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Leadership by Example

Harold Jarche

Here are two examples. We are not born with this information. Leadership by example becomes the key. So what exactly is modelling?

Learn Informal Learning Informally

Jay Cross

Next month I’ll be offering an experiential workshop on Informal Learning through Jane Hart’s Social Learning Center. Format.

Reviewing elearning examples

Clark Quinn

The winner, (in my mind; the overall findings haven’t been tabulated yet) did a good job of immediately placing the learner in a context with a meaningful task.  It was very compelling stuff, with very real examples, and meaningful decisions. The first problem is that most of them were information objectives. This is a problem.

Informal rule of thumb

Harold Jarche

According to Gary, as much as 95% of workplace learning is informal. Informal LearningShe found it rather useless. Wikipedia.

Informal learning, the 95% solution

Harold Jarche

Tweet Informal learning is not better than formal training; there is just a whole lot more of it. Informal Learning

The Masterclass on Informal Learning

Jay Cross

Your organization has decided to tilt in the direction of informal learning. Introduction to informal learning. So now what do you do?

The key to informal learning is autonomy

Jane Hart

He writes: “I thought I had made a sound business case for investing more in informal learning, but few organizations changed their ways.

An Example of the Flat Army CLAM in Action: BC Ideas2Action

Dan Pontefract

Visit the IDEAS2ACTION site for more information. It’s a good example of Government 2.0. (if you’re still into those 2.0

Information: What am I missing?

George Siemens

What can we do now with information that we could not do in the past? I’ve abused Kauffman’s concept of the adjacent possible by applying it to the new opportunities, untapped potential, and levels of complexity, that arise with the development of something new. What can we do with information that I’ve overlooked?

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A Perfect Example of a Bad Boss: A Middle School Principal

Bob Sutton

  She has no one with feet on the ground feeding her information - consequently, her “ideal” visions and new structures are theoretical only – they are never held up to the light for discussion or dissection, to see if they’re workable or not.    This boss defines lack of presence.  "  Scary, huh?

information theory and psychology

Mind Hacks

I have read a good deal more about information theory and psychology than I can or care to remember. Piece’s 1961 An introduction to information theory: symbols, signals and noise. Much of it was a mere association of new terms with old and vague ideas. From: John R. Plus ça change. Linkage

The role of informal social networks in building organizational creativity and innovation

Ross Dawson

However this is often difficult in large, complex organizations. Source : IBM Creative Leadership Report. Collaboration Enterprise 2.0

Managing information and knowledge

Harold Jarche

— Can there really be Too Much Information? Information rules all of our lives. In fact, DNA, the building block of our bodies, is “the quintessential information molecule,” writes journalist James Gleick in his new book, The Information: A Theory, a History, a Flood. QUOTES. via @jrobes. KM projects are tough.

How to evaluate social and informal learning

Jay Cross

For example, take one aspect of a purposeful enterprise network, profiling. In brief, the Kirkpatrick levels are good for events, not processes.

5 Examples of Non-Profits Using Cats…and a Dog in Content Strategy

Beth Kanter

Examples of Non-Profits Using Cats… And a Dog guest post by Madeleine Hammond. Pets Add Life – Talking Cat Consultants. Video

Information, Money and Related Subjects

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Money is continuing its centuries old transformation from being embodied in objects with intrinsic value, like gold and silver, to being nothing more than information in the digital wallets of our mobile devices as well as in our digital accounts someplace out there in the cloud.  Today. we are happy with money we cannot even see. 

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5 Reasons Why Activity Streams Will Save You From Information Overload

Luis Suarez

Yet, in the world of Activity Streams both serendipitous knowledge discoveries and informal learning, a.k.a. Information Overload?

Beyond GDP - Measuring Value in a Service-oriented, Information-based, Digital Economy

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Most measures of economic performance used by government officials to inform their policies and decisions are based on GDP figures. 

The Information Diet: Not Just A Book, A Movement For Conscious Consumption of Information

Beth Kanter

The problem of “information overload” is nothing new and has been around for centuries.   All you have to do read Ann M. 4-5: Email.

