Wed.Feb 22, 2012

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Social Media is not Social Learning

Dan Pontefract

You're reading fresh content from Dan Pontefract at Brave New Org: There, I said it. Social media is not social learning. Reprinted with permission.

The 14 ExaTrends of the Decade

Ross Dawson

We released our Map of the ExaTrends of the Decade a while ago now. 14 ExaTrends of the Decade. View more presentations from Ross Dawsn.

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Are You Content Creation Impaired? Here’s Some Tips and Resources

Beth Kanter

Source: Copyblogger. Content Marketing:  Overviews, Context,  and Frameworks. Here’s how they applied to content marketing: 1. Content

Debate: The Ethics of Crowdsourcing

Ross Dawson

For many who come across the idea of crowdsourcing in its many forms, their first thoughts are about the ethical issues. What do you think?

Greetings and Bathrooms: One CEO's Metrics for Retail Stores

Bob Sutton

Yesterday, we had the CEO of a large retail chain as a visitor in the Stanford class we Huggy Rao and I are teaching on scaling-up excellence.    I will refrain from using his name as this a class, not a speech to the public.     Am I -- and other customers -- warmly greeted by employees when they enter the store? 

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the new electric media

Harold Jarche

Tweet Of course we can live without a bodily identity, but the body confers a particular kind of identity. Aquinas pointed out that the principle of individuation consists in the intersection of matter and spirit. Without the body, then, individual identity is not possible. Laws of Media chapter one.) Roles mean audiences and participation.

Wisconsin Recall Update

Nine Shift

The latest from "on the ground" is that people are enthusiastic about the recall of Gov. Scott Walker. And we predict another office to open soon. 

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The Food Movement: A Free Mini-Conference Tommorow at Stanford d. School

Bob Sutton

This is open to all.    The line-up looks awesome.     Debra Dunn is always awesome and always sees the complexity.  

Would a Distributed Model of Government be More Suitable for a Complex, Diverse 21st Century Democracy?

Irving Wladawsky-Berger

How should government evolve to better adapt to these forces?  Are there innovative government models that might work better than our present ones?  Can we look at the evolution of organizational models in business over the past twenty years for inspiration and guidance? Your social security number is good anywhere.”. will stay there. 

Making it visible and viral

Clark Quinn

On a recent client engagement, the issue was spreading an important initiative through the organization. The challenges were numerous: getting consistent uptake across management and leadership, aligning across organizational units, and making the initiative seem important and yet also doable in a concrete way. If it’s not, why bother?