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Tim O’Reilly on Putting Labor Back Into the Economy

Andy McAfee

Under the title “ Create More Value Than you Capture ” he shared his insights on a wide range of topics with the audience. workers behind.

Net Work Skills

Harold Jarche

Tweet Imagine if we limited our conversations to only those in the same office. We would miss out on so many learning opportunities.

Skills 119

Social Business, Where Do You Stand?

Luis Suarez

Muhammad Yunus ), since things are not going much better either in that space, as the true intentions from most organizations are starting to show up.

Using network perspectives to visualize changing culture and meaning

Ross Dawson

I earlier shared one of his presentations in a post on how the culture of luxury is changing. Culture Networks (SXSW 2012).

Metacognition, Math, and the Brain

Eide Neurolearning

If our students are up to the challenge, it's important we give them a chance to work on very hard problems. It's not just students, of course.

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What does a disrupted education system look like?

George Siemens

The event is being streamed live. Some great resources on Indian education can be accessed here (bottom tab on left-side menu).

Innovation is about making connections

Harold Jarche

Tweet. The network era workplace requires collaboration and cooperation because complex problems cannot be solved alone. SocialLearning Wirearchy

Clothing is a privacy system

Doc Searls

Some clothing we need. That’s the kind that keeps us warm, or shielded from sunlight, or from getting our feet burned or cut up. Bonus link

Scenario Planning in Action: What, Why, Success Factors, and Process

Ross Dawson

Scenario planning as a management discipline has a long and rich pedigree. We have summarized that in the following two page document. Distinct.

Voting for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 is now open

Jane Hart

This is the 6th annual Top 100 Tools for Learning list I will be compiling based on the contributions of learning professionals worldwide.

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Preparing for change

Harold Jarche

It is difficult to be a connected and networked person when you can only communicate with people inside your organization. Preparing for No Normal.

Now Is the Time for India to Democratize Learning

Jay Cross

A synopsis of my remarks to Emerging Directions in Global Education 2011, Delhi, India. Progress is unfolding at an unprecedented rate. Corporations.

In the future libraries may die, but they will be reborn

Ross Dawson

The future of libraries is a rich and fascinating topic. It’s over 10 years now since I first gave a keynote on the topic, to an an audience of over 1,200 members of the Australian Libraries and Information Association conference. sparked by discussion of the need for big new library projects in the region.

Consumerization of tech: The new enterprise disruptor

Dion Hinchcliffe

We hear it all the time now, the drumbeat of consumerization. But what makes it different that tech revolutions of the past? It turns out, it’s those very differences that make it more liable to forever change how we acquire and use information technology in the enterprise

The chaotic world of work

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some of the insights and observations that were shared via Twitter this past week. The contributors may be volunteers or paid employees.

Everything Is Connected to Everything

Luis Suarez

Science. Science. The one subject back at school that I always kept struggling with time and time again. Knowledge sharing with a passion! Maybe Prof.

Insights and real-life case studies in effective crowdfunding for change

Ross Dawson

This evening I spoke at the Crowdfunding for Change event run by Avis Mulhall ‘s Think Act Change. To do that you need to optimize the sharing.

The Power of the People Around You

Bob Sutton

I spent the morning trying to organize and make sense of various materials that Huggy Rao and I have been gathering about scaling.  "  The post was quite interesting, well-crafted and introspective.  This is such good advice because human attitudes and behaviors are so infectious. 

Time for the Patent Office to move off of TIFF?

David Weinberger

Look up a patent at the US Patent Office site, click on “Images” to see the image, and the chances are very good that you’ll get the sense that people are patenting white paper over and over and over again. The images generally do not show up. Example ). Tagged Image File Format (TIFF). or CCITT Group 4 (G4) compression.

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Enterprise 2.0 – A Joyful Definition

Luis Suarez

Summit event that I attended in Paris by the beginning of February. and Social Networking for Business. What if Enterprise 2.0 How cool is that?

Value based pricing is at the heart of the future of professional services

Ross Dawson

In my first book Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships: The Future of Professional Services the final chapter was titled Value-Based Pricing: Implementing New Revenue Models. The chapter in my book provides a fair overview of the key possibilities and factors in value-based pricing. However I am not a deep expert in the field.

Price 42

Post-sex psychology

Mind Hacks

Slate has an article covering the growing research on post-sex behaviour – what we do after we’ve got it on and what it might mean.

Are Incompetent and Nice Bosses Even Worse The Competent Assholes? An Excerpt from My New Chapter

Bob Sutton

Tomorrow is the official publication day for the Good Boss, Bad Boss paperback.    It contains a new chapter called "What Great Bosses Do," which digs into some of the lessons I learned about leadership since publishing the hardback in September 2010.  Here is the excerpt from the new chapter (the 4th of 9 lessons): 4.

My Favorite Tools: Ginormous Stickies

Dan Pink

Drumroll, please. We’ve got a brand-new video feature here on the PinkBlog. Think of it as the baby sibling of Pink’s Travel Tips. Tools

Tools 29

Ten years from now: What we will do, have, and not have

Ross Dawson

This morning I appeared on Channel 7′s The Morning Show talking about the world 10 years from now. A few of the things I mentioned in the interview include: Customised medicines : Doctors will use our DNA profiles to create a drug specifically for us. The economics won’t add up and digital paper will be far better than dead-tree paper.

Attractive people less shallow

Mind Hacks

I’ve just found a disappointing study from the European Journal of Psychology that found that physically attractive people are more likely to be psychologically balanced and accepting than the rest of us. The researchers debate why more attractive people might, on average, end up being more psychologically accepting of themselves and others.

Say where?

Doc Searls

This photo of Chicago has suddenly had more than six thousand views thanks to being posted in CityPorn on Reddit. Awesome Fun Photography


Shared thoughts

Harold Jarche

Tweet Over the years I’ve written a fair number of words on this blog, starting in 2004. You might think of it as a visual business card.

Le futur de Facebook et le rôle de la France

Ross Dawson

Voici ma première vidéo en francais, qui est à propos du futur de Facebook. Facebook va changer ses stratégies.

Net Work Literacy Online Programme

Jane Hart

Working online is different. Few traditional jobs prepare anyone for this. Hosted by Harold Jarche and Jane Hart of the Internet Time Alliance.

Tips 27

Worsworth on blogging

Euen Semple

O reader! Had you in your mind. Such stores as silent thought can bring, O, gentle reader! You would find. A tale in everything. William Wordsworth.

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Dan Pontefract

Over the past decade I’ve been in positions to publicly speak, both internally and externally, well over 200 times. Thanks for reading. HR hr 2.0

Grow your business faster! Crowdsourcing and Crowd Business Models workshops in Sydney

Ross Dawson

Following the launch and fantastic response to Getting Results From Crowds we will be running a series of workshops around the world on creating value using crowds and crowdsourcing. The first ones will be in Sydney on April 16, followed by a number to be announced shortly in Europe and the US (see our call for crowdsourcing workshop partners ).

The Hallmarks of Great Leaders -- and the Needs of Younger Workers are Timeless

Bob Sutton

Fast Company has another excerpt from the new chapter in Good Boss, Bad Boss out today -- one that goes against things that many so-called management gurus often say.   Here is opening of the piece and you can read the rest here : A lot of people write business books: about eleven thousand are published each year. I'd love your reactions!