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Emerging new roles for learning and performance professionals

Jane Hart

Over the last week or so I have been posting about how (I think) the workplace learning landscape is changing. self-directed learning Social learning

Ranking and comparing the world’s top 20 startup hubs

Ross Dawson

Earlier this year I wrote about the top 25 startup hubs in the world as ranked by the Startup Genome project. It makes for interesting reading. Boston.

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Announcing the Front Cover of Flat Army

Dan Pontefract

I’m excited to show you for the first time the front cover of the book. More details to come shortly. book flat army


Social business for organizational survival

Harold Jarche

The potential of social business is organizational survival, because enterprises must be able to share knowledge quicker than before. SocialBusiness

Formula for happiness

Jay Cross

I spent Monday and Tuesday getting inspired at the Future of Talent Retreat. This is my eight year in row. Relationships. Nurture your connections.

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Advice for the UNESCO OER Mapping Project

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Email written as advice to the UNESCO OER mapping initiative. This is beginning to read and sound very much like the debates around learning object metadata of the 1990s. I know that approaches such as LRMI represent an improvement in that elements are aligned with data types. its mime type) rather than specifying application software.

Maybe we’re the only hope for Apple maps

Doc Searls

Take a look at these screenshots of maps on my iPhone 4, running iOS 6: On the left, , made mobile. Very, apparently.

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An open letter to Rep. Joe Kennedy on seizing the copyright initiative

David Weinberger

Dear Joe, Congratulations on your victory! I’m proud to have you as our new Congressperson from the 12th district here in Brookline and environs. Barney Frank has left you some big shoes to fill, and I’m looking forward to watching you lace up. Barney did a great job representing our local interests. That was Friday. Expand Fair Use.

Become your own upstart

Harold Jarche

Upstarts & Incumbents. Once the entrants have grown “under the radar”, they can grow to directly confront the incumbents. Internal Upstarts.

The brain in numbers, colours and wow

Mind Hacks

An amazing picture by Dwayne Godwin and Jorge Cham from PhD Comics. Click for the full size image just published at the Scientific American site.


Virtual Worlds in an Organization are not a Time Waster (and other beefs)

Dan Pontefract

Quite frankly, I hear too many people scoff at the use of virtual worlds inside an organization. It’s beginning to get me riled up.

Keynote slides: Creating Massively Successful Networked Organizations

Ross Dawson

I have just completed the day two opening keynote at Connected Enterprise 2012 , following Brian Solis ‘s day one keynote. Here are my slides for the keynote. As always, the slides are designed to accompany my presentation, not to stand alone, so are provided for the audience at the event and any others who may find them useful nonetheless.

Kurt Vonnegut, Joe Heller, and a Great Thanksgiving Message

Bob Sutton

  The key part is Vonnegut's Joe Heller poem, one of the last things he published before he died.  Here is my story. " Not bad!

Where is your mind?

Mind Hacks

My BBC Future column from a few days ago. The original is here. I’m donating the fee from this article to Wikipedia. Read the column and it should be obvious why. Perhaps you should too: We like to think our intelligence is self-made; it happens inside our heads, the product of our inner thoughts alone. Society wins.

‘Give 10? Every Day: An Inspiring Story of Giving Back

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: My colleague, John Weeks, is an expat nonprofit techie living and working in Cambodia. So just what is “Give 10”? Definitely.

Design to elucidate complexity: derivatives and the meta-economy

Ross Dawson

Source : Gong Szeto. Together it provides a very rich view of some of the challenges we have created, and how we can address them.

Anybody want to see a 2-minute video preview of my new book?

Dan Pink

BTW, if you pre-order the book ( Amazon , , IndieBound ), please hang on to your receipt. Next week, we’ll be announcing an awesome package of giveaways for folks who order before the December 31 publication date. Sales To Sell is Human

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Video 23

Sex taboos: a brief and incomplete tour

Mind Hacks

Cultures around the world have restrictions or prohibitions on when sex is allowed which turn out to be quite amazing in their diversity. Togethernes

The power of the unassuming web

Euen Semple

There is so much bluster and marketing push around the whole social thing. But it is just the web, the internet, gradually creeping into our lives and into our work lives. Modest aspirations, modest claims. That's the way to make social happen. Let it creep at its own pace. Be interested in its twists and turns. It's like water, stronger than rock.


I’m Doing Giving Tuesday Not Black Friday: One Week To Go!

Beth Kanter

I’m spending the day with family in Atlantic City, NJ. If anything, the day will prompt conversation about philanthropy in the U.S.

An open open mobile OS

David Weinberger

This isn’t news. I’m just slow. But in July, Mozilla announced it will launch its new mobile operating system in Brazil. The plan, apparently, is to focus first on emerging markets. The Mozilla mobile OS is going to be completely open , based on HTML 5. Because it’s Mozilla, it will be open open.

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The relative consuming disease

Mind Hacks

Prions are misfolded proteins that cause other proteins to take on the infectious misfolding. No-one knew prions existed or could exist before kuru.

When the BBC lost the plot

Euen Semple

Reading this section of Maureen Gaffney's excellent book Flourishing I was reminded of Jon Birt's leadership at the BBC and the moment when the organisation forgot this important point. To flourish, people need to make a connection between the practical things they are doing and some deeper value that motivates them. So too with organizations.

Read before you share - otherwise it's gossip

Martijn Linssen

The verdict: bogus anal-ysis. Which doesn't matter to the authors, because the shares came in by the hundreds of course. Amazing facts! Got it? Hello?

The Marketoonist on Attila the Manager

Bob Sutton

Check out his site, it is filled with great stuff -- like this cartoon and story about my least-favorite U.S. company, United Airlines.

The road to ‘war on terror’ torture

Mind Hacks

It turns out that the division fell along inter-agency lines. The CIA used the harsh approach, the FBI relationship-based interrogation.

On appealing year end appeals & being pitch-erific

Beth Kanter

Are you understanding how social media disrupts your donors decision-making? Tis the season. The holiday season. The eggnog season. A lot. Very few.

I’ve got your content right here

Clark Quinn

I was engaging in a mobile strategy session with a small not-for-profit the other day, and naturally it became an overall technology strategy session, as you really can’t do mobile strategy without considering social media strategy, learning technology strategy, even enterprise technology strategy. But their problem was really much simpler.

An Evidence-Based Temper Tantrum Topples The Local A **e

Bob Sutton

About 15 years ago, UC Berkeley's Barry Staw. and I had a running conversation about the conditions under which. showing anger, even having a temper tantrum, is strategic versus. something that undermines a person's reputation and influence, and for. leaders, the performance of their teams and organizations.  Ridiculous I know. Facts.

Transparency isn’t a choice

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared via social media during the past week. For today money is created by bank lending.

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Governance and Pragmatism: Moving Beyond “The Culture of No”

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Checks and balances is one of the most important principles for making decisions and getting things done in a highly complex organization. While we primarily associate checks and balances with the US system of government, I believe that it equally applies to any other complex organizational system. Lou called it A Culture of “No.”. “I

Letter from the mental states of America

Mind Hacks

Alistair Cooke presented the longest running radio show in history. It ran for just shy of 58 years. Link : TV Violence – 13 April 1986.

5+ garages to service your car? Sure

Martijn Linssen

We discussed Integration, within enterprises. I just think that there are far, far better ways of using your time and money. Would you love that?

Is Open Access only for rich countries?

David Weinberger

From an email: …an online discussion on Open Access (OA) from the perspective of the developing world. This open access dialogue will provide a valuable space to discuss different perspectives on what open access means for the developing world and what it can offer. Join us for stimulating debate! Register here