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Knowledge Management for Decision Memories

Harold Jarche

This is Big Knowledge Management , leveraging the power of enterprise software platforms to store decision, process, and event memories.

Becoming personal knowledge managers

Harold Jarche

This is the root of personal knowledge management (PKM). The only knowledge that can be managed is our own.

From Learning Management to Personal Knowledge Management

Jane Hart

Acquiring new knowledge and skills – e.g. in webinars, online workshops, MOOCs, and through videos and screencasts, etc. Social learnin

Loose hierarchies for knowledge management

Harold Jarche

Knowledge-sharing practices are highly contextual. For knowledge management today, industrial management just won’t cut it.

Defibrillating Knowledge Management

Martijn Linssen

Efforts to improve an organization’s KM were thus focused on repositories, with entreaties to “share your knowledge.”

Vanity Killed the Social Media Star

Luis Suarez

Then we are left behind into oblivion only to repeat the same process, once again, 15 minutes later. Yikes! Where did we go wrong? times?

Tools 95

Mastering the Art of Collaboration Through Conversation

Luis Suarez

More than anything else, because, if anything, as a knowledge (Web 2.0) The process of communication is the process of knowing.

Becoming a Successful Socially Integrated Enterprise – The Long Journey

Luis Suarez

Get started as soon as you possibly can and, above anything, avoid over-engineering the whole transformation process itself. Tons of it.

When Context Transcends Change Management

Luis Suarez

What if everything we have been told about Change Management over the course of the last few decades was all just … plain wrong? That hurts.

What’s Your Purpose?

Luis Suarez

On the contrary, it would just show that you are not ready for the change itself, nor the (digital) transformation process. Projects Fail ’.

How Social Networking Tools Enable Heutagogy in Learning Organisations

Luis Suarez

General Interest Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Open Business Open Leadership Personal KMRead it out loud again, please. Yikes!

Creating a knowledge strategy

Dave Snowden

Knowledge is best remembered/stimulated by creating a rich context of decisions. Knowledge Management Reflections

Knowledge Management Core Issues

Tony Karrer

With an ever deceasing half-life of knowledge , just keeping up has become a major corporate imperative. We have made little progress in preventing those repeating errors, as firms grow in size and complexity, building relationships that enable knowledge flows, keeping in the loop and finding stuff becomes a huge issue. practices ?

The Future of Work Is Learning

Luis Suarez

IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Life Personal KM Productivity Tools Social EnterpriseWell, T.A.

Life Without eMail – 5th Year Progress Report – The Community, The Movement

Luis Suarez

Yes, I know it may not sound too much, but that’s actually nearly 3 months out of the year people spend it processing email. People do.

Report 127

Can IBM Watson Workspace Save Our Productivity?

Luis Suarez

General Interest IBM iPad iPhone Knowledge Management Learning Open Business Open Leadership Productivity Tools Tools and Gadgets #elsuapps

The Social Enterprise – Welcome to the Era of Intrapreneurship!

Luis Suarez

My work processes are essentially web-based processes. But, as a self-employed individual, I am also on my own. Yes, trust)&#. Of course!

Redefine the Workplace of the Future with Social Learning

Luis Suarez

Learning is a process, not a series of events. Still think that you need to justify it with formal processes and measurements? What else?

Social Computing Guidelines and Why You Would Still Need Them

Luis Suarez

Rules, control, entitlement, arrogance, (a certain) position or status, micro-management, etc. Really? Bless them … . Quite the opposite.

Social Business in 2013 – An Opportunity (Open Business)

Luis Suarez

It’s just a matter of figuring out the How, so that you can incorporate it into your overall business processes and corporate culture.

2013 – The Year of Social HR

Luis Suarez

There is nothing for HR to take more pride on than having your employee knowledge workforce being enticed by talent hunters to make a move.

Reclaim Blogging – On Why Your Blog Still Is Your Best Personal Branding Social Tool

Luis Suarez

IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Metablogging Personal KM Productivity Tools Social ComputingInterest.

Tools 122

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Your Community Managers

Luis Suarez

Key concepts like social capital skills, open knowledge sharing, collaboration, engagement, commitment, passion, trust, etc. They never have. .

Unlease Your Organizations Knowledge Sharing Processes

Beth Kanter

Unlease Your Organizations Knowledge Sharing Processes – Guest Post by Kelcie Tacchi. Define your Call to Action. Step 1. Step 2.

The Soft Skills of Collaboration and The Social Enterprise

Luis Suarez

Sharing your knowledge will relinquish your power, don’t you think?). However, it won’t be easy. The soft skills. Off to work!

Skills 126

Never Underestimate the Power of Education and Enablement

Luis Suarez

Knowledge Management Learning Open Business Open Leadership #socbiz-adoption adaptation-frameworkBuilding community right from day one.

How Narrating Your Work Helps You Become More Effective by Saving Precious Time

Luis Suarez

accounting in most cases for 7 to 9 hours per day, every day , just doing that: processing e-mail and attending meetings. . to no end. And you?

Reflections from 2011 – A World Without Email – The Documentary

Luis Suarez

Can you imagine if they eventually manage to pull it off?!?! Please do not feel obliged to read through it all, if you wouldn’t want to.

Welcome to the Social Enterprise Awakening!

Luis Suarez

phase I mentioned back then that is helping us all, knowledge workers, realise how this is our moment. Our true moment. Our workplace. Hippie 2.0

Business Can’t Succeed in a World That’s Failing

Luis Suarez

totally disengaged with (knowledge) workers AND their societies. IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Learning Life Social Enterprise

Twitter Is Where Conversations Go To Die

Luis Suarez

Innovation Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Personal KM Productivity Tools Social EnterpriseSadly. . Not anymore.

5 Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload

Luis Suarez

Yet, in the world of Activity Streams both serendipitous knowledge discoveries and informal learning, a.k.a. I heart Activity Streams. Exactly!

The Future of Work by 2020

Luis Suarez

Work processes will be driven by interactions from workers through networks and communities rather than traditional company hierarchies. Or not.

The State of Social Business – A State of Maturity?

Luis Suarez

Innovation Knowledge Management Open BusinessAnd what a couple of weeks that have gone through so far! My goodness! . Where are we?

Whatever Happened to Critical Thinking?

Luis Suarez

Assessing risks in the process. Reflecting on effects of paradoxes, constraints and incomplete knowledge. Remember them ? etc.). Yikes!

Welcome to the Era of Radical Openness

Luis Suarez

IBM Knowledge Management Learning Open Business #elsuasworkbook Or, better said, where to next. Open vs. Closed. That’s it, really.

Social Business – *The* Ecosystem

Luis Suarez

IBM Innovation Knowledge Management Social EnterpriseYes, that powerful. Main key thought? Better, smarter, but not necessarily harder.

The Art of Collaborating Effectively in Virtual Teams

Luis Suarez

Lack of a clear process. Failure to capture knowledge. Lack of clear process. Failure to capture knowledge. … Maybe.

Google Plus – Who Owns the Filter Bubble?

Luis Suarez

Collaboration Knowledge Management Knowledge Tools Learning Open Business Personal KM Productivity Tools Very special. WOW!!! .

The Future of Collaboration Lies in Human Resources AND Management’s Hands

Luis Suarez

A few weeks ago I put together the attached article for CMSWire where I tried to reflect on what I feel is the number #1 challenge for today’s corporations in terms of embracing a much more open, transparent, knowledge sharing culture through the emergence of social technologies behind the firewall. Or certain business processes?