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Two types of knowledge

Jay Cross

For example, you can know a lot about cooking but until you have tacit knowledge, you can’t call yourself a chef. It’s the facts. Variety.

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Three types of KM

Harold Jarche

In an organizational knowledge sharing framework , I put together several ideas to show how knowledge could be shared and codified.

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Types and Tokens

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

To count types, you add +1 to the count each time the candidate utters a new word. So, for example, if Berie Sanders says, A sparrow has landed.

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Leadership by Example

Harold Jarche

Here are two examples. Management and leadership are similar types of abilities. Leadership by example becomes the key.

Types of meaningful processing

Clark Quinn

In an previous post , I argued for different types and ratios for worthwhile learning activities. I’ve been thinking about this (and working on it) quite a bit lately. Another type of task is helping people understand applying models to make decisions. This is aside from scenarios/simulations (e.g. sanitation). Thoughts? design

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Social Learning Examples

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Next, Jane details using social media for different types of learning. We talked about building a repository of web 2.0 learning applications.

Types of Meaning

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I don't want to spend a whole lot of time on this, but I do want to take enough time to be clear that there are, unambiguously, numerous types of meaning. Consider the classic constructivist activity of 'making meaning', for example. Morris Seven Types of Meaning, Geoffrey Leech, in Semantics , pp. Why is this important? 10-27.

Types of Blog Discussions

Tony Karrer

See Five Things Meme as an example. as an example. I've been involved with several different groups of people who are having different kinds of discussions that happen among bloggers. Blog Tag Memes - Someone posts a question and "Tags" five people to give their response.

Net uncovers new type of cloud

David Weinberger

There are reports of a new type of cloud , one that is not currently in the official International Cloud Atlas. For example, the University of Illinois’ “ cloud types &# page lists four broad categories, and a list of miscellaneous clouds, each of which is categorized under one of the four basic types, evoking a “Huh?&#

Types of Knowledge and Connective Knowledge

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Historically, we have had two types of knowledge: First, 'qualitative' knowledge. What colour the object is, for example. How many things do we see, for example. These two types of knowledge account for most of what we know about things that there are out there in the world. And there are different types of knowing.

The Baseline Journey

Adaptive Path

Attempting to manage different journeys for different customer types can be, well, a labor of lunacy. Let’s start with why they even care.

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A Playbook for Improving Customer Journeys

Adaptive Path

For example, GE Healthcare redesigned their medical imaging equipment so that children would find the experience less scary. Early Solutions.

An organizational knowledge-sharing framework

Harold Jarche

We can expand these three categories with Ewen La Borgne’s observation on the types of artifacts left by work projects.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Great New PaperVision Examples - 3D in Your Browser

Mark Oehlert

» February 28, 2008 Great New PaperVision Examples - 3D in Your Browser Ive blogged before about Really useful.

Typographers: the Original UX Designers

Adaptive Path

This made the type nerd in me happy and hopeful about the respect paid to typography on UX design. Distorting type is never a good idea.

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Building institutional memory, one story at a time

Harold Jarche

We know that this type of knowledge cannot easily be codified. The Ritz-Carlton provides an excellent example with Stories that Stay with You.

Life lessons from the keyboard.

Euen Semple

Even the discomfort I often feel when typing can be an example of this. tend to bash on, trying to type faster than I actually can. I get frustrated at the many mistakes I make and spend a lot of unnecessary time and effort going back and correcting slips. notice it. notice my fleeting irritation. notice the tension.

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Sharing some ideas

Harold Jarche

For example, Sparse networks are useful for efficiently gathering and disseminating information. call these Friday’s Finds. Beta Organizations.

The new work

Harold Jarche

All work today can be reduced to just four basic types of jobs, according to Lou Adler. Everything starts with an idea. This the second job.

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transparency sets the stage for trust to develop

Harold Jarche

In the second example above, people worked together because the remuneration was transparent. Business value increases with transparency.

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The Net: Free infrastructure for speech, enterprise and assembly

Doc Searls

Nothing in human history, with the possible exception of movable type — has done more to encourage all those freedoms. Take radio and TV, for example. I just posted this essay to IdeaScale at , in advance of the Open Internet Workshop at MIT this afternoon. There are also restrictions on what you can say.

Black Box Thinking Review

Harold Jarche

One excellent example is of 5 Israeli parole judges whose cases over a 10 month period revealed some shocking statistics. ” Books PKM

Google Brain: Inductive Thinking and Curiosity

Eide Neurolearning

and decides quiet a lot of information can be gained by this type of superficial processing of large quantities of material.

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A return to constraints

Dave Snowden

However I have been modifying my September thoughts somewhat and I’ve increasingly made a distinction between robust and resilient types of constraint.

Workplace Learning: Adding, Embedding & Extracting

Charles Jennings

An example might be the creation of some workplace activities as part of, or immediately following, a leadership development programme.

‘Form’ing learning

Clark Quinn

While there are a number of steps to take (including how you work with SMEs, the details you attend to  in  your content, etc), their internal vocabulary talks about ‘knowledge checks’ and the goal was to do those better as they migrate existing courses to a new platform with a suite of assessment types. Substantially. design

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co-creation as a service

Harold Jarche

However, examples of emergent practices can inform us, as long as we see them as guide posts, not rule books. There is no recipe book to follow.

Introducing the Digital Learning Quadrants

Dan Pontefract

This type of learner has no or very low access to technology coupled by a low or non-existent level of participation. Disconnected Nomad.

learn like a gamer

Harold Jarche

Personal computers are just one example. Learning is the new literacy. We buy new ones every few years. Operating systems change.

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What Else can Work at Scale? and Techniques from Social Media

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

The second type of game was a success, and should be used as a model for MOOCs (and indeed, were a part of the model George and I used when we developed cMOOCs). So this second type of games is the type of games I am talking about. My contribution to the Networked Learning Conference 'Hot Seat' discussion.

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Lateral Organizations

Harold Jarche

once asked Dr. Ed Lawler, an expert on the high-involvement form [lateral organization], why it had not become the dominant type of organization.

ADHD, Creativity, and Reduced Inhibition

Eide Neurolearning

Research suggests that different types of creative thinkers may excel at different types of problem-solving (e.g.,

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Leadership for the Network Era

Harold Jarche

Each type of societal structure has required different types of leadership. Ptolemy’s library at Alexandria is one example.

Evolution of the Chief Learning Officer

Dan Pontefract

The C-Suite members are culpable for this type of thinking. “Surely that’s not how you’re running the team?”

Becoming a 21st Century Digital Tinkerer

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

How do we create a type of life-long learning that fosters entrepreneurial learners with the network technology that exists today?”  .

The Collaboration Commons Idea

Dan Pontefract

For example, many libraries (be it K-12 or public) have setups like the following:  . People are people. Depeche Mode said that once). Thoughts?

the literacy of the 21st century

Harold Jarche

This type of work requires a culture of continuous learning. Work is learning, and learning is the work. Innovation Learning

70:20:10 – towards 100% performance

Harold Jarche

The latest publication from the 70:20:10 Institute , 702010 towards 100% performance , is not that type of book. Performance Architect.

Classifying folktales

David Weinberger

Some Examples: Beauty and the Beast: Type 425C. The Devil Building a Bridge: Type 1191. The Foolish Use of Magic Wishes Type 750A. Hansel and Gretel and other abandoned children: Type 327. Women forced to marry hogs: Type 441. The Runaway Pancake: Type 2025. Bluebeard: 312.

Make Work More Human

Harold Jarche

Founders of intangible services companies make vast sums of money, but most people working in these types of companies remain wage slaves.

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