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Identifying a collaboration platform

Harold Jarche

The key challenge is merging work and learning, especially in the minds of workers. I’ve noted before that the main objective of the modern training department should be to enable knowledge to flow in the organization. Work with management to fund and develop better tools and processes for workers. Does your LMS do this?

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195 posts about MOOCs

Jay Cross

From Learning Management to Personal Knowledge Management. Knowledge Transfer STEPHEN DOWNES: HALF AN HOUR | FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2011.

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Sense-making with PKM

Harold Jarche

Tags are labels that can be attached to digital knowledge objects and an objects can have many labels. Elgg (OS). People learn socially.

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May – June 15 Great Ones

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

So, what is Knowledge Management? - All of us are smarter than any of us… , May 24, 2010. Gurteen Knowledge-Log , May 20, 2010. The Importance of Elgg in the Future of Learning , May 6, 2010. The Importance of Elgg in the Future of Learning , May 6, 2010. Best of Informal Learning Flow. What is data science?

Connectivism and Transculturality

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

And probably in that discussion you will create new knowledge, right? You need to have different perspectives and points of view even to have a conversation, much less to create a community or to create new knowledge. really complex kind of knowledge. Think of the knowledge it takes to do that. We'll live stream it.