October, 2016

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The Top 200 Tools for Learning 2016 is announced

Jane Hart

This year to mark the 10th anniversary I have compiled the TOP 200 TOOLS FOR LEARNING 2016. Social learning

Tools 156

a new business ideology

Harold Jarche

“Ideas lead technology. Technology leads organizations. Organizations lead institutions. There is now a need for a new business ideology. Transparency.

Scaling Learning in an Exponential World

John Hagel

What does scalable learning really mean? I’ve been writing and talking about this for a while now including here , making the case that this will be a key driver of institutional success in the years ahead. Why is scalable learning so important? In the face of these exponential changes, if we’re not learning faster, we’ll rapidly fall behind.

The problem for people isn’t advertising, and the problem for advertising isn’t blocking. The problem for both is tracking.

Doc Searls

That’s because our apps and browsers are personal and private. So are the devices on which we use them. Simple as that. (HT More at New Clues.).

Is Design Thinking the “New Liberal Arts”?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

Design thinking has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion over the past decade. Let me explain. the credit card, iTunes, etc.).

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a need for empathy

Dave Snowden

Racism and misogyny are legitimised by popularism. Syndicalism and being part of a movement is more important that to actually change things.

Flows, Fragility and Friction

John Hagel

I’ve long been a fan of flows but, in the spirit of paradox, I’ve also been a fan of friction. But, wait a minute, friction slows down flows – how could I possibly favor both flows and friction? Until recently, I hadn’t even been really aware of the paradox in my perspective, much less thought systematically about ways to resolve the paradox.

Has AI (Finally) Reached a Tipping Point?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

After many years of promise and hype, AI seems to be finally reaching a tipping point of market acceptance. How might it change our everyday lives?

Tips 72

Becoming a Successful Socially Integrated Enterprise – The Long Journey

Luis Suarez

So, let’s see it: . What’s your purpose? . Social Computing Guidelines and why you would still need them. Building a solid library of use cases.

What's top of mind for the CIO in 2016

Dion Hinchcliffe

As technology rapidly changes and the push for digital transformation reaches an all-time high, CIOs are increasingly focusing on bringing their entire organizations into the digital future, all while preventing even the smallest hiccup in operations. It's a tall order

enabling self-governing teams

Harold Jarche

No matter which leaders are chosen, the systems themselves are failing.” ” – Yaneer Bar-Yam. Perhaps monitory democracy is an answer.

[liveblog] Bas Nieland, Datatrix, on predicting customer behavior

David Weinberger

At the PAPis conference Bas Nieland , CEO and Co-Founder of Datatrics , is talking about how to predict the color of shoes your customer is going to buy. The company tries to “make data science marketeer-proof for marketing teams of all sizes.” NOTE: Live-blogging. Getting things wrong. Missing points. Omitting key information. Q&A.

Data 64

The Unmet Need for Trusted Talent Advisors

John Hagel

In a world that’s changing ever more rapidly, we all need trusted advisors. It’s a significant unmet need that creates a very attractive business opportunity. This has been a central part of my research and writing for almost 20 years since I published a book on the topic, Net Worth. Most recently, I returned to this subject in a blog post.

Competing Against “Digital Invaders”

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

At the other end of the spectrum, 34% of enterprises were identified as Market Followers or laggards in both innovation and financial performance.

The Illusion of Control

Luis Suarez

that is, the workforce. workers, may have to blame ourselves for that to happen in this Social, Digital Age. It’s not our job to worry about that.

Assessing Salesforce's platform and ecosystem

Dion Hinchcliffe

The ambitious tech company's cloud offerings have expanded in numerous dimensions over the last few years, from community and analytics to Internet of Things and most recently artificial intelligence. Where will the Salesforce platform and ecosystem ultimately end up taking its customers

the problem is to know what questions to ask

Harold Jarche

What will become of them? What do you mean you have no idea? That’s your job! Almost everything is changing, except human behaviour.

Our New Head of Service Design: On the state of the industry, its value, and why Capital One

Adaptive Path

Hey, there’s someone we’d like you to meet. It’s Kendra Shimmell, who we’re excited to introduce as the new head of the Service Design practice for Adaptive Path at Capital One. Kendra comes to us via the venerable Cooper design team, but prior to that was a part of Adaptive Path , which makes for a good kind of déjà vu. Good question. It’s a bank.

Because quality matters

Clark Quinn

I was reflecting on some of the actions my colleagues and I take. These are, in particular, colleagues that have been contributing to the field for a long time, ones who know what they’re talking about and that I therefore respect. I retweeted one who called for being careful of the source in message. And it led me to wonder why. Why care?

How To Build A Truly Purpose-Driven Company Through The Example Of Stocksy

Dan Pontefract

You are undoubtedly familiar with so-called “sharing economy” titans such as Uber and AirBnB. It might be a room, a home or a castle. Dan Gunn agrees.

Can IBM Watson Workspace Save Our Productivity?

Luis Suarez

Apparently, our productivity as employees has been plummeting since the mid 70s. Yes, indeed, you are reading it right, since the mid 70s ! You see?

So long, app silos: And welcome to the digital workplace hub

Dion Hinchcliffe

Organizations are finally waking up to the need to foster better integration and improved usability by connecting business applications together into a more collaborative and coherent digital workplace. Now a new twist is emerging

life in the gig economy

Harold Jarche

I know that many salaried jobs can be frustrating, from my own experience, client work, and talks with friends and colleagues. Cut costs. Save money.

Cost 76

Group cohesiveness & individual effort

Dave Snowden

I’ll never forget the first time I saw the murmuration of starlings. I’d arrived at the Hilton in Rome which overlooks St Peters. Cynefin Reflections

Reconciling Activity and Decisions

Clark Quinn

On the one hand I talk about using decisions as a basis for design, and on the other I refer to activity -based learning. Does it make sense to you?

650,000 Words Later

Dan Pontefract

CC Dan Allison. I had not thought to count them before. Sometimes I wonder if those words are actually making a difference. Maybe that’s the key.

What’s Your Personal Craziness Index? Identify, Take Action, and Avoid Nonprofit Burnout

Beth Kanter

In the book, we include a couple of good checklists and assessments to help educate people about their symptoms. Too many tabs opened on the browser.

Never Underestimate the Power of Education and Enablement

Luis Suarez

After all, everyone can tweet, blog, share a status update, or perhaps a file and what not. Who wouldn’t want to buy into that, right? 30 minutes.

the third bucket

Harold Jarche

Two of these are easy to fill, while the third is the real challenge: 1. Tools. Skills. Meta-Competencies: Learning how to Learn. Learning

Agency: privilege & complexity

Dave Snowden

The daily email from Gaping Void is saving me the effort of searching the internet for images before posting. Reflections

Next book?

Clark Quinn

The time has come to ask: what should be my next book? I’ve written four so far: Engaging Learning was something I felt was needed because people had written about the importance of games but no one was writing about how to design them, and I could. Hence, Designing mLearning. Let me be clear: I’m proud of each and every one of them.

Some Thoughts on the Development of Implementable, Winning Strategies

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

But for companies that have implemented winning strategies, that’s not how it typically happens.”. Goals and strategies serve very different purposes.

The Value of Taking Mini-Breaks During the Nonprofit Work Day

Beth Kanter

As a co-working space, if offers offices, desks, and meeting space for start ups. Even just getting up and walking around your desk can do the same.

Enabling Early Adopters to Lead Your Change Initiatives

Luis Suarez

My dear fellow BlueIQ Ambassadors ? Are you all still out there? The* weird one. Remember them? Of course, I know you do! Great! you name it.