Sun.Apr 15, 2012

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Three Principles for Net Work

Harold Jarche

Work is changing. The nature of work is changing in our increasingly networked economy. Known Problems and Exceptions. It is now known. Conclusion.

An antidote to post-natal venom

Mind Hacks

I use the word “talk” advisedly, scientific proof still being in short supply. Were hormonal levels tested? Togetherness

Timbuktu librarians, scholars, and citizens preserving ancient documents and Islamic heritage

David Weinberger

On April 1, rebels overran Timbuktu, so, according to a Reuters article , librarians, scholars, and citizens in this important site of Islamic learning are hiding away thousands of irreplaceable manuscripts. In fact, citizens lined up to deny armed rebels access to the archives where 20,000 ancient manuscripts are stored.

The web ain't what it used to be

Euen Semple

It was interesting to read The Guardian's interview with Sergei Brin today in which he expresses concern about commercial interests and governments damaging some of the principles that have made the web so successful, and Google so successful at searching it. We were each allowed to ask him one question.