Sat.Aug 21, 2010 - Fri.Aug 27, 2010

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Launch of iPad Media Strategy framework

Ross Dawson

This morning I ran the iPad Strategy Workshop at Newspaper Publishers Association Future Forum in Sydney.

"Courage in Women is Often Mistaken for Insanity"

Ellen Wagner

Today is the 90th anniversary of the Certification of the 19th amendment. My friend Libby Dorsey shared an email this morning with a reminder of this important anniversary, asking that we remember the day and remember the efforts of those.

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The Evolving Social Organization

Harold Jarche

Tweet Co-author: Thierry deBaillon – @tdebaillon. Simplicity and the Enterprise. Most companies start simple, with a few people gathering together around an idea. For small companies, decision-making, task assignments and direct interaction with clients are rather straightforward.  With growth, the simplicity ends. concepts and practices.

ServiceDeskPhobia: one-idiot-fits-all

Martijn Linssen

Today I had the unpleasant experience that my company's email server was down - all morning and well into the after lunch dip even.

Infographic: The NewsScape - 8 sources of value creation in a post-channel media world

Ross Dawson

have just prepared a framework to crystallize some of my thoughts on the news landscape today, which I've called The NewsScape.

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Newspapers become irrelevant and media is reborn by 2022

Ross Dawson

On Thursday I am giving the closing keynote at Newspaper Publishers Association Future Forum conference in Sydney. gave a sneak preview of some of what I will be covering, leading to a wide variety of coverage including in The Australian , by Roy Greenslade in The Guardian , on The Inquisitr , and on Mumbrella (including a rich discussion).

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Business or Pleasure? - why not both: The product-to-service.

Martijn Linssen

What followed next was somewhat of a diabate (sic) by me with Frank and Dennis Howlett.

Solitude conjures imaginary companions

Mind Hacks

But as well as being an interesting study, the scientific paper is wonderfully written. Johnson, 1927/1990, p. Link to PubMed entry for study.

Study 12

My all-time favorite learning event

Jay Cross

Every year for the last six, I have flown to Seattle to attend Gnomedex , far and away my favorite and most powerful learning event. Gnomedex X.

Visualization of top iPad News apps in Australia

Ross Dawson

Click on the image for full-size pdf. The following bar shows the price (for paid), the user rating on iTunes, and the size of the download in MB.

Price 14

Feed the Habit: Digital Multitasking

Adaptive Path

During a recent research and strategy project at Adaptive Path, our team uncovered a fascinating pattern around media multitasking—most participants between 20 and 30 years of age watched TV or movies while engaging with laptops, iPads, and smart phones. Digital multitasking features arguably enhance productivity.

Distractingly attractive

Mind Hacks

This is a form of change blindness , where we look at a scene but fail to notice something has changed. Their mind was clearly on other things.

Study 11

Machine and Human Intelligence

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

This constant stream of stories suggests that machines are becoming smart and autonomous, a new form of life, and that we should think of them as fellow creatures instead of as tools.” “. AI was one of the hottest areas in computer sciences, primarily in the US and the UK, in the 1960s and 1970s.  But they are not sufficient. 

Presentation from iPad Strategy Workshop at Newspaper Publishers Association

Ross Dawson

The iPad Strategy Workshop at Newspaper Publishers Association Future Forum was a big success. In a large room laid out for 120 there was just standing room by the time it started, with great content and a highly engaged audience.

Digging ourselves out of a hole

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week: QUOTES. via @bduperrin Six Fundamental Shifts in the Way We Work – HBR.

In the eye of the swarm

Mind Hacks

AI based on ant behaviour, though, is having some success.&#. As the number of cities grows, the problem gets more complicated.

The Kings Arms

Dave Snowden

To Oxford today for a series of meetings. Lunch was in the Kings Arms pictured below.

Moon Over PEI

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Moon Over PEI. Moonlit waters over the Gulf of St. Lawrence at PEI's Jacques Cartier Provincial Park. Originally uploaded by Stephen Downes


Personal Information Management for Sense-making

Harold Jarche

Tweet George Siemens calls it information management (what I describe as PKM). specifically use the term information instead of knowledge.

When justice fails

Mind Hacks

The interview is repeatedly astounding and has some terrifying insights into personal conviction, group think and the difficulty of admitting errors.

Straw, reed and willow

Dave Snowden

I'm pleased to say that those problems which could be solved have been solved and those problems which cannot are at least stable.

Seeking exceptional senior researcher/ writer for high-profile report on crowdsourcing

Ross Dawson

We have just posted an ad over at CrowdsourcingResults for a senior researcher/ writer for a forthcoming report on crowdsourcing we are doing.

IT & HR: Should They Merge?

Dan Pontefract

The Learning Space at companies large and small is often caught between the fence posts of IT and HR. Sometimes, it's a vortex. Capital Spend. Perhaps.

Delusions of pregnancy, in a man

Mind Hacks

A 1999 case report describes a 29-year-old man who developed the delusional belief that he was pregnant. Link to PubMed entry for case report.

Ivan Illich and me

Jay Cross

Ivan Illich. Forty years ago, Illich wrote about the need for learning networks, peer-to-peer webs, and learning objects. Wikipedia ]. Curiosity?

Why Work Smarter?

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Here are some blurbs from the next edition of The Working Smarter Fieldbook. – Daniel H. – Julia Seery Gude, in HRExaminer.

Signposts for the Week Ending August 27, 2010

Adaptive Path

The Myth of the Fold. If we put this link further down the page, will you still find it? link]. “People said that a tape player, which could not record, would never catch on.&# Oh yeah? link]. This indestructible soccer ball goes to show you that inspiration can strike for just about anything. link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. link]. link].

The psychology of advertising in the Mad Men era

Mind Hacks

There were two distinct camps on Madison Avenue. And they loathed each other. One group was led by Rosser Reeves who ran the Ted Bates agency.

What does Jay do?

Jay Cross

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I begin my day by rewriting my job description. Internet Time Studio. Get out of the office.

How people learn: bedrock

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Seminal documents. Three dozen wonderful presentations, free books, and funny videos about how people learn.

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Google buys fourth social medium company in a month

David Weinberger

Google has bought Angstro. Nancy Gohring at PC World says : Angstro marks the fourth company that Google has acquired this month. It bought Slide , a social games developer; Jambool , a company that makes a platform for managing online payment for virtual goods sold on gaming and social-networking sites; and , a visual shopping engine.

Live notes: Afternoon of PANPA Future Forum conference

Ross Dawson

Following my live notes from this morning of the Newspaper Publishers Association Future Forum conference, and before my closing keynote, here are quick notes from the afternoon session. Jan Rezab from CandyTech in Czech Republic was originally going to speak about mobile but decided that it would be more valuable to discuss Facebook.

An oracle looks at Oracle

Doc Searls

Stephen Jannise has put together an informal but well-thought-out poll on Oracle’s next take-over target. Dig it here. My own off-the-wall bet was on Akamai, which Stephen was kind enough to include in his report. Even if you don’t follow Oracle or the other companies listed, it’s a very interesting exercise. Bonus link.

Signposts for the Week Ending 8/20/2010

Adaptive Path

Here’s a rundown of the interesting, peculiar and inspiring nuggets that crossed our paths last week: Chula Carlson , our fabulous Controller, wrote her first (and dare we say, AWESOME) AP newsletter article, Accounting for Experience. We were intrigued by how the NY Times creates infographics. We found the “Can We Date?&#