Tue.May 29, 2012

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Leadership is an emergent property of a balanced network

Harold Jarche

This is my second recent quote from Mark Fidelman , who writes in Forbes. Its employees. Management won’t do this alone.

Creating emergent, adaptive systems in organizations

Ross Dawson

In my keynotes and executive sessions I often use the analogy of ant colonies, in which the collective intelligence of the colony is far greater than that of its individuals. In my book Living Networks I included a small section on Creating adaptive systems in Chapter 6 on Network Presence. The networks are alive.

Data Visualization Techniques for Those Who Can’t Draw

Beth Kanter

Visual Thinking Presentation for UnitedHealth Innovation Day. View more presentations from burowe. Visual

Data 35

Warren Buffett’s Newspaper Purchase

Clay Shirky

Last week, Warren Buffett, the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, purchased two dozen small newspapers and their related online properties from Media General, a conglomerate with holdings mainly concentrated in the southeast Unites States. After finalizing the deal, Buffett issued a memo on his view of the acquisition. The text of the memo is here.).

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It’s About Leadership: Ryder Hesjedal & the Giro d’Italia Win

Dan Pontefract

It’s akin to India winning the Olympic Gold Medal in Ice Hockey. Insane, I know. Imagine being 6’2 and weighing only 159 lbs to boot. Chapeau Ryder.

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Daylite 4 disappointment

Euen Semple

I've been a long time user of Daylite , the Mac CRM and task manager from Market Circle, and had invested a lot in learning it and customising it. Over time I found the poor task management frustrating and moved to Omnifocus which I love.  . But what a disappointment. Oh well, off to look again at Salesforce

Generation Y Driving Less

Nine Shift

Another interview today on our research showing that young people are driving less.

Making rationale explicit

Clark Quinn

In discussing the activity-based learning model the other day, I realized that there had to be another layer to it. Just as a reflection by the learner on the product they produce as the outcome of an activity should be developed, there’s another way in which reflection should come into play. In fact, there may need to be several layers.