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Remaking education in the image of our desires

George Siemens

The current generation of students will witness the remaking of our education system. Education faces enormous pressure. It’s much, much bigger.

Three Principles for Net Work

Harold Jarche

Work is changing. The nature of work is changing in our increasingly networked economy. Known Problems and Exceptions. It is now known. Conclusion.

Only 14% think that company training is an essential way for them to learn in the workplace

Jane Hart

That was one of the findings of my recent anonymous survey on how people learn best in the workplace, and even I was surprised by the results. Ranking.

Flipping Corporate Learning

Jay Cross

Flipping learning is big in education. It will be big in corporate learning. Let’s not blow it. How do you flip learning? Flipping Stanford.

Free and Cheaper: The World’s Best News

Andy McAfee

The speed with which our economies and societies are digitizing continues to astonish. ” Data and devices are, too. We just have more data.”

News 119

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Every business document should be in the cloud and concurrently editable

Ross Dawson

I’m at the Melbourne Google Enterprise Atmosphere on Tour event , the first of 25 events around the world. I am doing the keynote on The Evolution of Business at the Melbourne and Sydney events, giving an external perspective which happens to be highly aligned with the Google vision. The event included a Google Apps demo. That is crazy.

Measuring the Forces of Long Term Change

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore described what became known as Moore’s Law in a 1965 paper where he observed that the number of components in integrated circuits had doubled every year since their invention in 1958, and predicted that the trend would continue for at least ten years, a prediction he subsequently changed to a doubling every two years. 

It’s all about conversations

Harold Jarche

Markets are conversations ~ Cluetrain Manifesto. … and so are organizations. Esko Kilpi. Conversations. How do we have these at work? Tweet.

Is it time for a BYOL (Bring Your Own Learning) strategy in your organization? #BYOL

Jane Hart

But I think this is rather like shutting  the stable door after  the horse has bolted; it’s just too late. Reflect and review. Contribute and share.

Neelie Kroes: European Commission’s voice for the open Internet

David Weinberger

Neelie Kroes is becoming one of the open Internet’s most influential supporters. Kroes is Vice President of the European Commission and is responsible for its “digital agenda.” Yesterday she gave a speech at the World Wide Web Conference in Lyon in which she called for new thinking to support an open Internet. But it is. Go Neelie!

The MegaTrend of Distributed Attention is driving everything

Ross Dawson

Yesterday I ran Getting Results From Crowds and Crowd Business Models workshops in Sydney, the first in a global series of crowdsourcing workshops. During the workshop we had an awesome panel of three of Sydney’s top entrepreneurs: Rebekah Campbell of Posse, Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin of BlueChilli and Phil Morle of Pollenizer.

Using social media for onboarding

Harold Jarche

Two actions that can begin even before a formal offer is made: Providing access to an online knowledge base. Start the process as early as possible.

FAQ 77

This might be the best 11 minutes you’ll spend today.

Dan Pink

Seth flags this short film about this amazing project. Watch it. Seriously. Art Business Models Education

How to Introduce Autonomous Cars Without Cooking the Planet

Andy McAfee

Many of us can’t wait for autonomous cars, and would pay a lot to have one and be freed up from the hassles of driving. Do you agree

La valeur du crowdsourcing: Atelier à Paris

Ross Dawson

Je viens de faire une courte vidéo à propos du crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing Français Future of work


PKM Workshop: learning out loud

Harold Jarche

Sometimes it helps to learn out loud – LOL. That’s why we commit to formalized activities. They can help us try something new. Tweet.

PKM 54

Powerful Men Talk More, Powerful Women Don't Because It Damages Their Likeability, Power, and Effectiveness

Bob Sutton

The depths of societies ingrained sexism -- and the degree to which successful women understand it is a fact of life that requires constant vigalance and adjustment -- never ceases to amaze and trouble me.    A new study in the Administrative Science Quarterly (Volume 56, pages 622-641) by Yale faculty member Victoria L.

