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The only knowledge that can be managed is our own

Harold Jarche

“Every amateur epistemologist knows that knowledge cannot be managed. That is a grand illusion.” ~ Dave Jonassen. Tweet.

40-Hour Work Week – The Magic of Sustainable Growth

Luis Suarez

Are you prepared to be challenged, too, about your core work beliefs? Really? Are you sure? Specially, at work. Whoahh! What do you say to that?

Google Exodus: Passover told in social media

David Weinberger


Pick of the Month:12 resources from March

Jane Hart

There were lots of great resources made available in March, that I shared on Twitter and in my Pick of the Day. Collaboration has a cost.

Employees are often laughing

Harold Jarche

Tweet. So much for L&D rhetoric about adding value to commoditized learning content. There are no secrets. Informal Learning Wirearchy

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Harold Jarche

Tweet Part of Personal Knowledge Management is seeking sources of knowledge (Seek-Sense-Share). To be able to seek, first you have to be aware. Helper.

Profits Up, Labor Share Down. Computers Why?

Andy McAfee

Worse than ever, as measured by the nonfarm business sector’s labor share —    roughly speaking, the share of GPD going to wages.

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David Weinberger - Untitled Article

David Weinberger

PS: No, I don’t know how to save the newspaper industry

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Blackboard’s identity crisis, Desire2Learn’s optimism, and Instructure’s coolness

George Siemens

Since Blackboard announced its acquisition of several Moodle partners, numerous voices have chimed in to explore what it means to education. In particular, Michael Fieldstein (as usual) has a wide ranging and thoughtful response: What the heck happened? and Phil Hill captures the tone/responses from major players. Microsoft). Instructure.

Shifting to Net Work

Harold Jarche

Tweet Our first  Net Work Literacy session ends this week. Once the job is gone, many also lose their professional networks.

The Virtues of Standing-Up: In Meetings and Elsewhere

Bob Sutton

  I realized that one of the hallmarks, one of the little signs I have learned to look for, is whether people are standing-up or sitting down. 

50 centuries of work = 5 important lessons

Dan Pink

Cornell professor  Karl Pillemer admits he’s an advice junkie. Try fitting that on a resume!) Make the most of a bad job. 4.

Distributed research lab: request for feedback

George Siemens

One of the things that I like most about blogging and social media is the ability to share partially-formed ideas and open them to critique. As I stated in a previous post , I recently had a mild disappointment in enacting a research project. It’s a shame. Research usually only happens when research dollars are available. Teaching. 3.

The Link Between Leadership, Learning & Organizational Performance

Dan Pontefract

19 Issue 4) entitled, “ The Effects of Transformational Leadership on Organizational Performance through Knowledge and Innovation ”. research

The Complex Transition to the Age of the Cloud

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

In June of 2008 I participated in a conference on cloud computing.  Where are we now, almost four years later?  Just about everyone agrees that cloud computing is one of the major trends in IT, with important implications not only to IT but to business and society in general.  This is the essence of the Age of the Cloud. 

Aerial map mashing

Doc Searls

Pretty damn cool. The thought now of what can be done with my many thousands of aerial photos is both exhiliarating and daunting.

Notes from a Paretian world

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the observations and insights that were shared  via Twitter  this past week. That’s why thinking about averages can be disastrous.

The Link Between Leadership, Learning & Organizational Performance

Dan Pontefract

Víctor García-Morales, Francisco Lloréns-Montes and Antonio Verdú-Jover published a paper in the British Journal of Management (December, 2008, Vol.

Social Learning, Strategically

Clark Quinn

Increasingly, as I look around, I see folks addressing learning technology tactics; they’ll make a mobile app, they’ll try out a simulation game, they’ll put in a portal. And there’s nothing wrong with doing each of these as a trial, a test run, some experience under the belt. Why not? social strategy

The growing appetite for learning how to crowdsource

Ross Dawson

[Originally posted on Getting Results From Crowds book website ]. We’ll be sharing what we learn along the way. Crowdsourcing Enterprise 2.0

A Perfect Example of a Bad Boss: A Middle School Principal

Bob Sutton

Last year, I wrote a post about how Justin Snider, who teaches education at Columbia, asserted that "the best principals are PRESENT, constantly interacting with teachers, students, and parents."    This boss defines lack of presence.    I can literally go weeks without catching sight of her." 

Culture of Hope

David Weinberger

Forum d’Avignon is an annual get-together in France to talk about culture, by which most of the attendees (and especially President Sarkozy who came to give a speech ) mean how they can squash the Internet and retain their stranglehold on culture. little harsh? Maybe, but not entirely unfair. Here’s a set of my posts from the Forum.).

50 Learning Theorists in 50 Days

Jay Cross

Donald Clark is blogging about 50 learning theorists in 50 days. It’s a rollicking good read. Just Jay

The complex motivations for self-harm

Mind Hacks

The reality is that motivations for self-harming are complex. Magic substitutions. Transanimation of objects. Transanimation of processes.

Book Excerpt: Why What Your "Learn" From Steve Jobs May Reveal More About Yourself Than Him!

Bob Sutton

Tomorrow morning, Fortune's Adam Lashinsky and I are going to spend an hour at The Churchill Club talking about Apple and what other organizations and leaders can (and cannot) learn from the world's most (economically) valuable company.  Adam is the author of Inside Apple (see my detailed review and discussion here ).  

Portraits of New York from altitude

Doc Searls

Baltimore, Philadelphia, Trenton and Providence. The day wasn’t quite as clear as the pictures suggest, so I enhanced them a bit.


NTC: Data Visualization Panel

Beth Kanter

NTC 2012: Data Visualizaiton Panel. Are you intrigued by infographics and how they could improve your communication strategy? What are the go-to tools?

Data 21

The evolution of London street gangs

Mind Hacks

The article is full of quotes and is equally frightening and tragic. They also struggled to transform cash into wealth. Link to page with pdf.

Books by Friends: Write Hard, Die Free

David Weinberger

Howard Weaver’s Write Hard, Die Free is a two-fisted memoir of how The Anchorage Daily News — a newspaper he helped found and then edited — went on to win two Pulitzer prizes and defeat the established major daily, which was, according to Howard, an oil industry mouthpiece.

V&S acquired by Havas: A pivotal moment for crowdsourcing in advertising

Ross Dawson

The purchase by Havas of a majority stake in crowdsourced ad agency Victors & Spoils is a sign of a major shift in the advertising industry. The big news today is that global advertising conglomerate Havas has taken a majority stake in V&S , also naming John Winsor as Chief Innovation Officer for the group.

Nonprofit Technology Conference Withdrawal

Beth Kanter

The annual awards luncheon is always one of my favorites and this year was a little bittersweet. Conferences

The future of fMRI

Mind Hacks

Nature has an article looking at the future of fMRI brain scanning in light of its long-lasting hype and recently discovered problems.

Study 39

Reddit’s awesome crowd-sourced April Fools

David Weinberger

Reddit’s Timeline lets you see reddits from the past and future. This is crowd-sourced humor, and whole bunches of it are pretty damn funny. Of course, some, not so much. Many of the posts are in jokes about Reddit — e.g., in the ’30s, someone posted “Ron Paul born – Great Depression to be ended soon?” IN MY OPINION

Course 18

The Co-Operative Ethical Plan – Good For Everyone

Luis Suarez

First, we have the Circular Economy. Welcome to The Co-Operative Ethical Plan 2012 – 2014 (and beyond) ! The Co-Operative. Successfully.

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