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Spatial Thinkers - Not Visual and Not Verbal

Eide Neurolearning

Rather, thought processing seems to involve space or kinesthetic / bodily sensations or associations.

Study 35

The occult insignificance of meaningless numbers

Dave Snowden

I've been in Belgium and Luxembourg for the last two days delivering two half day seminars for the EU. All journeys by train which allowed me to catch up a lot of work, although I will confess that on the journey from Brussels to Luxembourg I dozed and watched the unfolding scenery remembering past trips to the Grand Duchy. So what is wrong?

MobilGlyph: Making Data Tangible

Adaptive Path

Entering contact information into a mobile device is not a trivial task. Phones are *not* optimized for text input, making this important task an awkward and time-consuming interaction for even the most proficient user. Yet it was a task identified as one of the most beneficial aspects of owing a mobile device. Making Data Tangible.

Data 10

The psychology of being scammed

Mind Hacks

I'm just reading a fascinating report on the psychology of why people fall for scams, commissioned by the UK government's Office of Fair Trading and created by Exeter University's psychology department. Here's some of the punchlines grabbed from the executive summary. Scarcity cues. Induction of behavioural commitment. Lack of emotional control.

On curriculum

Harold Jarche

I noticed today something that reinfornced my opinion of education curriculum. As you can see from my last post, there’s a production of My Fair Lady at the high school for the next three nights, plus an in-school presentation this morning. He took a nap and is now preparing for this evening’s performance.

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Friday’s Finds #1

Harold Jarche

In an attempt to make my finds on Twitter more explicit, this may be the start of regular post on some of the things I learned this past week. Numbers & Measurement. Every one of those statements is wrong. But business eats it up. And it’s easy to see why. Open Souce. Learning & Working. asked him if he would consider taking me on full time.

What Do We Get From Conversation That We Can't Get Any Other Way?

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen I love the power of conversation - its the driving force behind my Knowledge Cafes. Another person who loves conversation is Nancy Dixon and she has taken to blogging about it recently. This is what she had to say about conversation in a recent post What Do We Get From Conversation That We Cant Get Any Other Way? What would you ad Give your bloggers’ names!

David Weinberger

The blog continues to improve, by which I mean it’s getting less like the glass-topped version of White House press releases. But it’s missing a big opportunity by keeping the blog posts anonymous. And, that post ends with the blogger’s evaluation of the President’s proposal: “Long overdue.&#

Tall people have slower nerves, sensory lag

Mind Hacks

Frontal Cortex has alerted me to an interesting NPR radio segment on the fact that taller people have longer nerves and so will have slight sensory lag in comparison to shorter people. It prompted me to look up some of the research in the area and I found an eye-opening study looking at a range of factors that can effect nerve conduction.

A landscape of influences

Harold Jarche

There are a number of key aspects of influence networks that need to be addressed to tap the power of influence.

Unemployment, Job Creation and Education

Kevin Wheeler

Unemployment is an ugly thing.


Facilitating Online Curriculum

Nancy White

Now it is up and available to all of us. Congratulations Tony. And thanks for keeping it in the accessible, public domain as well. That matters!

Numbers up for dopamine myth

Mind Hacks

I've just found an elegant study on the neuroscience of gambling that wonderfully illustrates why the dopamine equals pleasure myth, so often thrown around by the media, is too tired to be useful. Whether it be heroin, a glass of water when you're thirsty, or your favourite book on calculus - if that's what floats your boat.

My Fair Lady in Sackville

Harold Jarche

The production will feature student actors ranging from Grades 9 to 12, lavish costumes and a spectacular set. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

New male role model an improvement?

Nine Shift

NineShift is suggesting that a new male role model is evolving in the 21st century. Now we're thinking this is changing.  What do you think

My Spring Online Reading | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

This spring I decided to try and get back into a regular blogging practice. You may have noticed this in February, March and part of April.

Walk on the wild side

Mind Hacks

Frontier Psychiatrist has discovered an account of a curious incident where The Velvet Undergound played to the New York society for clinical psychiatry who had convened a high class dinner to discuss creativity. Is his penis big enough? Do you eat her out? Why are you getting embarrassed? Thought she was James Dean for a day.