Study 40

UX Intensive Service Design Day Teaser

Adaptive Path

If you're heading to the UXI service design day , here's a teaser. I'm looking forward to working with these new tools

Future of Crowdsourcing workshop at Crowdsourcing Summit in Cologne

Ross Dawson

Go to the event website for more details on the workshop. New areas that crowdsourcing will be applied to. The implications for the future of work.

Probing the frontier

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared  via Twitter  this past week. Quote via @karlpro. ” by @AnneBB. FINDINGS. Tweet.

Give Piece a Chance

Dan Pontefract

Give Piece a Chance. To be more specific, give a piece of content, a piece of feedback, a piece of knowledge, a piece of your experience a chance.

Is Impulsivity a Bad Thing?

Eide Neurolearning

Answer - it depends. The test involve college students who were administered a personality test that estimated trait-impulsivity.

Discount for London incubators at Crowdsourcing for Startups and Social Innovation workshop

Ross Dawson

On 1 May I am running a half-day Crowdsourcing for Startups and Social Innovation workshop at Hub Westminster. From 1:30pm to 5:00pm we will run a highly interactive session looking at the practical ways in which crowds and crowdsourcing can be used to drive value in crowds and crowdsourcing. Expert panellists. Hopefully catch you along the way.

More Evidence of Self-Enhancement Bias: New Study of Tailgating

Bob Sutton

The pile of evidence for self-enhancement bias grew a bit lately, with a new study on tailgating.    Good fun.

Study 34

Give Piece a Chance

Dan Pontefract

Give Piece a Chance. To be more specific, give a piece of content, a piece of feedback, a piece of knowledge, a piece of your experience a chance.

LCT Poll

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

I have a quick Twitter poll - I'm considering offering a MOOC in logic and critical thinking starting in September. Third question - would you pay to have assignments marked & commented by me? How much? Hypothetical only, I'm already employed (for now)). Please answer in the comments. Thanks

Scrappy VS Strategic: Is there a generational divide in nonprofits around how to innovate using new technology?

Beth Kanter

Photo by Ceclcia Aros. Scrappy VS Strategic – Guest Post by Daniel Ben-Horin. Thanks, Beth, for asking me to write about this conversation here.

Data 30

Media reports its reaction as news…again

David Weinberger

Secret Service scandal eclipses Obama trip. That’s the headline in USAToday. It’s typical of the news coverage of the Secret Service scandal before the President arrived in Colombia. Let me fix that for you: Media’s decision to focus on the Secret Service scandal eclipses Obama trip. Sheesh

An antidote to post-natal venom

Mind Hacks

Were hormonal levels tested? Was postpartum bruising measured? Even serial killer Ted Bundy managed to look “normal” for longer than that.


Euen Semple

“What day is it,?" asked Pooh. It's today," squeaked Piglet. "My favorite day," said Pooh.  . ht Dina Mehta


London Future and Design drinks on 23 April – hope to see you there!

Ross Dawson

I start a busy five week European speaking tour from this Saturday with a weekend in London with my wife the jewellery designer Victoria Buckley and two lovely little girls before heading on the Tuesday to Amsterdam for my first keynote at TheNextWeb Conference. Details here: Date : Monday 23 April. Time : 6:00-8:30pm. Hope to see you then!

Data Nerd Alert: Donors Who Give Through Multiple Channels Give the Most

Beth Kanter

Guest Post By Dennis McCarthy is Convio’s. Integration on both fronts is imperative. On average, dual channel donors give $123.29 link].

ROI 28

I predict a riot (based on a single study)

Mind Hacks

A group of black bloc researchers fed up with the lack of interest in replicating psychology studies has set up a strike force called the The Reproducibility Project that will recreate all 2008 studies from three major cognitive science journals. That sound you can hear. That’s shit hitting the fan. So why not check? But still. News Theory

Study 41

An Asshole Infested Workplace -- And How One Guy Survived It

Bob Sutton

Even though it has been five years since The No Asshole Rule was published in hardback, I still get 15 or 20 emails a week about issues pertinent to the book -- descriptions of workplace tyrants and creeps, on how to avoid breeding them, and on what to do about them when you work with one -- or a lot of them.   Here is my reaction.