Thu.Feb 16, 2017

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Tackling the tough stuff

Clark Quinn

And it’s not unconscious, but instead principled, even if it arises somewhat implicitly. Certainly for innovation and creative work.

The Social Priming Studies in “Thinking Fast and Slow” are not very replicable

Mind Hacks

In that book, published in 2011, Kahneman writes “disbelief is not an option” about these results. Is it a blogpost? Who knows?!).

Mastery takes time and effort (new article in the Modern Workplace Learning Magazine)

Jane Hart

New article in the Modern Workplace Learning Magazine by Harold Jarche: Mastery takes time and effort.  Her’s a quote “Is reflection solely the realm of sitting and thinking on one’s own? Or is it the ebb and flow of conversations and making meaning through discourse? Time for silent reflection is … Social learning

Paranoid or naive?

Dave Snowden

My post of yesterday induced a marvin-moment in one respondent. Conspiracy or cockup? Humour is a wonderful tool in the armoury of change. Musings