When the Game's Up

Charles Jennings

Last month I was asked to give my thoughts on the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) 2009 Annual Learning & Development Survey.

Cars: How to save auto worker jobs

Nine Shift

I'm visiting my mother at Easter, staying in the historic wonderful Retlaw Hotel.  Sitting in a hot tub. The demand for auto cars is in decline. 

My Spring Online Reading

Nancy White

This spring I decided to try and get back into a regular blogging practice. You may have noticed this in February, March and part of April. On PAPER!

Signposts for the Week Ending May 22

Adaptive Path

Many of us do work that feels more surreal than real. Working in an office, you often find it difficult to see any tangible result from your efforts. What exactly have you accomplished at the end of any given day? Where the chain of cause and effect is opaque and responsibility diffuse, the experience of individual agency can be elusive.

One among any

Doc Searls

On the ProjectVRM blog : A Declaration of Customer Independence.

Is Obama a Socialist?

Nine Shift

There's been a lot of talk about socialism recently. recent poll said that only 53% of Americans favored capitalism over socialism (47%). Here's why.

Digital Identity Workbook for NPO/NGO Folks | Full Circle Associates

Nancy White

The one about “look and feel”

Adaptive Path

I propose that we never use the phrase “look and feel&# again. Visual design is often subjective and can be difficult to describe or judge. Often, people lack the language or understanding of the work to accurately express their opinions. Consequently, we use simple terms of the way an object “looks&# or how it “feels&#. vs. Wired.mag, out loud

David Weinberger

There’s a really interesting discussion going on at BoingBoing gadgets about the relationship between Wired Magazine and Chris Anderson, the editor of the mag, who turned it off its path of Rich Nerd Fetishism, and has made it interesting and important again, is diving in.


What's Coming Out of the Wall?

Andy McAfee

I've spent the past three days drinking from the geek (remember, that's a term of praise) firehose at MIT. Monday was a Center for Digital Business workshop on IT-fueled business experimentation organized by Michael Schrage and Erik

Digital Identity Workbook for NPO/NGO Folks

Nancy White

thought it would be handing in an upcoming workshop I’m facilitating for the CGIAR starting next week. This Is Me - NGO Version 1.0.

Mobile Literacy Panel Discussion May 28th

Adaptive Path

Earlier this week we announced our latest R&D project: Mobile Literacy , a design and research project created to understand how people in emerging markets use mobile phone technology, and how it could be significantly improved. An estimated 40% of this population can’t read or write. phone with a text driven interface is doomed to fail.

Timegliding the Rosenberg case

David Weinberger

The Rosenberg spy case, which was a touchstone for the left and the right — or the pinkos and the McCarthyites, as it’s thought of in the Culture Wars — has been made more understandable by the Cold War International History Project by the creation of a Timeglide time line. But it’s got lots of links to sources.

Congratuations all you Graduates

Ellen Wagner

This is the beginning of graduation season. We've all been reading about Obama at Notre Dame, and about Eric Schmidt at UPenn. My favorite story comes from UC-Merced where the first graduating class of the brand new UC system campus.

Webheads in Action Online unConvergence

Nancy White

You can find all the details on the organizational Wiki: [link]. Participation is FREE, but they encourage people to register on their Ning site.  link]. All organizers and presenters are volunteers.

Managing emergent practice

Harold Jarche

What would happen if you called for closing your training department in favor of a new function?  Imagine telling senior management that you were shuttering the classrooms in favor of peer-to-peer learning. You’re going to shift the focus to creativity, innovation, and helping people perform better, faster, cheaper. You might want to give it a try. 

The White House wants comments on open government

David Weinberger

The White House is looking for help formulating a directive on open government: Executive Office of the President. Office of Science and Technology Policy. Transparency and Open Government. DATES: Comments must be received by June 19, 2009. ADDRESSES: Submit comments by one of the following methods: [link]. mail: More here.