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Social learning is what managers do already

Harold Jarche

Tweet Here are some more questions from our Working Smarter conversation on 30 March 2011, followed by my comments. Feel free to weigh in.

Knowledge, Networks and Nations

George Siemens

Religion, economics, and science are global entities. To explore what is happening in these three domains provides greater insight into global trends than the aspirations, intentions, or policies of any particular country. The Royal Society has published an outstanding report on Knowledge, Networks and Nations (.pdf). million researchers, and 1.58

Job-Killing Processes

Martijn Linssen

Worse, when an organization is in need, why do we engage in process improvement – when what may be needed is process reduction or elimination?

Social Networks & Learning: Research Seminar

George Siemens

Last year, TEKRI and Athabasca University hosted a week-long research seminar on networks and learning. The event was quite successful. As a result, we are organizing a similar event this year. The seminar will be held in Edmonton from June 20-24 and is open to students and faculty. For more information: on s eminar leaders and cost/registration

The coolest iPhone4 case in the world?

Ross Dawson

At Christmas my darling wife Victoria , who knows me well and has great taste, gave me an awesome case for my iPhone. Do you like it? Mobile

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Wisconsin Protests: Recall On the Front Lines

Nine Shift

Here's what's going on with the Wisconsin protests on the ground. We visited friends in northern Wisconsin. Here we go. And the issues keep growing.