July, 2010

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Generations, Social and Enterprise: adopt vs adapt

Martijn Linssen

Kill Your Darlings

Adaptive Path

My blog died. I tried in vein to save it. Friends kindly came to its rescue, and for a while, it seemed like my little blog just…might…make it. I watched fire slowly creep back back into its eyes and, oh, how I began to hope! But, alas, in the end, neither my friends, network, nor myself could save it. Awesome idea — wrong project.

Networks, networks, networks

Harold Jarche

Here are some of the things I learned via Twitter this past week. via @ captic – Irving Wladawsky-Berger: The traditional, industrial age hierarchic organization must evolve. via @ bbetts -Oscar Berg: Why traditional intranets fail today’s knowledge workers. A Man with a PhD: Natural selection: networks & diversity.

How to support informal learning

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Interview. by Robert Morris, Dallas Business Commentary Examiner. Cross is a champion of informal learning, Web 2.0, and systems thinking.

Wikis and Learning – 60 Resources

Tony Karrer

I’m involved in several discussions around how to use Wikis as part of learning solutions. I wanted to collect a few resources around this topic for use in these discussions. Here’s some of what I found: Why a Wiki? How about math? Subscribe to the Best of eLearning Learning for updates from this blog and other eLearning blogs

Wiki 22

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The illusion of progress lights a fire

Mind Hacks

Psychologists have longed talked about 'goal gradient' which describes how we work harder to achieve a goal as we get closer to it. The 'goal gradient hypothesis' was original discussed in the 1930s with regards to rats in mazes, based on the observation that the animals ran more quickly when they got nearer the end. But here's the clever bit.

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Doc Searls

These include preferences, policies and choices about what to pay and how. So, in this mocked-up example —. — It goes, 1995: Invention of the cookie.

Augmented Reality for Learning

Tony Karrer

A colleague just asked me if I knew anyone who was using Augmented Reality for learning. I’m not and I gave him the standard advice about looking through LinkedIn Guide for Knowledge Workers , LinkedIn for Finding Expertise , and Searching for Expertise - LinkedIn Answers. He did that, but didn’t find particular people. eLearning Technology.

Web 3.0

George Siemens

Steve Wheeler shares a presentation Web 3.0: The way forward? Steve takes a three-fold view of web development: 1.0=linking, linking, 2.0=participation, participation, 3.0=existing existing data reconnected for smarter uses. social web) and web 3.0 semantic web) to create what I have called, in the past, the semantic social web.

Data 11

The Social Sh*tpile: Social Everything

Martijn Linssen

Social CRM: pleonasm or tautology? Every now and then wikipedia fails me, and this is such a moment.

Update: UX Leadership Model

Adaptive Path

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a model for UX Leadership. Turns out that Will Evans’s model (which I flagrantly appropriated) actually took a lot of inspiration from another model—one created by David Sherwin and Justin Maquire, of frog design. My favorites…. The original pyramid model (slides 31-32). The “egg system.&# A.k.a.,

Creating excellent sheep

Dave Snowden

Catching up on my RSS feed late last night while watching Godfather II into the early hours of the morning, I found this post on leadership from Walter Smith's ever thoughtful blog. He is building on a speech at West Point by William Deresiewicz entitled Solitude and Leadershi p. Any goal you set them, they could achieve.


The Data Bubble

Doc Searls

The tide turned today. Mark it: 31 July 2010. That’s when The Wall Street Journal published The Web’s Gold Mine: Your Secrets , subtitled A Journal investigation finds that one of the fastest-growing businesses on the Internet is the business of spying on consumers. First in a series. Websites The largest U.S. What They Know About You.

Managing in Complexity

Harold Jarche

Formal training just won’t cut it any more as the primary means by which we prepare and adapt in order to get work done.

Open University: 20 million iTunes downloads

George Siemens

The Open University in UK has hit 20 million downloads on iTunes. Impressive. But what has been the impact? Has iTunes been “good&# for OU? How could that question even be answered? For individual learners, I assume iTunes lectures/resources have been helpful for learning. But who are these learners? Are they enrolled at OU?

ReTweet relativity

Martijn Linssen

One of the tools I made recently is my own Search tool that I use to make hashtag Tweet Collections.

The Constraints and Opportunities of Metaphor

Adaptive Path

As designers it is often our responsibility to imagine the future possibilities of things. We rarely get to design independent of social and cultural contexts, and we never get to design independent of the perceptual capabilities of our users. Every interface exists within a cultural and perceptual context. Real-World Experience. Consider this.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Dave Snowden

Sorry that lacks elegance but you know what I mean. A wikipedia debate on sins of omission and commission on which I posted earlier this month.

Opening new common ground

Doc Searls

So that’s the logo for the first VRM+CRM workshop , which will happen on 26-27 August, at Harvard Law School. It’s free. Wise dude.).

Flipping the technology transfer funnel

Harold Jarche

In The Learning Layer , the concept of reversing the idea funnel is discussed in depth. However, this type of funnel can also be flipped.

Amazing physics engine

David Weinberger

Tim Hwang points us to a video demonstrating an amazing physics engine. Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 – Teaser from Thiago Costa on Vimeo

Video 2

Growth flows naturally from the inside

Martijn Linssen

Blog Post: The Lazarus Effect

David Gurteen

By David Gurteen I came across the Red Campaign by accident when browsing my RSS feeds. It costs 40 cents a day for the treatment


Legitimising rhetoric not a real guide to action

Dave Snowden

He discussed Franklin's rule as a decision making model. Shades there of my recent tirade against corporate value statements here and here.

Padding a category

Doc Searls

This graphic , of Apple’s revenues per quarter , broken down by products, tells several stories at once. One is that the iPhone remains huge. (I

The Learning Layer – Review

Harold Jarche

Learning has been the traditional realm of HR while most systems are supported by IT. Flinn goes on to explain that Web 2.0 BRP & ERP.

Using Text-to-Speech in an eLearning Course

Tony Karrer

What tools are immediately available? TTS Integrated. In some cases, this also applies to things like storing scripts and default settings.

In Pursuit of Coherence – Open Government and Thee

Martijn Linssen

Perhaps the priority for Open Government is to aim for something beyond Openness.

Goodale on The Census Issue

Stephen Downes: Half an Hour

Tough talk, plain language, sound thinking. This is what I'm looking for in an opposition leader

Issues 2

Simpler is Better: Avoiding the TMI Trap

Eide Neurolearning

Too Much Information is the TMI trap. Some experts prefer no just realism, but also prefer maps that display extraneous meteorological variables."

A lost moment in email marketing hell

Doc Searls

So I get an email from The River: Integrating Web Intelligence , subtitled “Bridging the Web and Physical Channels&#. Audio Tweet 4 min.

Chris Corrigan; Learning from Failure

Nancy White

(Yes, I’m popping my head up after a month of heavy work and little inclination to stay at my computer as summer finally arrived in Seattle.).

The Limbo Cube

Dave Snowden

Today's Dilbert cartoon (see below for the full version) brought back memories of corporate life. Later in IBM I found the same issue.

These are Whitney’s hands. These are Whitney’s hands on drugs

David Weinberger

The story inside tells us that Whitney’s addicted not only to drugs but to eating. She really ought to see someone about that extra hand of her