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The Pull of Narrative – In Search of Persistent Context

John Hagel

Examples of narratives. What are some examples of narratives?  We live in a world of ever more change and choice , a world where we have far more opportunity than ever to achieve our potential. That kind of world is enormously exciting, and full of options. Content versus context. What is the context trajectory here?

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The 9 kinds of context that will define contextual search

Ross Dawson

One of the many topics I discussed was the rise of contextual search. One example she gave was a menu when you’re in a particular restaurant.

Nonprofits and Instagram: The Ultimate Curated Collection of Best Practices, Examples, and Tips

Beth Kanter

Nonprofit Examples and Getting Started or Rebooting A Strategic Approach. Instagram Overview. Best Practices and Tips for Nonprofits. Tool Box.

Nature Conservancy Instagram Contest and Other Examples

Beth Kanter

Last week,  I wrote a post about Nonprofits and Instagram , asking if it was valuable for nonprofit marketing. Snap, Tag, and Share. Caption Contest.

Power Searching with Google

Jay Cross

Search is like driving a car. Google just opened enrollment for an online course, Power Searching with Google. The instructor is folksy.


Tony Karrer

My intent here is to possibly expand the options for the average knowledge worker to be able to search a bit better than they do today. Search.

Reduce Searching Start Talking

Tony Karrer

I just saw When Knowledge Management Hurts … Professors Martine Haas from the Wharton School and Morten Hansen from INSEAD , for example, examined the use of internal knowledge systems by teams of consultants in one of the big four accountancy firms trying to win sales bids. It may even call into question sharing of Effective Patterns.

Full-text searching Harvard Library

David Weinberger

Harvard is digitizing many of them, but as of now you cannot do a full text search of them. You can do full-text searches of them.

Capture Examples

Tony Karrer

The primary reasons for doing the eLearning Tour was that it is hard to see examples of what is being done by fellow eLearning professionals and get a sense of the patterns that exist. And while I believe that I gave a flavor of what's happening out there through the tour, my gut tells me that it would be helpful to capture more examples.

Bring in the serendipity dial – for search, music and beyond

Ross Dawson

This is an example of collaborative filtering, whereby many users behaviors can be used to predict what others with similar musical tastes will like.

Search Pidgin

David Weinberger

To give just one example, I can’t figure out how to see the frequency of the surnames Kumar and Weinberger compared side-by-side in WolframAlpha’s signature fashion. Search engines are easier because they have already trained us how to talk to them. We eventually learn that quoting a phrase searches for exactly that phrase.

Visual Aids for Search

Harold Jarche

Just when you think you know what you’re doing on the Web, along comes another tool.

Twitter as Search Engine or Community Seed

Nancy White

Twitter as a search engine. But I never really conceptualized it as search.   So I thought I’d put it to the test. LOTS of volume.

Content Search Use Cases

Tony Karrer

recent example - Content Search: Use Cases - which explores some of the different ways we search for things and helps us think about when Google might be a good answer and when it's likely not Ray Sims has been doing great stuff on his blog. He does a great job of breaking down topics into smaller pieces.

Examples of eLearning 2.0

Clark Quinn

internal processes on wiki starting to use wikis internally Moving faculty bookmarks to Delicious use wiki for learners to craft definition of 'seamless service' after searching orgs that proclaim to provide seamless service We hope to build wikis that our students can use to share information. approaches. These make sense.

Beyond Search - REAP

Tony Karrer

via Jack Vinson's post Knowledge workers do more than search , found the article: Beyond Search is REAP. The point is that searching is really just the beginning for most activities. From the post: Beyond Search is REAP - Retrieve, Extract, Arrange, Present.

When search and replace goes wrong

David Weinberger

For example, here’s the explanation for the category “exercise equipment&# : Exercise equipment is any object used in exercise. global search-and-replace or mailmerge on boilerplate gone wrong? lists experts willing to testify in court for you, for a pretty penny. Pretty straightforward.

Google Brings SMS Search to Ghana and Nigeria

Adaptive Path

Yesterday Google announced a test launch of SMS search in Nigeria and Ghana. In places like Africa where the prevalence of mobile phones far outstrips access to the Internet via a PC, services like Google’s SMS search makes a lot of sense. It’s a great example of tailoring a service to user needs.

