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Personal processing

Clark Quinn

I was thinking about a talk on mobile I’m going to be giving, and realized that mobile is really about personal processing. So the question then became “what doesn’t make sense on a mobile” And my thought was that industrial strength processing doesn’t make sense on a mobile. What think you? mobile

Job-Killing Processes

Martijn Linssen

Worse, when an organization is in need, why do we engage in process improvement – when what may be needed is process reduction or elimination?

Types of meaningful processing

Clark Quinn

What I’m looking for is ways to get learners to do processing in ways that will assist their ability to  do. It has learners monitor the process, and then they can turn that on themselves to become self-monitoring.  If the selection of mistakes is broad enough, they’ll have experience that will transfer to their whole performance.

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Innovation is not a repeatable process

Harold Jarche

Can innovation be promoted through better processes? want every knowledge worker to discover his or her own processes. Innovation PKM

It’s the process, silly!

Clark Quinn

And part of it is in the knowledge and skills of the designers, but it’s also in the process. ADDIE isn’t inherently linear, certainly as it has evolved, but in many ways it makes it easy to make it a one-pass process. So yesterday, I went off on some of the subtleties in elearning that are being missed. So what  do I mean?

Design the process, not the outcome

Dave Snowden

We don't design the outcome, we design the processes of interaction and monitor for emergence. Reflections

Fuelled by Informal learning

Harold Jarche

This interconnected world sure makes it easy to learn informally though. Informal LearningThe core is then placed in the pressure vessel.

Informed consent for human sensors

David Weinberger

Friend (CEO at that same outfit) write about a project in which users of a health monitoring app have given informed consent to have their data made available to other researchers. It is not open data, as John points out, but it is open to any researchers who make it through the vetting process. How to get informed consent via an app?

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The Masterclass on Informal Learning

Jay Cross

Your organization has decided to tilt in the direction of informal learning. Introduction to informal learning. So now what do you do?

Sensory Processing and School Underachievement

Eide Neurolearning

But sensory processing difficulties contribute to much more. The conclusions had a ring of truth.

Social Cognitive Processing

Clark Quinn

And you do some processing to generate that product. Then, if someone actually reads it, they  do some processing. And so on. social

Unlease Your Organizations Knowledge Sharing Processes

Beth Kanter

Unlease Your Organizations Knowledge Sharing Processes – Guest Post by Kelcie Tacchi. We wanted the most informed audit we could manage.

Sensory Processing, Postural Sway, Anxiety - Better with Occupational Therapy

Eide Neurolearning

** Last Day to Register for our 2-Day Sensory Processing Webinar with Drs. Working with the body may be the answer."

Marc Newson at Sydney Design Excellence Forum: the design process is always the same

Ross Dawson

Industrial design is a process that allows you to iterate and perfect things before you manufacture. Image : Lockheed lounge, image from Dezeen.

Time’s Up – Learning Will Forever Be Part Formal, Part Informal and Part Social

Dan Pontefract

Learning is a continuous, connected and collaborative process. Learning is and forever will be, part formal, part informal and part social.

The Science of Information-based Predictions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Silver, on the another hand, views information-based predictions, including political forecasting, as a scientific discipline. 

Beyond GDP - Measuring Value in a Service-oriented, Information-based, Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Most measures of economic performance used by government officials to inform their policies and decisions are based on GDP figures. 

Information, Money and Related Subjects

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Money is continuing its centuries old transformation from being embodied in objects with intrinsic value, like gold and silver, to being nothing more than information in the digital wallets of our mobile devices as well as in our digital accounts someplace out there in the cloud.  Today. we are happy with money we cannot even see. 

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How to evaluate social and informal learning

Jay Cross

In brief, the Kirkpatrick levels are good for events, not processes. In process, we might look at the analytics surrounding our network.

Networks, Information, and Complex Adaptive Systems

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The first part is designed to be very broad, as a "view of the universe as a self-organizing information system that can, in some sense, be seen to have knowledge and to change through co-adaptation of its parts." We need to be clear about what we mean by an information system. We need to be clear about what we mean by information.

