Sat.May 12, 2012

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When we remove artificial boundaries

Harold Jarche

“The central change with Enterprise 2.0 PKM Wirearchy

"I believe in my heart, I would have worked for an asshole"

Bob Sutton

The No Asshole Rule emphasizes that one of the best ways to avoid the negative effects of workplaces that will leave you feeling demeaned and de-energized is to carefully assess your boss and colleagues during the interview and recruitment process.   Note the often subtle signs he observed.  find this guy to be very astute. 

Thanks for the code

Harold Jarche

One of my earlier blog posts is still online, which I stumbled upon this week, much to my surprise. MOOC’s are the current educational hot topic.

Happiness is.

Euen Semple

Happiness is a newly mown lawn. And yet how hard it is to get started. But the quiet satisfaction of getting it done is so sweet. But I know I won't