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Designing on Purpose: An Interview with David Butler, VP of Design at Coca-Cola

Adaptive Path

Brandon Schauer and Henning Fischer recently sat down with David Butler, VP of Design for the Coca-Cola Company and MX 2009 speaker. Here’s part 1 of “Designing on Purpose.&#. Henning Fischer] Could you tell us a little about yourself, your team, what you do for Coca-Cola and where you sit within the organization? It was four CEOs ago.

Bring NineShift to your organization!

Nine Shift

"I'd trample my grandma to hear Draves speak."  Phil Housel, Kerrville, Texas. Bring NineShift to your organization!

Digital Habitats: stewarding technology for communities

Nancy White

One of the things that John says in this video is the importance both of a view of a community from the inside AND the outside.

Preparing for Business 2.0

Harold Jarche

If you were to advise someone considering going into business or becoming an entrepreneur today, what would you tell them? Think again.

Getting rained out in a brainstorm

Doc Searls

In a meeting yesterday, somebody on the IRC shared a link to “Bregman divergences in the ( m × k ) -partitioning problem&# , from Science Digest.

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Flashback 28 years - News media’s first steps towards the Internet

Adaptive Path

I admit it: living and breathing the Internet, I sometimes forget where we were and how far we’ve come. This KRON news story from 1981 does this.

Language twists

Dave Snowden

One of the things that most impressed my on my first visit, were three simple cards that are an outstanding example of association.

Interested in Informal Learning? Join us at LearnTec 2009

Nancy White

We’ll mix it up, I’m sure. Join us!  . February 4, 2009. 30pm - 6pm Middle European Time. Duration. 4,5 h. World Time. www_timeanddate_com.

Pretty Patterns

Euen Semple

I have been enjoying getting to know the new iLife 09 set of applications for my Mac. It's about patterns.

The leaking pyramid

Harold Jarche

Social networking is getting more pervasive (Facebook, Twitter or DIY with Ning) and accepted in the mainstream, such as Linked-In for recruiting.

Killing Themselves Softly: Newspapers and the Internet

Ellen Wagner

really enjoy sorting my way through the steady push of information nuggets. Take a look at the YouTube video that Etay found:


Tony Karrer

This is likely my last post in the Tool Set series. This is by no means comprehensive and I welcome suggestions. Search. Obviously, we do this a lot.

How are we building our “community soil?

Nancy White

Via Hyperlocavore , I watched this video on preparing an urban, raised-bed garden. If you are interested in gardening, take a look at the video.

Understanding Blogging for Knowledge Workers

Harold Jarche

Blogs are now mainstream and it’s no longer necessary to explain what one is. Read the whole post and bookmark it; it’s a classic.


Cycles, chasms and the hype curve

Dave Snowden

A few days ago I posted on Praxis using Handy's sigmoid curves. This is the basic life cycle curve and you will find it in a lot of text books.

Coal ranching

Doc Searls

On Tuesday I got my first good look into the coal mines of Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. Featured are the Jacobs Ranch and Black Thunder Mines.

How Could I have missed the annual Soup Swap?

Nancy White

Waaah. missed it. It is such a community indicator. Even better if they are home made, pot luck, or if in a restaurant, family style. It’s essential.

Learning about Business

Harold Jarche

After several years, I’ve realised that there were some things that transferred from military to civilian life.

Accelerating innovation

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

These people learned through story and ritual kept alive through a pattern of living in one another’s communities. There were no schools.

The Bilbao Effect

Jay Cross

Frank Gehry’s 1997 Guggenheim Museum is credited with putting Bilbao, once a decaying, dirty, industrial city back on the map.

ADVERTISEMENT: Certified Knowledge Manager Training

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen Certified Knowledge Manager Training. 4 - 8 May 2009, Basel, Switzerland. Interactive 5 day workshop supported by extensive eLearning program. Workshop Leaders: Barry Hardy, Beat Knechtli, Pavel Kraus, Michael, Wyrsch, Stephan Bohr, Douglas Weidner. Communities, Collaboration. More Information: [link]. Program Brochure: [link].

Online Marketing for Free-agents

Harold Jarche

Note: The Cluetrain Manifesto celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Cluetrain #1 Markets are conversation. Don’t try to sell anything.


Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Yesterday morning I flew from Bilbao to London, changed terminals at Heathrow, and flew from London to Rome.

The Bilbao Effect

Jay Cross

Frank Gehry’s 1997 Guggenheim Museum is credited with putting Bilbao, once a decaying, dirty, industrial city back on the map.

Signposts for the Week Ending February 6, 2009

Adaptive Path

The eeriness of re-living our favorite music as reimagined via Microsoft Songsmith keeps us up at night. Once you’ve watched the incredibly creepy commercial , enjoy the creativity of the masses on Youtube with reinvisioned White Wedding , Roxanne and other great hits. What’s in a name? Or should we say where ? Have a great weekend.

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Doc Searls

Barack Snowbama. Another. Via JY.


New rumor corrects old rumor

David Weinberger

The new rumor is that Vivek Kundra will be made administrator of e-government and IT for the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB), not the federal CTO as previously rumored. This would be good news, although it would leave the rumored good or bad news about the national CTO open to rumor.

News 2

Images matter

Jay Cross

That’s the way we humans are wired. Santander. Last month, it was museums in Santa Fe and Taos. What on earth are the museum curators afraid of?

NPS is Growing Up

Adaptive Path

Recently, there was a conference on Net Promoter Scores here in San Francisco. Bruce Temkin , VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research (and upcoming speaker at MX 2009 ) put together two nice “state of the NPS&# posts. Net Promoter Scores are a customer-loyalty metric, developed by Fred Reichheld. My Closing Thoughts On Net Promoter.

Off to Hong Kong and Malaysia

Kevin Wheeler

I am heading to Hong Kong and then to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia on Saturday. I'll be talking to a variety of HR professionals in Hong Kong and presenting a workshop on Strategic Talent Planning in KL. I'll post some video interviews I do

Video 2

Serialized Feeds

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

A serialized feed is one in which posts are arranged in a linear order and where subscribers always begin with the first post, no matter when they subscribe to the feed. This contrasts with an ordinary RSS feed, in which a subscriber will begin with today's post, no matter when the feed started. Second, it creates a coordination issue.


No net connection, no Jay

Jay Cross

Parador Gil Blas in Santillana del Mar. Last night around midnight, wireless connectivity at my hotel in Santillana del Mar disappeared. Mierda.

Report 2

Toward understanding the MIddle East

Doc Searls

I don’t write much about war, mostly because I’d rather write about stuff I can do something about. As a young man I opposed the Vietnam war, wrote about it, protested against it. If I hadn’t lucked into a medical deferment, I would have been a conscientious objector, like some of my good friends. At that Steve helps a lot.

e-Gov by the people

David Weinberger is running a post of mine that says we should expect e-gov to come from we the people faster and better than what will come from the government. (If it’s not obvious, the post started life intended as a spoken commentary for All Things Considered.).