Filtering, Crowdsourcing and Information Overload

Tony Karrer

And that challenge is somewhat hinted at in this month’s big question: Instruction in a Information Snacking Culture? tend to agree with that.

[2b2k] [berkman] Alison Head on how students seek information

David Weinberger

Omitting key information. Project Information Literacy is a research project that reaches across institutions. NOTE: Live-blogging.

5 Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload

Luis Suarez

Yet, in the world of Activity Streams both serendipitous knowledge discoveries and informal learning, a.k.a. Information Overload?

The Information Diet: Not Just A Book, A Movement For Conscious Consumption of Information

Beth Kanter

The problem of “information overload” is nothing new and has been around for centuries.   All you have to do read Ann M. 4-5: Email.

New Tools Beget Revolutions: Big Data and the 21st Century Information-based Society

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

On May 22 I attended the 2013 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.  All while the windows of opportunity and response will continue to shrink. 

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Informal Snake Oil

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

watched vendors hi-jack the term eLearning, and I don’t want to see it happen to social or informal learning. This was ground zero.

Getting informal in Sao Paolo

Jay Cross

“How are informal conversations transforming our understanding and learning practices in businesses and communities?&#. Papagallis.

Information Radar

Tony Karrer

You need information radar that continuously scans for new, quality information that you should be aware of. Aggregator Blogs.

Informal learning: the real deal. Free.

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Informal Learning: Five Ways to Do More with Less. We’ll be going right back to the basics: • What is Informal Learning? series.

Too Much Information or a Skills Gap

Tony Karrer

Too Much Information) (found via Stephen Downes ). Information Overload and Learning.” Wesley points us to a post by Kevin Washburn “TMI!

implementing a useful model – 70:20:10

Harold Jarche

PKM is the discipline of engaging with our professional networks and creating a diverse source of information, knowledge, ideas, and opinions.

Why It's Hard to Listen to Two People Talking at One Time

Eide Neurolearning

Children with hearing loss or auditory processing disorders are affected more than their non-impaired peers. Eide Neurolearning Blog.

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Getting Pragmatic About Informal

Clark Quinn

In my post on reconciling informal and informal, I suggested that there are practical things L&D groups can  do about informal learning.  I’ve detected a fair bit of concern amongst L&D folks that this threatens their jobs, and I think that’s misplaced. share best practices. foster discussion. design social

Notes from Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training ITHET 2013, Antalya

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Camtasia - problem is it destroys the object-base of presented media & symbolic information VCR recording - done in background through projector - you don''t need software on the presentation computer - eg. difference between groups - as determined by test scores - why? Let''s do engineering. - how does a student''s brain work?

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preparing for 2020

Harold Jarche

Social learning is the process by which groups of people cooperate to learn with and from each other. Informal Learning SocialLearning

Pick of the Month: June 2012 – Informal learning, Yammer, collab platforms, change, and keep learning

Jane Hart

You can find more of the resources I enjoyed during the month in my 2012 Reading List.). 1 – Informal Learning. ” 4 - Change.

Real Learning explained

Jay Cross

Real Learning helps workers build a sound learning process. Information about the Real Learning project is at [link]. It’s DIY learning.

Price of Real Learning going from $2.99 to $6.99

Jay Cross

Reflection – on what’s learned, how it’s learned, and how to improve the process. Buy enough for your team now. Buy Real Learning  here.

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Social and Informal Learning : Pt 3 of the Four Greatest Challenges Series

Nigel Paine

In some ways, social and informal learning can almost be seen like that. If you want learning to explode all over your organisation and not just occur on courses you happen to have organised, then, the key to success, is harnessing social and informal learning, and making it more efficient, more conscious, and more effective.

Informal Learning 2.0

Jay Cross

said our theme is improving performance with “natural/informal/web 2.0/connected/social learning. Informal Learning 2.0.