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The Great Decoupling of the US Economy

Andy McAfee

So how have we actually been doing in the US? Well, we had a bit more than  trente spectaculaires of our own. What’s going on?

cooperative competencies

Harold Jarche

Last month I wrote a post that included a presentation on enterprise social dimensions. It was based on three different perspectives I had come across.

Why microblogging has moved to the heart of enterprise social initiatives

Ross Dawson

Email is not going to die, but it is reducing,” he said. The rise of microblogging. The major microblogging players. Why microblogging has flourished.

A rant about IT and losing our grip on reality.

Euen Semple

<rant> Foursquare just gave me extra points for having checked in at airports continuously for the last eleven weeks. This is a dubious distinction. In that time I have been to Riga, Amsterdam, most major cities in Australia, Hong Kong, Washington and Dubai. As a result I have gradually lost my grip of reality. This issue is endemic.

Sitting kills

Jay Cross

Taking a Stand for Office Ergonomics. switched to standing desks several years ago. My Do I get tired from standing all day?

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Join our Learning Hangout Tuesday at 1:30 pm Pacific/4:30 Eastern/9:30 Greenwich

Jay Cross

Tuesday, December 18. 1:30 Pacific. Google Un-Hangout. . Please join our conversation about anything related to learning in organizations.

Video 44

organizational relevance

Harold Jarche

Peter Evans-Greenwood has had some good articles lately. This is from his latest,  is your organisation irrelevant? 21C_Leader Work

“is dead” isn’t dead, but needs to die

Doc Searls

All these living things have been declared dead… Anonymous travel. Apple (in 2005). Blogging  (by  Francine Hardaway herself , no less). Common courtesy. Driving. Google  (in 2006). Google+. Internal medicine. Journalism  (in BuzzFeed, next to “The 30 Most Important Cats of 2012″). Marketing. Microsoft  ( Paul Graham , in 2007).

Interlocutors of 2012 (the goats are better for it)

Dan Pontefract

Do you recall what an interlocutor is? Were you an interlocutor in 2012? It’s not a one-time thing. that’s my non-abusive point).

8 Books for Nonprofits To Read and Book Giveaway

Beth Kanter

Every year around this time,  I write a post about some books that should be valuable to those who work in the nonprofit and social good sector. Book

eBook 42

hyper-connected pattern seeking

Harold Jarche

Here is more confirmation that work is learning, and learning is the work. But what about people? This only works in transparent environments.

Join our Learning Hangout Tuesday at 1:30 pm Pacific/4:30 Eastern/9:30 Greenwich

Jay Cross

Join Google+. (If this is your first time, allow 15 minutes to get set up.). Join our Learning Community. First come, first served. Bring a question.

Video 31

The Science of Information-based Predictions

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

His final forecasts for the 2008 presidential elections predicted the winner in 49 of the 50 states, as well as the winner of every race in the Senate.

Why Building Resilient Networks Matter

Beth Kanter

Lessons Learned About Resilient Networks from Super Storm Sandy by Pat Brandes, Executive Director, the Barr Foundation. They could not cook. Network

Part 3 of 3: Personalized Learning

Dawn of Learning

This is the 3rd in a series of 3 pertaining to how personalized learning can be applied to education and training. In the first I explored the application of personalization in K12, and in the second how personalization can be applied to high-skill knowledge workers. Employee training is critical to the brand, and very expensive to deliver.

Remembering Peter Sklar, placeblogging pioneer

Doc Searls

This is a hard one to write.  Peter Sklar, the founder, editor and chief-everything of Edhat, has died. Peter was the Steve Jobs of place-blogging. Like Steve, he was an original genius and nobody’s fool. He could be prickly and sarcastic, and he did things his way. What made Edhat so wonderful, from the start, was his light touch.

Finally, alternatives to prominent MOOCs

George Siemens

Tony Hirst shared a new initiative via OU UK: UK universities embrace the free, open, online future of higher education powered by The Open University. From a Times HE release : Futurelearn will carry courses from 12 UK institutions (see list), which will be available to students across the world free of charge. Why give not develop your own?

