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Go West, Middle-Aged Man

Steven Berlin Johnson

Then I moved into a loft in the West Village with the woman who would become my wife. started But somehow this year the argument stuck.

Why not link to sources?

Doc Searls

Does this mean it’s an AP story? guess so, but the AP symbol is not linked to anything. No link to the Guardian story there, either.

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The Evolution of the Knowledge Web Worker

Luis Suarez

“ A knowledge worker is someone who gets to decide what he or she does each morning “, by Thomas A. You gotta love those quotes. For sure.

Future Approaches in UX: 10 FAUX Methods to Rock Your World 

Adaptive Path

Gamification , mental models , bodystorming , sketchboarding , Lean UX , service design. Artisanal Prototyping: A person, a product, a passion.

A story about Connected: The Film and why you must see it

Ross Dawson

I saw Connected: The Film by Tiffany Shlain last night at its Australian premiere, organized by Annalie Killian. What an awesome cause.

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The rise of participative TV (hint: that’s better than social TV)

Ross Dawson

The opportunity for television is to become a truly participative media. It needs to create participative experiences, from which comes real community.

The Textbook Bubble

Jay Cross

How long are textbook publishers going to get away with exorbitant prices? Or sham add-on services? Via: Online Schools. iPads. Kindles. Smart phones.

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Why People Leave Organizations

Kevin Wheeler

Whether the economy is strong or weak, no matter the time of year, and no matter how much they are paid, many of our best employees decide to leave.  The question we all grapple with is why? Why do people stay at a company or leave?  What motivates such behavior and how can employers motivate people to stay longer?  The Perception vs. The Reality.

How to Use Employee Engagement to Boost Your Business

Luis Suarez

Curating good, relevant content that matters to you is just such a wonderful thing! Some others haven’t. And here is why. What do you reckon?

Managing in a networked world

Harold Jarche

Tweet In 2009,  Anthony Poncier wrote a good post (in French) that covered the eight challenges of management in the virtual era; loosely translated as: Being concurrently nomadic and collaborative. Renewing the workplace social contract. Creating new modes of leadership. Creating value, not just revenue. The production of collective knowledge.

Ridiculous research findings on informal learning

Jay Cross

An analyst reports that her company’s research finds that only 30% of U.S. What an astounding finding! Just Jay

Why Don’t You Have an Internal YouTube Video Sharing Service?

Dan Pontefract

A few facts about YouTube: 24 hours of content is uploaded every minute. YouTube has more than 490 million unique users worldwide per month. security.

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Life In A Perpetual Learning State

Luis Suarez

Even our own education system is being affected by it quite a bit and probably without an option to ever look back. At least, it shouldn’t be.

Scoop: Corporate directors understand change and embrace governance for transformation

Ross Dawson

I gave my keynote on How Technology is Transforming Business for Australian Institute of Company Directors this morning here in Beijing.

Network Learning PKM Workshop Notes

Harold Jarche

Tweet The  Network Learning workshop will be held in Toronto on 27 May 2011. Finding things out on the Web (SEEK). 2. NetworkedLearning PKM

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Ask DJ Spooky: A UX Week Interview Set Up

Adaptive Path

You love Paul Miller (a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid). Or, maybe you just don't know you love him yet. But, trust me, you do.

10 mobile questions

Clark Quinn

As part of an initiative for ASTD’s upcoming International Conference and Exposition , I was filmed as I responded to 10 questions around mobile (if you’re there, hope to hear how it goes) from Tony Bingham (he came in via conference call). How do you define mobile learning? Why mobile / why now? augmented reality). Think strategically.

Ethan on serendipity and cosmopolitanism

David Weinberger

Ethan Zuckerman blogs the brilliant and delightful “extended dance mix&# of his talk on serendipity at CHI 2011. He begins by wondering why people migrate to cities, even when those cities have been vastly unappealing, as per the stink of London in the mid 19th century. Marta C. Gonzalez, Cesar A. Hidalgo & Albert-Laszlo ?