Solving Big Problems in Our 21st Century Information Society

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The article reminds me how much our society has changed in the last twenty years, in particular, the different way we solved big problems at the zenith of our 20th century industrial economy versus the way we now do so in the early stages of the 21st century information economy. . But why, some say, the moon?  Why climb the highest mountain? 

information theory and psychology

Mind Hacks

I have read a good deal more about information theory and psychology than I can or care to remember. Piece’s 1961 An introduction to information theory: symbols, signals and noise. Much of it was a mere association of new terms with old and vague ideas. From: John R. Plus ça change. Linkage

Total information war

Mind Hacks

The many examples given of how this has been attempted during the recent and ongoing conflict are completely fascinating. Integrating

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New Tools Beget Revolutions: Big Data and the 21st Century Information-based Society

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

On May 22 I attended the 2013 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium.  All while the windows of opportunity and response will continue to shrink. 

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The Science of Information-based Predictions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Silver, on the another hand, views information-based predictions, including political forecasting, as a scientific discipline. 

Notes from Information Technology Based Higher Education and Training ITHET 2013, Antalya

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Camtasia - problem is it destroys the object-base of presented media & symbolic information VCR recording - done in background through projector - you don''t need software on the presentation computer - eg. difference between groups - as determined by test scores - why? Let''s do engineering. - how does a student''s brain work?

learn like a gamer

Harold Jarche

Personal computers are just one example. Informal Learning WorkLearning is the new literacy. We buy new ones every few years.

PKM 148

strategic transformation of workplace learning

Harold Jarche

Learning is mostly social and often informal. Studies show that informal learning accounts for between 70% and 95% of workplace learning.

Noam Chomsky, security, and equivocal information

David Weinberger

It literally carries no information, even in the technical sense: it’s completely predictable and thus carries no info. I don’t doubt that the US security folks believe it, but it is without meaning. believe they are acting for the best of purposes. I am a little bit hung-up, however, on his equivocating on “information.”

Capture Examples

Tony Karrer

The primary reasons for doing the eLearning Tour was that it is hard to see examples of what is being done by fellow eLearning professionals and get a sense of the patterns that exist. And while I believe that I gave a flavor of what's happening out there through the tour, my gut tells me that it would be helpful to capture more examples.

preparing for 2020

Harold Jarche

Automated tellers are an obvious example. Informal Learning SocialLearningWork was done collaboratively, directed by those in control.

Building institutional memory, one story at a time

Harold Jarche

The Ritz-Carlton provides an excellent example with Stories that Stay with You. Communities Informal Learning NetworkedLearning PKM

Dear C-Suite: We Don’t Do Training Anymore

Dan Pontefract

For example, 42 per cent of the CEOs interviewed remarked “the length of a course was a more important deciding factor than its content.”

Organizational Learning in the Network Era

Harold Jarche

If I’m looking for great examples of collaboration and social learning, do the folks in Training & Development model them? This is absurd.

Learning is everywhere

Harold Jarche

If I’m looking for great examples of collaboration and social learning, do the folks in Training & Development model them?

Learning by Osmosis

Dan Pontefract

… collaboration informal learning social learning flat army formal learning informal learning osmosis pervasive learning Are you?

sense-making with social media

Harold Jarche

For example, I use Twitter for quick generation and broad sharing. Informal LearningFacebook helps me share resources. Generation.

What is learning’s role?

Harold Jarche

For example, training courses are artifacts of a time when information was scarce and connections were few. itashare.

“you simply can’t train people to be social!”

Harold Jarche

Informal Learning InternetTime SocialLearningThese individual activities are not a single skill-set that can be trained in a classroom.

Learning in the workplace

Harold Jarche

Notice that these are all informal. For example: Compfight for images; GoogleGuide ; Tools for Search ; Four Ways to Search the Social Web.

Yammer 124

It is time to simplify

Harold Jarche

The five informal learning methods described in yesterday’s post on Learning in the Workplace have one thing in common.