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7 guidelines for managing open networks

Harold Jarche

have added my images and one other that support this excellent set of rules. Click on each image for a link to the supporting article.

Social Computing Guidelines and Why You Would Still Need Them

Luis Suarez

know what you are thinking, here we are, already passed through 2015, and we still need guidelines? Really? Bless them … . Quite the opposite.

Computer Use Guidelines

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Responding to Alfred Thompson's Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics : Leaving aside the questionable wisdom of framing generic advice within a construct specific to a certain religion.

Does Your Organization Have Social Media Guidelines for All Staff?

Beth Kanter

We adopted a set of Guidelines that TNT created (creative commons) to ENCOURAGE their staff to use social: YQe91n #npsmpeer.

How Fun and Creativity Can Shape Your Own Social Computing Guidelines and Policy

Luis Suarez

remember the day when IBM was first facing that very same issue , on whether to put together a social computing policy and guidelines or not.

Becoming a Successful Socially Integrated Enterprise – The Long Journey

Luis Suarez

Social Computing Guidelines and why you would still need them. So, let’s see it:   . What’s your purpose?  . It’s theirs and theirs alone.

beyond the reach of automation

Harold Jarche

This week I am reviewing my posts from 2015 and putting some of the core ideas together. Any work that is routine will be automated. democracy at work.

Violate copyright? No Facebook for you!

David Weinberger

Nothing Soviet at all, comrades! I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure that if Net Neutrality means that access providers don’t get to block access to sites, then this grotesquely violates the FCC’s Net Neutrality guidelines According to TorrentFreak , a leaked AT&T training doc indicates that starting on Nov.

enough training

Harold Jarche

Usually an industry association, with training specialists, develops the guidelines. Unclear expectations (such as policies & guidelines).

Corporate Policies on Web 2.0

Tony Karrer

One of the barriers commonly cited during my presentations around eLearning 2.0 (use of Web 2.0 / social media for work and learning) is that organizations often have not established their policies or guidelines around the use of these tools. And most corporate guidelines out there around social media are fairly similar. solutions?

The Internet of Everyone

Harold Jarche

Simple guidelines will serve people better in the long run. Technology will rapidly change, consolidate, and probably change again.

step aside for network era democracy

Harold Jarche

Verna Allee says that in states of ‘complex unorder’, loose hierarchies and strong networks are necessary. Image by Verna Allee.

Case Study: How Human Rights Watch Leverages Employee Personal Brands on Twitter

Beth Kanter

All this takes is a small investment in policy guidelines, a little bit of training and support. Many tweets lead to press calls.”.

democracy at work

Harold Jarche

“ It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried. ” – Winston Churchill. Related.

Social leadership

Harold Jarche

Guidelines for Managing Open Networks. What is social leadership? Simply put, it’s shifting the focus from you to we. Control is a mirage.

Autonomy and Value in Social and Workplace Learning

Charles Jennings

My colleague Jane Hart recently shared the diagram below on her blog. 70:20:10 Model The 70:20:10 model is used to extend learning into the workflow.

in an increasingly complex world

Harold Jarche

This is a good set of guidelines (via David Hodgson ) and useful for conversations around organizational change. complexity

Organize for Complexity

Harold Jarche

” Well I think Niels has answered much of that question himself, in his recent book Organize for Complexity. PKMastery is disciplined practice.

listening and learning

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. call these Friday’s Finds. And in reality, ignored.”

The Value of Taking Mini-Breaks During the Nonprofit Work Day

Beth Kanter

”   An electronic free zone or quiet room can provide a good reminder to take these brain breaks. How do you take a break during the workday?

MOOCs for Credit: Current State of the Art

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Question: were the guidelines for courses changed when applied to MOOCs? MOOC Mania’ started in 2012. They were not for credit.

Happy National Walking Day! #walkatwork

Beth Kanter

Fitbit suggests that in addition to the CDC health guideline to fit in 2.5 Happy National Walking Day! My daily goal is 15,000K steps. Walking

Measuring the Impact of Your Nonprofit Program

Beth Kanter

A few months ago, I facilitated a  mini-innovation lab on measuring impact for grantees of the  Google Nonprofit program at the  Impact Hub.

Trump Presidency Lesson Plan

Dan Pontefract

Use the following guideline: a. Donald Trump won the American presidency. you can download it as a PDF as well). Lesson Plan Information.

Class 89

A roadmap for transition

Harold Jarche

The principle of subsidiarity, or the promotion of the furthest possible distribution of all authority, is a good guideline to begin with.

One death too many

Mind Hacks

For this reason, organisations from the Samaritans , to the Centre for Disease Control , to an international panel of media organisations, have created explicit suicide reporting guidelines to ensure that no one dies or is harmed unnecessarily because of how suicide is reported. This advice keeps people safe.

IBM’s Trip to Become A Socially Integrated Enterprise

Luis Suarez

journey that started back in 2001, but that it had its main roots well substantiated within the company for much longer. Are we there yet? SIE ).

ROI 137

Why do we need social business?

Harold Jarche

Clear guidelines allow everyone to speak openly on behalf of the company. It’s what Dave calls “safe-fail”: “ We conduct safe-fail experiments.

Rules is rules

Dave Snowden

However calling all rules guidelines or seeking to remove them is throwing the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. Reflections

Let’s use the ‘No Track’ button we already have

Doc Searls

Here are some other stories, mostly gathered by  Zemanta : White House offers online privacy guidelines for consumers ).

Exploratorium: Mapping the Experience of Experiments

Adaptive Path

Teams quickly assembled maps of their chosen visitor in keeping with some very simple guidelines: Imagine the Spring 2013 grand opening.

Paid content needs REALLY BIG metadata

David Weinberger has just put up a post of mine about some new guidelines for “paid content.” ” The guidelines come from the PR and marketing communications company Edelman, which creates and places paid content for its clients. Short version: Edelman paid for a day of consulting on the guidelines. at best â??

Coaching Should Be An Expectation Of All Connected Leaders

Dan Pontefract

That is, if the guidelines and definition above are adhered to. Group coaching? Speed coaching? Why not. Virtual coaching? But of course.

Workshop content: Creating results using social media – the HR perspective

Ross Dawson

Establishing social media governance, guidelines and policies. Tomorrow is the Australian Human Resources Institute HR Technology conference.

The Grail of Effective and Engaging Learning Experiences

Clark Quinn

For one, there are guidelines about Videos of experts and documents are available as resources, to support the learner in getting the best outcome.

Of artisanship

Dave Snowden

Now they are heavily constrained by guidelines designed for the centre of the bell curve. Now this is a serious issue for all organisations.

Checklist: transforming corporate learning

Jay Cross

establish guidelines and taxonomies for curating content. If you don’t get this, it will get you. Experience has taught us that making over a training department into a business learning function requires these activities: Sell the vision of learning as a value-creating component of social business. Make the vision a reality. Just Jay

Content Curation: The Art and Science of Spotting Awesome

Beth Kanter

” UpWell Content Curation Guidelines - The Mobilisation Lab. Flickr Photo by Soyignatius. What content discovery tools do you use?

we need more debunking

Harold Jarche

Every fortnight I curate some of the observations and insights that were shared on social media. call these Friday’s Finds. ”  – Ursula K.

Templates and tools

Clark Quinn

Whether the guidelines are in a template or a process tool like a checklist, it helps to have cognitive facilitation.  So what I’m talking about is not a template that says how it’s to look, but instead what it should contain. And this can be useful when you’ve got well-designed activities but want to easily develop them.