisans. However, practising PKMastery is not going to get work done.

my pkm story

Harold Jarche

It has been over 10 years that I have examined, practiced, and developed models for personal knowledge management/mastery. Early Tools.

PKM 121

A simple approach to KM

Harold Jarche

Knowledge management (KM) does not have to be a major enterprise effort. Over time, this becomes more valuable. PKM SocialLearning

ESN as knowledge bridges

Harold Jarche

More employees are sharing knowledge through activity streams on platforms by IBM, SAP, Jive, Yammer, and Socialcast, to name a few. 

Jive 108

Social Learning, Complexity and the Enterprise

Harold Jarche

Our relationship with knowledge is changing as our work becomes more intangible and complex. Knowledge: the capacity for effective action.

Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

Jay Cross

Knowledge work and learning to work smarter are becoming indistinguishable. Knowledge workers create value in workscapes. eBook , $12.

eBook 39

Identifying a collaboration platform

Harold Jarche

Tools like Twitter/Yammer/Laconica also become excellence places to jot down notes in public, which encourages serendipitous learning. Work with management to fund and develop better tools and processes for workers. – but you certainly need to take an honest look at whether it is delivering what you need in the workplace today.

KMaus09: Day two practitioner Leanne Fry

Dave Snowden

Leanne Fry former knowledge manager at AMP, now a consultant. People information knowledge presence activity. All on the internet.


Clark Quinn

Even in the discussion, the mention of Yammer brought in the Yammer team mentioning some of their case studies, which got a bit annoying.  It was an interesting experience, with it’s plusses and minuses.  There were great topics, and some interesting technical issues.  That worked well. You couldn’t do it in video or audio. 

KMRC Conference Blog: Snowden

Dave Snowden

Whatever Nonaka's intention he created a archetypal western (ironic that) categorisation model that resulted in everyone wanting to make tacit knowledge explicit, the balanced score card is a recipe for astute political game players and don't even talk to me about Wisdom Management. the magic roundabout in Swindon.

The Evolving Social Organization

Harold Jarche

Innovation abounds in the early stages and knowledge capitalization is aided by a common vision of the business. This is what management schools have been doing for over half a century.  To ensure reliable operations and risk mitigation, the core competencies of decision-making and innovation are moved to the periphery. Complication.