Jobs? We ain’t got no jobs

Harold Jarche

Tweet If contract work seems like the only option, then start networking with co-workers and competitors. Is anything like this happening?

Ask DJ Spooky: A UX Week Interview Set Up

Adaptive Path

You love Paul Miller (a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid). Or, maybe you just don't know you love him yet. But, trust me, you do.

Alternate Pedagogies and Experiences

Clark Quinn

And one of the things that has been of interest to me is looking differently at pedagogies. Traditional. Navigable/adaptive. Problem-based.

WCET Receives Grant for Groundbreaking Higher Education Analytic Research

Ellen Wagner

I am pleased to share the following good news. WICHE, the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education, announced today that WCET, the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies, has been awarded a $1,000,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Jobs, networks and economics

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. QUOTES: @sandymaxey – “Hierarchical networks appear incestuous, perpetuate mindless incrementalism, reinforce stagnant thinking. Need inclusivity for disruption.&#. via @MarionChapsal. — via @loyalelectron - Wow. The new China? Trade-Marks Branch).

Keep North Carolina’s broadband market free

Doc Searls

This issue isn’t just close to home for me. Not to mention countless friends.) Not one of them tells me how great their broadband is. Maybe.

Organisational Naivety

Euen Semple

This may seem like a contradictory post given my continued belief that social tools will revolutionise the workplace but I do get frustrated at a common naivety about what this will take. There are many aspects of organisational life and the work of managers that is tough, really tough. These things are scary and managers have to deal with them.

The New Entrepreneurship: Back to the Roots of the American Dream

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the US unemployment rate continues to hover around 9%.  Gallup’s measurements are somewhat higher at 9.2%.  When you add to the unemployment rate the percentage of Americans working part time but wanting full time work, you get an underemployment rate of 19.1%.  Not at all. 

eLearning Guild Mobile Learning Research Report now available

Clark Quinn

In it, I review the latest trends in the mobile market, and then synthesize the results of the Guild’s member surveys. Check it out. mobile

[dpla] Europeana

David Weinberger

About fifteen of us are meeting with Europeana in their headquarters in The Haag. NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Introducing artificial choppiness. Over-emphasizing small matters. Paraphrasing badly. Not running a spellpchecker. Mangling other people’s ideas and words. Four fnctions: 1.

Grief, mental illness and psychiatry’s sad refrain

Mind Hacks

One change expected to appear in the DSM-5 reflects a growing consensus in the mental health field; the other has provoked great controversy.

Reflections of the Evolution of Capitalism

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

The Cold War was an era of military, political and economic conflicts between the communist world led by the Soviet Union , and the Western world , led by the US.  These debates were settled by 1991 with the collapse and dissolution of the Soviet Union. The sorry state of their economies speaks for itself. Not so.  After all, it is their country. 

Beyond Talent

Clark Quinn

A post I wrote for the ATC conference: As I prepare to talk to the Australasian Talent Conference I’ve naturally been thinking about the intersection of that field and what I do. As I recently  blogged , I think there’s an overlap between OD and the work of trying to facilitate organizational performance through technology.

Wisconsin Boycotts Working

Nine Shift

No data, just the view from the ground. The boycotts in Wisconsin are working. Here's my anecdotal non-evidence: 1. Lots and lots of Miller and Leinie sales on right now. 2. If they were not working, why would the Wisconsin Grocers Assn. put up such a fuss earlier this month, making headlines and whining to the press. 3. Right, today I've switched

Data 17
Data 17

The testing of Alan Turing

Mind Hacks

In a 1949 paper , F.L. Politicians and newspaper editorials alike praised the potential value of hormonal therapy. Other People Remembering

Emotionally intelligent signage comes to Broadway (and other.

Dan Pink

The Big Apple is hauling out the Big Skeleton.