Learning in the workplace

Harold Jarche

Search the Social Web using search engines (solve problems). Put together resources on how to search. Informal Learning

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Great New PaperVision Examples - 3D in Your Browser

Mark Oehlert

» February 28, 2008 Great New PaperVision Examples - 3D in Your Browser Ive blogged before about Really useful.

The Future of Work and Learning 2: Chatbots

Jane Hart

Examples of their use might therefore be to. search for relevant or customised content (or courses) on say YouTube, Wikipedia or Coursera.

Peer Review vs. Search Engine Places - Quality of Information in a Web 2.0 Sources

Tony Karrer

But what really caught my eye was the statement: For information-seekers using their favorite search engine, quality is simple to define. Yet it is increasingly likely that they will first search Google; the article that shows up on the first page of results will be a winner no matter what its published pedigree. Is that right?

Learning is Connecting

Harold Jarche

Google Search: Web search engine. Cisco’s CEO, John Chambers, was right, but not the way most people understood it at the time.

I Wrote a 90,000 Word Book Entirely in Evernote

Dan Pontefract

used Evernote because of these key features : access, snippets, notebooks & layout and search. Take that Microsoft Word. Just kidding.

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Rethinking John Wanamaker

Doc Searls

Again, while search ads are called ads, but they’re really direct marketing. This is an improved edit of a post I made to a list I’m on.

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Learning Without Training

Jay Cross

Here are a few examples of learning before and after instituting the learning infrastructure we call a Workscape. Just Jay

7 Tips for Using Quotes for Your Nonprofit’s Content Strategy

Beth Kanter

For example, on Father’s Day, Edutopia posted this quote about dads. 4. Share an example in the comments. My favorite is QuoteLand.

holistic technology

Harold Jarche

The ubiquitous search engine optimization (SEO) industry is based on Google’s dominance of internet search. Technology

What's Wrong with Traditional Stock Photography Sources for eLearning

Tony Karrer

The best way to illustrate the point is with an example. This greatly reduces image search time.

[iab] Frances Donegan-Ryan

David Weinberger

At the IAB conference, Frances Donegan-Ryan from Bing begins by reminding us of the history of online search. Every time we search, data is recorded. The sequence of our searches gives especially useful information to help the engine figure out what you’re trying to find out. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong.

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Why Content Curation Should be in Your Skillset

Jay Cross

You expect the curator of an art gallery to know the collection and to: search out the best items. An example: How Jay Cross Curates Content.

The Big Shift in Business Models

John Hagel

the rapid growth of ride-sharing services) for early examples of this. This makes the search for new business models even more urgent.

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Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools

Jay Cross

Many times I’ll be searching my own sites. really enjoy using Google to search images. curate five topics on ( example ).

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Social Customer Service - proving you failed?

Martijn Linssen

Business or Pleasure? - why not both Home About Contact Tuesday, 4 January 2011 Social Customer Service - proving you failed? Coffin. Who cares? Klout.

The Coming Listicle Apocalypse (Or … Six Ways Listicles Are Taking Over)

Dan Pontefract

Examples below: “What are the five things you did at school today?” Sorry, it’s just the law now.). Will it ever end?

Google Brain: Inductive Thinking and Curiosity

Eide Neurolearning

and decides quiet a lot of information can be gained by this type of superficial processing of large quantities of material. Eide Neurolearning Blog.

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The Coming Robotics Revolution

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Everyday examples include speaking a language, riding a bike, driving a car, and easily recognizing many different objects and animals.  .

sense-making with fridays finds

Harold Jarche

For instance, I regularly search my blog for posts I have written so that I can recall my thoughts. call it my outboard brain. Friday's Finds

More Reflections on SharePoint and Picking Technology | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

feature is something that makes a tool usable. ) For example, a wiki is a tool. These are examples of features. My folders. Your folders.

Browsers should have been cars. Instead they’re shopping carts.

Doc Searls

It’s not for lack of trying on the part of websites and services such as search engines. Take, for example, the matter of location. At least not on its Web page. (If I use the location bar as a place to search, it gives me results, for some non-obvious reason.). All of us are. And that’s a problem.