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Why acquisition beats retention

Martijn Linssen

In a short conversation with Graham Hill today, the topic of acquisition versus retention was brought up.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: HBR on How to Fix.

Steve Denning

Michael Porter and Mark Kramer: Article in HBR on How to Fix Capitalism: A Bandage on a Cancer

Reciprocity: The Word of 2011

Dan Pontefract

With all conceptions of Web 2.0 charging full steam ahead within our organizations and institutions, parading as Enterprise 2.0, No one owns evolution.

Lost in Translation:

Charles Jennings

Why Learning Professionals Need to Learn to Speak their Stakeholders’ Language The language we use is important. There’s no doubt about that. Human cultural development owes a great deal to our ability to communicate complex thoughts and be clearly understood by others so they can take actions.

Graphic Facilitation Workshop July 2011

Nancy White

I’m very excited to offer a visual practice learning event this year with my energetic and creative co-conspirator, Michelle Laurie. Location.

Price 38

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Calling shades of gray “black and white&#

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Recognition of Non-formal and Informal Learning. Who are these guys? Later, its membership was extended to non-European states. Emphasis is mine.].

Finding Stability at the Core of Change

John Hagel

As the New Year dawns, all of our thoughts turn to the changes ahead. At the same time, it might be an occasion to reflect on what will not change.    What will be the sources of stability that will help to sustain us through the accelerating changes unfolding around us?   But I also missed something, something really important. 

2011 Predictions

Clark Quinn

For the annual eLearn Mag predictions, this year I wrote: I think we’ll see some important, but subtle, trends. Deeper uses of technology are going to surface: more data-driven interactions, complemented by both more structured content and more semantics. Amazon and Netflix) and mining that as a basis for optimizing interactions. 

Transparency: embrace it

Harold Jarche

How do you make work more effective? Make it transparent, as Sigurd Rinde did with his client. He redesigned an advertising agency’s workflow, identifying the main choke points, four “big meetings&# where one of the “owners&# had to be present , and then made the workflow visible so anybody could see what was happening.

The earliest use of “user experience” as we now think of it?

Adaptive Path

Many years ago, I did a little research on the term “user experience,&# and shared my findings on my personal site. Don Norman claimed to have invented the term back at Apple around 1993. month or so ago, Google released the Ngram Viewer for it’s books, which allows you to find out the popularity of certain terms in certain years.

[2b2k] Amateur astronomers, and science as a network

David Weinberger

I met today with Aaron Price, who’s with the American Association of Variable Star Observers , a group celebrating a hundred years of gathering data from amateurs and professionals about variable stars. AAVSO has an archive of over 19 million variable star observations. We talked a bit about who should be called a scientist.

Price 28

What's your sentence?: The video | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

On New Year's Day last year, we introduced our Two Sentences video. On New Year's Day this year, we introduce a new video inspired by its

Video 25

Networked learning in a changing world

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. modified my use of Twitter favourites for my Friday’s Finds selection this week. switched my social bookmarking service from Delicious to Diigo and noticed that Diigo offered a method to save my favourites automatically. Five surprising changes in 2010 by @lemire.

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Radical management is.

Steve Denning

Radical management is the most dangerous kind of revolution. because it can't be defeated by guns or force or diktat.

Words about The Scream

Mind Hacks

Explanations of the meaning behind the image abound, mainly focusing on an outpouring of emotion in response to suffering.

Net Neutrality, conversation and art in Santa Barbara

Doc Searls

Tues-Sun 12pm -5pm. In their page on Net Neutrality , there’s a link to this piece I wrote for Linux Journal in 2006. Bonus link.

Will’s Learning Landscape Model

Harold Jarche

Will Thalheimer has developed the Learning Landscape Mode l and created this 13 minute video to explain it. Learning Performance Improvement

Video 22

The evident relationship between solar and ice?

Martijn Linssen

link] Opmerkelijk!

The war of the manual of mental illness

Mind Hacks

Regier and Scully are more than willing to acknowledge this. As Scully puts it, “The DSM will always be provisional; that’s the best we can do.”

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Fixing capitalism: Is.

Steve Denning

HBR on how to fix capitalism: is "shared value" another "business process re-engineering

Banksy, Wall and Piece

Jay Cross

This evening I read an extremely clever book by a very funny man, the British graffiti artist Banksy. Just Jay


How to talk like an American

David Weinberger

British voice coach Gareth Jameson explains how to talk like an American: Accents : How To Do An American Accent. Pretty good! Where I come from, “banter&# and “banner&# don’t sound identical, but otherwise I think he nails us.

Video 12

Change of pace

Mind Hacks

Muchas a gracias a todos!

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: Tom Gilb's review of.

Steve Denning

Tom Gilb's review of Radical Management: "I love this book

Enterprise microblogging should be pay-per-use

Martijn Linssen

Make Your Own Zombies

Doc Searls

SOCIALBOTS 2011. Points will be given for connections created by the bots and the social behaviors they are able to elicit among the targets.

Science and the legal high

Mind Hacks

subsequently received e-mails saying I should stop my research, and that I was an embarrassment to my university. Inside the Brain News

The Leader's Guide to Radical Management: How delighting the.

Steve Denning

How delighting the client overcame impossible odds: Qatar & the 2022 World Cup

2010 - year in review

Martijn Linssen

2010 marked the first full year of blogging for me. On a side note

Fish Bowling, Solo Galaxies and Free Writing in Holland

Nancy White

Note: I’m working a back log of “draft posts&# that have yet to see the light of day. The key word that keeps coming to me is fractal.

From Passive to Active Learners - Consumers to Creators

Eide Neurolearning

American students are slipping even further in math, science and reading against international competition. Fifteen-year-old U.S.

3 resolutions for making 2011 practically radical | Daniel Pink

Dan Pink

Still haven't gotten around to making your new year's resolutions? The Pink Blog is here to help.


Jay Cross

You can buy Gloria’s classic book at the Internet Time Bookstore. miss her. And I see that “Related posts&# are not necessarily related.

Geography forever

Doc Searls

When I was walking to school in the second grade, I found myself behind a group of older kids, arguing about what subjects they hated most. Seriously.