The 24 rule for new ideas

Dan Pink

As he puts it: “When someone gives you an idea, try to wait just 24 seconds before criticizing it. If you can do that, wait 24 minutes.”


Giving my computers a break

Jay Cross

The Stanford profs had conducted a series of standard psychology experiments but substituted a computer for one of the participants. Not bad.

List 19

Compounding Intelligence

Clark Quinn

It is increasingly evident that as we unpack how we get the best results from thinking, we don’t do it alone. Moreover, the elements that contribute emphasize diversity. Two synergistic events highlight this. In that study, a diverse group of lower intelligence produces better outputs than a group of relatively homogenous smart folks.

A Fundraising Cliff? What does the data say?

Beth Kanter

Flickr Photo by Su Lin. ” A Fundraising Cliff? What does the data say? Guest Post by Steve MacLaughlin. Is it the economy? Will it get better?

[eim][2b2k] The DSM — never entirely correct

David Weinberger

The American Psychiatric Association has approved its new manual of diagnoses — Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — after five years of controversy [ nytimes ]. Lumping and splitting are the two most basic activities of cataloguers and indexers. Some of us are lumpers, and some of us are splitters. All to the good.

BBC Column: political genes

Mind Hacks

Here’s my BBC Future column from last week. The original is here. The story here isn’t just about politics, although that’s an important example of capture by genetic reductionists. There’s growing evidence to suggest that our political views can be inherited. Getting emotional. Extremely unlikely. But let’s not stop there. Theor

Friday’s Finds 183

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared  via social media  during the past week. Leadership: To survive a shock to the system, become an unplanned organization  - by @rbgayle. Compounding Intelligence : learning social skills leads to better decision making – by @quinnovator. ” Friday's Finds

VolunteerMatch: How Real-Time Data Visualization and Learning Improves Impact

Beth Kanter

Last week, I had the pleasure of doing a Brown Bag Lunch Book Talk for Measuring the Networked Nonprofit hosted by VolunteerMatch at their offices.

Senator Colbert? Meet Beppe Grillo

David Weinberger

Those of us who are not-so-secretly hoping that Stephen Colbert might actually run for Senate should take a look at Beppe Grillo ‘s career in Italy. In October, it led the voting in Sicily. Now the Five Star Movement is holding an online vote to choose which candidates to support. There are certainly skeptics.

A smoother flow

Mind Hacks

You’ll be please to hear that Scorzayzee is now doing fine and makes a brilliant storyteller. Recommended.

News 13
News 13

Emotionally intelligent bubble wrap

Dan Pink

From NPR’s Robert Krulwich comes the tale of how a bus stop in Milan is making the wait for public transportation more bearable.


Supporting EdTech Journalists

George Siemens

There are many active contributors to conversations about educational technology, elearning, online learning, whatever learning. Some folks do it while gainfully employed ( Stephen Downes , Alec Couros ), others have made it part of their consultancy work ( Jay Cross , Harold Jarche ), and some ( edsurge ) who are VC funded.

Wisdom About Networks From Encore Network

Beth Kanter

Wisdom About Networks From Encore Network – A Guest Post by Leslye Louie and Lyle Hurst. More to come! … Read More Networks

#6 Students Put Demands on Higher Education

Nine Shift

This year we saw students put more demands on higher education, furthering the obvious: that the higher education system is broke.

Twelve more shopping days until Christmas

Jay Cross

There’s still time to buy a copy of Informal Learning before Christmas. know, I know. The above comes from the Wiley & Co. Informal Learnin

Buy 2

Register Now, Save Big on Adaptive Path 2013 Events

Adaptive Path

It's that time of year again… time to be cheap! We're running our annual end-of-the-year events sale and now is the time to save big on next year's conferences and events. They won't get any cheaper. You won't get a better deal than this. So take it! No budget left for this year? We've got you covered.

How to make friends with and influence Sydney’s entrepreneurial and self-employed community

Ross Dawson

This year we celebrate the 14th annual Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed Xmas Party in Sydney. As every year, the intention is to provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs and self-employed people, primarily from the technology and creative sectors, to celebrate the end of a great year with their peers.